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  1. I help members of the clan trade, but I don't know if his items have been bought or sold illegally. And I was banned from my account? what should I do? I am a podcast and I have video as evidence.

    1. LA-BJN


      I have sent my recorded video to your mailbox, hoping to return my innocence.

  2. 欢迎大家加入战队YY737200
  3. LA 诚招友人加入战队.最主要人品要行,可以一起天天打打架,聊聊天.欢迎大家来我们战队,逗比就不用了. LA Chengzhao friends join the team. The most important character is to do, you can fight every day, chat. Welcome everyone to our team, it is no need to compare.
  4. 我想提出个意见吗?为什么游戏里很多第三方插件?这个是官方允许还是某些管理员不作为?举报也没有用?VSS就算连狙也不可能1秒2发子弹吧?还是需要管理员能够加强管理,我们要的是公平、公正.而不是给某些家族破坏游戏的平衡性,这样就没必要再继续这个游戏!!!
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