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  1. Well. i need to say this ..... I'm really dissapointed about this event and so far this is the worst event in the last 2 years. Rare items, big spawning rate, only one zone ... OVERALL NOTHING TO DO AND A LOT OF FEELING BORED!!!
  2. This was the first update were I noticed improvements. Thank you and keep it up.
  3. v1j3

    Viking Week Event

    always loved your events but this much more!
  4. hope thing improve more and more. Gj so far!
  5. Overall well but still having a problem with ridding a car in private servers and constantly lagging or beeing disconnected trying to enter in the car. One hour ago I was stopping in Pleasant Valley and when I exit the car I found myself flying and landing on a mountain near Rotten Valley.
  6. i really think it will ruin it so please don't do this.
  7. I relate to everything above. I'm a new player (aprox 6 months) and I tried every game in Inf.. Used to play daily for 3 moths until my community/ clan members just said no to this game for all of the above (most of them played this game for more than 3 years) Now there are maybe 5 of us from 30 guys that still play the game and enjoy it as I do (on a good day). I'm a fair player for shooter games (CS, PUBG, ROE) with a very good internet conexion and a top gaming PC but whithout cheat codes I reached Agony in 6 months so I can't say nothing more about PVP/Battle in this game. It's just simply amazing how I die and who kills me, with what and from where (for ex: why my bullets spread and drop with full attachments on and the enemies bullets go straight). Maybe you will find a way to make things better, hopefully ... wished i found this game years ago.
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