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  1. Bug Riot, Bug Tree, Bug Rock, Bug Builds.... start punishing players who are abusing game bugs.
  2. akirasz


    Bug Riot, Bug Tree, Bug Build, Bug Rock, Bug aLL? remove Bug our Punish Player Abusing Bug in the game.
  3. today and legit older when the game was at the top was not
  4. Good afternoon, I come through this report on riot bug and macro dx, that several players are blatantly abusing these resources, but we have no feedback on this. I wonder if you are aware of these actions? I played a few years ago, and this type of bug or macro was forbidden, I like the game like all Brazilians who still play, so I would be happy as the whole community could solve this or at least we had 1 position. Since then I would like to speak for the community that is tired of this type of situation, Thank you...
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