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  1. First of all, I love the way you guys are going about the game. It's overdue but it's being done and it's nice. My friend and I really appreciate the recent effort and most of it has been really good. I love all the new skins and the overall feel is improving a lot from where it was. My friend has been playing since the game launched and I've been playing for three years now. We'd love to help with anything if you guys need it for free, just please don't ruin the game from where it already is. I agree with the people above me about the zombies. The first season pass was hard enough and you expect people to finish with this? I had a zombie in a tent and I was right in front of it and it would simply not come out of the tent but just sit there like I was going to eat him. The super zombies would not come to me unless I was right in front of their face shooting them. It needs to be reverted or I'm not spending anymore money. No need for season pass and no need for a private server if I can't farm. I hope this is just a bug or something but it needs changed. I threw a grenade to blow up like 25 zombies and my game froze and almost crashed when before I'd throw a grenade at 250 zombies and my game would just lag a couple seconds. You use to be able to blow up 25 zombies no problem and now it's horrible, I don't even want to find out what blowing up 250 zombies will do. The car fix was needed. The cars are slower which I don't like but they overall feel better. I did have a lot of fun riding over big hills and getting cool jumps but I respect the change. The tips, great work. The game needs new players and they definitely help out. I haven't checked out battle royale but ON PAPER, I like the changes. They seem good but hopefully they feel even better in the game. The video showing all the patches notes, love it. All the smaller improvements add up so great on that. Please fix the zombies and car speed. Other then that, great work and keep it up.
  2. The update looks really good! That heavy armor though looks fantastic
  3. The update is going really well. I think the level system is definitely a great addition to the game. I've seen a lot of concern from other players and I did the math. I have school to do plus other things and I don't always get the time to play but I try to play as much as I can. The season pass even with the 5 xp buff plus xp from killing zombies, it's still really hard to reach that goal of 300,000 xp. I feel it's only fair if the players need it, add an extension at the end of the timer and give us more time. I do understand the value even after buying the season pass but we can't get that value back if we can't complete the season pass or get close to it. Putting in 4-6 hours a day to not complete something I paid for doesn't seem right but hopefully some more changes will happen. It is the first season so problems will occur but I'm sure you guys can fix them. Other then the crashing, this update was overall great. I hope to see more updates that will improve the game and make it even more enjoyable!
  4. Looks pretty good, I can't wait for more work like this
  5. I love the Christmas update. It wasn't easy but not hard to get the boxes. The spawns for the trees were weird though. One day there would be a lot and the next there wouldn't be much. The contracts for really fun.
  6. I think it can be a cool idea in game. I'd put it in beta for now or something just to try it out and see how it goes.
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