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  1. thank you so much for the extremely fast reply and of course it makes sense with the snowman's head didn't really think about that I have no idea what strain it can make on a server being able to sort our inventory I just thought it would be a rarely simple thing to do considering we can do it in our backpacks which I can understand it's not hope you will sort it out one day so we can sort it without having to pay for it there might be some genius reading up on this that has a great idea let's hope thank you to all the staff and you and the game for taking ideas and taking them seriously
  2. really big wish well the next patch all of pets just because of this sorting in global inventory please please please I know that I put it up two times it's just if you didn't read the full long message which I'm normally jump over myself if it's too long
  3. great that you made this update and going through such a long wish list you removed all the Christmas trees and cases and stuff regarding this but zombies still run around with snowman's head ??? I do have a big wish for the next update I've been playing the game since the first release a bit set that it was taking over by somebody else considering I've used quite a lot of money on the first release on cases and stuff like that but it's up and running again let's hope it doesn't happened once more back to the wish since the first release where I started playing I always wish that you make an update so we can sort in Global inventory so that it's possible to put favorite rifles at the top snipers together just move it around like we can do in the backpack Global inventory it is a bit irritating and confusion to scroll through all the weapons that is accumulated Through Time to find just that one weapon which another player wish to trade with or that I want you to use right now so I would love that it's something you would take care of for us…. best regards collerboy
  4. great now super zombie sound ???
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