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  1. Yes only on official pvp servers, this is crap. We should be able to use them on private server, what is the point in having them in arcade when you go in pvp and loose it. Otherwise why not just removed them prom being spawned in pve
  2. I have a question, what are we supposed to do with the xmas access cards on private servers, there is nothing I can see to use them on?
  3. Does that mean you now have to use 6 keys?
  4. Not so much feedback but a question: "Slicer Contract Release [SV+AC]We are releasing new contracts on the Slicer. There are 3 types of them: Razor Blade I, II and III.The higher contracts will give you parts of the Slicer which are collectable items... For now." How do we find these contracts, last time killed so many slicers and none dropped any, not even supers. So how to obtain these?
  5. The view at night is still crap, also one would think that radiation and alien sz's would drop better loot. Not to mention the slicer dropping mostly crap.
  6. Also they need fix the immovable zombies that cannot be run over, the biggest problem is the using sheriff and police dragsters as well I think buggies, also might as well remove stryker, it's a the most useless piece of crap in game, not all wheels turn and it trying to go up a curb you get stuck, not to mention god awful speed of.
  7. Was playing on openworld open server called "ORYUM FR" where cars are spawning as I saw zombies around a single point (this happens when the cars health reaches 0 and car blows out) as soon as I was seen driving my own ZK Spawner I got kicked out and then when I tried to get back in temp banned, I guess whoever did this dirty deed wanted my car. I really cannot understand why open server with spawning cars to players then kick them out just to take their car. This kind of behaviour should be reportable with an option in the drop down menu so one can do a ticket.
  8. Not been able to get any slicer missions, all I get are shitty missions I just throw away. We are a family owned and operated business. Oh and your trailer on the front page isn't loading.
  9. How is this mission accessed?
  10. So far, not got anything from slicers I mean no keys, and all the crashed helis I gone to had no loot what so ever.
  11. I just wish players could disable the constant bobbing up and down when driving, makes me nauseous.
  12. RobMUK

    Easter 2020

    Happy Easter event to all.
  13. There has not been any news since about end of 2019, could you gave us an update, video etc. Would be nice to see it in action.
  14. RobMUK

    Winter 2019

    My feelings exactly, too much crap from past events. This is deffo devs being totally lazy and middle finger to those who support this game with money. Not enough crystals, this is always an issue, so far only Halloween event you could get some witches fingers from normal zombies. This should be in all events. Don't forget the struid spam of sprays specially #1, 2.
  15. RobMUK

    Christmas 2019

    Not enough Xmas boxes spawn.
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