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  1. I never though im gonna hear the word "realistic" in this game!!!
  2. You really expected something different????Cheap fast solutions only.....Same and same again!!!!Free revive really??? I dont play anymore but i have 380 millions do you think im gonna worry for 15k that revive cost???But i notice they make new map for pvp instead add some new ground for example in Oregon Area 51(I see that "coming soon"from when i start) For the parts It say "equally divided"....Like how??? 2 parts for pvp-1 part for premium pleyers-1 (useless)part for OW and SURV.....Sad and rediculous....
  3. I like salt!!! Im not gonna say more as i stop play the game since i reallize that im miles far away from a survival zombie game!There is no fun...no realism...and all generally is sooo easy...Zombies there is just an excuse!
  4. This is actually the upgrade...at first they made them from cheap plastic...Now is made it from carbon fibres!!!
  5. If he had play this game...he probably didnt have his magical stick! With that crystals spawn rate????
  6. Its really remarcable you still wait to see somthing really new here...I really admire your patience....lol When i start the game i had the same expectations to see every weekend new interest events...but i was wrong, All i can see now is same and same stuff repeated...Same for any annoucement for the game....new Skins every week...Meele weapons with rediculous crystals...Now im sure...this is not a zombie survival game but im Gantalf in Middle Earth!
  7. hahahaah...."I have a problem"..."Submit a ticket"... "But i did it and no answer!!!"... "Then make a new ticket for that"
  8. Maybe a door!!! lol you already have the hinge!!
  9. TheWraith

    Winter 2019

    Yeaa my opinion ofc is that the big picture as you say is the game slowly dies cuz players leave it...Check the statistics... Very bad especially for a free game! Devs just try to hold them with some fancy skins only....Sad
  10. TheWraith


    The best is "Quit this game for DayZ"
  11. Youre absolutly right!!!Every month new games rises with better game play and more fun....people dont stay in one only when see that lose money and dont get what they asking for...Here i guess at the end will be only some Thais with their macros killing echother lol
  12. TheWraith


    Yes only in some pvp servers....but its waste of time.....you spend hours and materials to make them and after one hour you find it destroyed completly and raided
  13. TheWraith

    Winter 2019

    Like i say....I prefer drop my money in REAL Zombie Survival Post Apocalyptic game that cost 50-60 dollars (see DayZ or the new Dead Matter) those games have the most important ingredient for me: REALITY!!! There you looking desperated for 2-3 bites of food or a can of soda and if you are lucky enough find some bullets for your gun.Not like here that you must buy the most ridiculous skins for your armor that dont offer you nothing exept if you go to Milano for fashion show.And about items....plenty even in Survival Mode spawn everywere so dont need run to the other side of map just to find ammo or better gun cuz there is the military base or an outpost.... Those are details that make the diference a good game from a bad one! I tottaly aggree with you this game looks like a junk car with fancy color!!!
  14. Death Valley-Nato-Ridgway Airport
  15. TheWraith

    Winter 2019

    Can you give me pls a reason why should i spend money in this game???What really worth???The fancy skins or the shiny armors???
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