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  1. Clan tag:CNRegion: ASClan Leader's Discord: CN-VET#8178
  2. 中国春节活动征集活动议案 Chinese New Year events began to collect suggestion . Race car , PVP or something ?
  3. 加油!多做活动,看好你们!
  4. Keep inviting your friends to your clan. Let more new players join in the NewZ and your team. 招收新玩家! 加油!
  5. 欢迎中国玩家到此开帖!!! Welcome the Chinese player to join the forum ! 关注官方NewZ微信公众号获取更多游戏资讯,活动,福利!!! Follow the official NewZ WeChat public number, get more game suggestions, events ! ! ! 游戏登录界面上方点击微信图标,手机微信扫码关注即可!
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