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  1. How many times all that you said has reported? And how many times any actions taked???Instead that they make more skins cuz dont care really! Thats why i dont waste more time for this....lets say...game! I pay 50 euros for DayZ so now im playing a REAL survival zombie game!
  2. I aggree with all 100%!!! Like i said this became Cash grabbing game from new players cuz old players realize this and dont spend anymore! Im happy that i didnt spend even a cent for this trash with skins! As for posts...yeaaa they gonna delete them cuz simply dont wanna see bad critics!
  3. The game wait new players for resurrection...they start the game and after that..."Pls more loot...pls more ammo...pls more guns....more more..."and when they get it saying "Boring game loot everywhere" so.....RIP Survival!!!
  4. Na kai enas patriwths!!! Ti perimenes vre apo ena tetoio skatenio paixnidi???Lefta theloun na paroun...
  5. Dont worry they gonna change the name of game again to "Infestation-The new Scam"To attract new player and take their money too!!!
  6. The new skin provide me better protection from cheaters or just im gonna look nice when ill die 2 secs after spawn?????
  7. Why this dosnt happen without the wipe out???? Whats the difference??? Lets say im an old player and you are new...which you think gonna have the advandage...ofc the old cuz he already knows where to check for guns snipers ammo....he already knows the maps...So wipe is tottaly unnessesary just to attract new players
  8. Dude they focus only to money!!! Dosent matter where it come from...new or old players!!! All that has been suggested long time ago...but NOTHING happened...So if you want keep ask then you waste your time
  9. not sure what you mean...
  10. Dont bother with all that is waste of time!!! This game is cash grabbing trash! In old days we make this conversation many times and nothing happened....waste of time and money!!!Nothing to do with zombie survival game...just run all day gather a ton of items until wipe come!No fun at all boring as hell
  11. If you think in this way and you dont cry your money....why you dont buy me a premium account and one prv server as a gift???....just think that you lost some money!Simple!
  12. Maybe not everybody has your money and time! Did you though that???
  13. Ofc not hard feelings!!! But my point is about real money here...Btw i stop playing this crap about a year ago cuz became so boring pve and pvp and all my friends left the game too for much better games! But this is not the first time that happens...Devs wait until new players come and drop some money for prv servers or stupid armors and after awile they make this wipes...and this happen all over again without give anything good back only new fking skins with wings and horns instent make a real zombie survival game! I play OW the loot there is hilarious and everywhere...then i check Survival same there...i try to give a shot in PVP but only hackers and Thais with Macro...so i quit...Where is realism in this???You think only 20 players gonna leave???Check statistics and see the game is going to bottom cuz every day new games comes up and people is not stupid enough to stay to this fraud!!!
  14. You must wake up dude! we dont talk about some weapons clearing only Who gives a shit about some snipers and armors? ...Players losing REAL money here!! Thats why the game has lost all player base and now they hope to attract new ones just to steal money from those too! Devs only milk money from you and dont give a fuck what you want really...so good luck with this crap!
  15. What you though? They grab your money and after "wipe" for "fair balance" in game!!! Yeaaa sure! Thats why the game going from bad to worst!
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