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  1. Thats why always saying "SUGGEST" items for SZ's dropping or airdrops...Not only "i dont like helmets or i dont like armors"...With suggesting items is way i think gives ideas to devs so they can change the loot! When i try to point this to you @CampersRUs you say "The devs know very well what im thinking" sorry but now i see they dont!!!
  2. English boy...its universal language!!! If you dont like the game as it is go play "The Smurfs"
  3. I have kill 25 sz and 15 aliens but i didnt see even a single specialist coin...why?
  4. I can comfirm this...EU server missing too!!!What happen???
  5. TheWraith

    Loot - Open World

    Noone try to force you so dont play the important person nor our representative here! Saying you are capable to voice YOUR opinions,like how? By threatening you gonna quit,you gonna leave if thing arent with way you dont like them?You say"the fact of droping is disgusting,my frustratration level,this is beyond ridiculous"only to pass what you only want? Did you ask yourself if other players care if drop contain 1 or 4 H.Armors?I guess not cuz simply YOU dont want those items in there. So if you dont like those items like heavy armors dont pick them up... Personally i gather them and sell them so i dont have problem!....And something else if you didnt notice....ALL ITEMS ARE COMMON in OW exept Light Sniper Bullets,XMR ammo for example that is hard to find them. You are here to give ideas and suggestions and only that, if devs know what you think let them judge if its good and worth and do it.By coming every 2-3 days crying for the loot shows that YOU try forcing devs to do things your way!!!!! I end all this here cuz you really make me tired and bored reading same and same "wants" of you!!!
  6. TheWraith

    Loot - Open World

    @Fred @3lias why you dont ask him directly WHAT HE WANT or SUGGEST for loot??? @CampersRUs Not always drop those items...yesterday i kill 2 of them and ea give me 5 snipers,some ammo for PKM,Winchester ammo and 1 NVG...So if you are not satisfied with that why you "rip your clothes from indignation" and "feld of your chair".....and dont give IDEAS,SUGGESTIONS????...Maybe you dont have any cuz and in some others comments of you with the same subject you quote only what it was comfort for you and never answer directly about "better class of loot"! Just say WHAT ITEMS wanna see in AZ drop and dont talk always only about your frustration and how surprice you felt....
  7. Why you gonna need riot shield in Survival Mode???? Its not BR or any PVP arena...We need Survival as much realistic can be...Yes from one hand is good items to be super rare that motivates the players keep constantly looking for them...If you affraid to loose it just go and play OW were plenty of items!
  8. So explain to us what you mean...If some comments have lot of likes this dont mean the devs gonna run to make it...probably YOU dont know how it works...first check the comments of devs and then make the smart to us...
  9. I apologize for this comment.Last days with claymores issue and danger i wear heavy armor so i didnt check it.Again im sorry @Steve nice job!!!Much better texture!!Thanks
  10. Dude this is not youtube or facebook...Admins give importance to good ideas and suggestions to make the game better...they dont see the likes!!!All that you mention has been talked again in the past...
  11. http://prntscr.com/ojtjdc From @Steve reply in July 25. I ask if is possible to do some adjustment on camo skin for ghillie cuz now is just dark brown and is not much realistic.So Steve show me this picture as a though.He say gonna put it in next patch in those days but never happen and now with this topic i found the opportunity to mention it again....
  12. We still wait to see the new ghilliesuit camo...I have seen one picture how is gonna be but never release it!!!
  13. Good event but nothing special...Can anyone tell me what improved loot SZs drop just for the record(maybe he was more lucky than me)??? I have killed about 15-20 SZs and i take some snipers(2 rifles from a single sz)and 2-3 normal crates with common items in,becide those the classic drop...Personal opinion:The spawn protection color part was uninterest cuz if there is not difference in time that every color give for protection (if there is its only good for pvp players)why must BUY it ??? FPS part ok its for pvp only too...And as for the revive time i can think some reasons why is uninterest too...1) All players have money to effort for quick respawn. 2) Now with claymores issue players gear themselfs before re-enter cuz the killers take what they want or worth and trap the rest with claymores so when you go to claim it...Bang!!!Dead again.So i dont think its a problem to wait for a few mins... Generally the only events i enjoy until now it was when i take skinboxes from airdrops or SZs( motivate new and old players to make runs for them,and if you add some new skinboxes beside 4 classic types will be more interest) and Premium account cuz i can play in those servers. Thanks and have i nice day!!!
  14. Because the zombies dont drop standar number of gd...Its random in ea z.So you cant compare the winning gd before and after event. Personally i never give much attention in that part of event cuz the bigger amount of my money comes from trade and second i have seen many zombies give me until 15k-18k ea!!!
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