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  1. I would appreciate if you did NOT assume anything about my Survival play. I have played 35+ days with character 1 and 67+ combined days with the 5 characters. Paying a few hundred dollars renting servers only buys contempt.
  2. When I started playing this game, there were 10 servers for each region. It was a blast and there were a lot of players. With each trim down in servers, there were less players like myself who just wanted to play by ourselves and survive the random killers. We could meet others and play as a group and give advice and teach, now it is just a lame game of the long term players manipulating the game for a turkey shoot. I have rented private servers 8 times for myself, some a week, some for 3 months at a time. I have a few weeks left on my last rental server and then I will quit this game. It is no longer fun, even open world is better than survival as it is no longer survival. Who wants to run around 45 minutes and find NOTHING because the loot has been reduced, just to be shot by those camping at the same old spots. If you want to fight, go to open world or those other formats. Just sick of it all. Thanks for the survival game of the past as I had so much fun. Hopefully I can find a similar steam game.
  3. It seems like there is a never ending agenda by the long term players to slowly manipulate the game for a personal turkey shoot. Always crying to force the very few new players into a tighter situation to increase their kills. No patience. Lots of players on lots of servers thus they cry. NOW, a few servers a few players. People need time to transition from survival mentality to HUNTERS of men. Unfortunately all we are seeing with every new survey is an attempt to keep the long term cry babies from pooping themselves verses growing the new players that frankly are disgusted. You get killed you SHOULD loose everything otherwise it just becomes an arcade game. These ongoing changing are for the carnival players wanting to shoot metal ducks for stuffed animals. I love the SURVIVAL game and would be pleased it it returned to its status a couple of years ago.
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