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  1. Sven youre absolutly right and dont justify or apologize for anything! You and your team working really hard to make something awsome here! Ok we all have some different opinions for details in games(like me for the skins but i never say anything about that cz this is the game and accept it even i ask a skin for the adv bp ) but like you says we wouldnt write a post like this.Even the DayZ start using base build system now but im waiting to see what games he thinks are dead by this!
  2. So clearly you are PVP player huh????Who told you that every player wanna play pvp???you dont see the other conversations about PVE asking for a build system????And yeaaa maybe youre right only for skins cuz im not big fun either but dont judge devs desicions from your own "want" If you check other famous games you gonna see that they put build base system too...So what is other games that noone play anymore like this? I think we like to hear your examples. Have a nice day!
  3. Hmmm i think youre right...i like make bases and build system generaly but what is the point make all this if there is the global inventory and all my loot is secure there??? The logic says "You build base as much strong you can,put loot in crates,defent the base from raiders"but if you cant kill them what is the point make the base????
  4. Nice job Sven!!! Amazing work!!! Please if its possible can you make a little ajustment on ghillies colors or some rework on them too???? Thanks we all appriciate your work
  5. Ok and really sorry if i sounded a little bit aggresive...
  6. maybe youre right but what can i think when someone sayz ...''spend our money for pve players''??? I dont think anyone wanna give money for someone who play only for free but at the end its a free game!
  7. And how supose we pve players spend your money dude??? Cuz clearly 7-8 events in 10 is for pvp players always.But if you like yeaaa pls make us a favor and ask them or suggest one or two...
  8. Sorry for bothering you again but just remeber it...I love ghillies and... can you take a look on colors especially on camo.I mean can you make a little adjustment to look like real camo(green-brown-sand) cuz now is just dark brown!
  9. Thanks!!! I appreciate your quick response!!!Keep good work guys!!!
  10. Hi dear developers!!! I just wanna ask... is there a chance to change the items from airdrop or Alien SZ with more rare items not in every drop ofc...Maybe 1 XMR clip(very expensive to buy) 1 Sniper rifle(there is many item boxes) 1 Car somthing like that.Cuz now we can find all items(present drops) easily everywhere so dont need to run for airdrop for example.Thanks!
  11. Macros and cheats are for loosers and useless players!!
  12. Hi Sven!Do we have any clue when the building system gonna release...I know you guys work hard on it...but its good to have an idea when its close.Thanks
  13. If i gudge from his reputation (Assasin) he is PVPer!So he wanna remove the PVE servers and the players of those leave or will forced to go in PVP servers...idk...just guessing
  14. I tottally aggree!! Can i add saying...if its possible to make something like bases or craft stuff???we already have wood or metal (for upgrade base) cuz is really fun to raid bases. After all its survival game
  15. hi!!! this happen suddenly.....yesterday i join normal but ill check it thank you!!!
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