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  1. Not been able to get any slicer missions, all I get are shitty missions I just throw away. We are a family owned and operated business. Oh and your trailer on the front page isn't loading.
  2. How is this mission accessed?
  3. RobMUK

    Weekend Event!

    How about some new maps for pve? Would be nice to have something new.
  4. So far, not got anything from slicers I mean no keys, and all the crashed helis I gone to had no loot what so ever.
  5. I just wish players could disable the constant bobbing up and down when driving, makes me nauseous.
  6. RobMUK

    Easter 2020

    Happy Easter event to all.
  7. There has not been any news since about end of 2019, could you gave us an update, video etc. Would be nice to see it in action.
  8. RobMUK

    Winter 2019

    My feelings exactly, too much crap from past events. This is deffo devs being totally lazy and middle finger to those who support this game with money. Not enough crystals, this is always an issue, so far only Halloween event you could get some witches fingers from normal zombies. This should be in all events. Don't forget the struid spam of sprays specially #1, 2.
  9. RobMUK

    Christmas 2019

    Not enough Xmas boxes spawn.
  10. Only one "secret" location on each map, this is a pisstake.
  11. RobMUK

    Weekend Event!

    Since the game crashes and inevitably player can lose their car or have it stolen and there is no other way to get one other than from other players you could have the vehicle spawns either in open world or have the weekend vehicle spawns a permanent feature, say once a month. The mystery skins need total overhaul, they are now useless, could add new skins.
  12. What rewards do players earn if they do not buy season pass?What rewards do players earn if they do not buy season pass?
  13. I would like to be able to add custom amount of items from and to my inventory within safe areas and placed gi lockers, this is so needed. For example, if I want to add 50 mags I could, currently you have to manually click 50 times, really annoying.
  14. I agree, the alien and toxic supers ought to drop better loot and rare loot, also no point in doing them right now coz all you get is xp, which to seasoned players means nothing if one has everything unlocked in skill tree. Perhaps all supers should drop rare loot, maybe toxic and alien rare loot should be rarer.
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