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  1. Wow ! Lots of new content! Superb MAJ ! Thank you
  2. Thank you for sharing !
  3. Thank you very much for solving the patch problem! Great work! And again, great job for all this new content! Thank you
  4. Unfortunately the concern about zombies is not resolved ... Apparently as soon as the zombie is separated from us by an object, car, wall or other, then it stops and no longer follows us. Even the car horn that should attract them no longer does. Yet a zombie is supposed to react to noise ... It is not playable. The season pass cannot be done and I unfortunately paid a server for nothing. This is the feeling I have. Disappointed :(. https://www.casimages.com/i/200304040132125786.png.html https://www.casimages.com/i/200304040223524648.png.html https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/605087527229194250/684773119965134938/45275755.png?width=863&height=462
  5. Can't wait to see the fix
  6. Hello, Great patch we got yesterday! Congratulations to you ! For the content and the additions very well thought out! Well done ! Only good improvements :). It's nice to see them on NewZ today! But on the other hand ... Because yes there is a but ... TOO MUCH BEUG Really disappointed by the number of things that no longer works since the arrival of this patch ... In less than 24 hours I lost all taste for farming ... How did you manage to make me very enthusiastic and then when I played at speed or I was disappointed and clearly I don't want to farm anymore until this is resolved: S. -- When I get out of a vehicle near a tree or building I find myself stuck inside without getting out of it ... - The zombies hang all the time, invisible wall, you can move or shoot next to them without it moving. Same for the super zombie. - The distance for the zombies to follow us is far too short! Even in the car with the horn the zombies do not come. The duration for grouped and multiplied by two compared to before the patch ... Why did you do that? The vehicle and the horn are no longer used for anything ... - Regular crash when there is too much zombie, the fps displays 0, and then the games crash or then disconnected from the server. - You changed the number of zombies at the airport ... But how can we go from 700 zombies to only 100? Why ? What is the logic of having done this? No more interest in going there, there are more zombies in nearby cities than in a military area like the airport ... Really very disappointed .. You made a great patch, with very good content, but once again you made certain modifications which made us all the same disappointed :(. Regarding the pass season you did a very good job! The rewards are really interesting and makes you want to finish it. Well done. But how do we end it with all the bugs related to zombies? And especially their numbers which was divided by 7 at the airport? We can not help but believe that you did this so that it would take us longer to finish it and therefore that we would buy private servers for a longer period of time. Money question? Can't patch players without thinking of taking advantage of it? It's the impression it gives and I'm not the only one to think so. Happy and at the same time disappointed .. But you still did a very big job and I say bravo! Thanks anyway. This is only my opinion, but I am not the same to think like this: S. Good night. Cesar59
  7. Good patch ! Good Job
  8. Cesar59

    Weekend Event!

    A pleasure to be able to exchange and make changes, beneficial or not. Sometimes we can be wrong. But at least we have the opportunity to give our opinion. Thank you :). PS: I'm waiting for promotions to spend several hundred million on ammunition and protection: P
  9. There is good and not so good :). To see when it is in place. By cons fully agree with Killer for players who jump and shoot at the same time ... Only head .. Limit more precise than if you do not jump. This is one of the reasons why I do not play on a bastion server. Too many players shoot while jumping and are magical ... But good patch to come I hope :).
  10. Cesar59

    Weekend Event!

    Yes I understand, but maybe the players keep their € to just spend them when there are promotions. It's been months, I don't even count anymore, that you haven't been promoting anymore. So yes players do not spend. Logic. It's like in real life, people are waiting for promotions. And then it changes current events, it costs nothing and it will please a lot of people. No reason not to do them any more (1 year anyway) because the players have too much €. Maybe they have it because it buys GCs and pays private servers? The players give themselves the means Regards, Cesar59
  11. Cesar59

    Weekend Event!

    Is that something that concerns you? NO !!! Players like you would do well ... To moan but to bring nothing, answer a subject without saying anything interesting, just to make a pointless remark! I had no response from the support, so I just make sure they have seen my message. As a proposal for a weekend event. It seems to me that he asks us for our opinion and ideas? How does that concern you? Do you have that to count my message?
  12. Cesar59

    Weekend Event!

    Hello, I want to know if you had any plans to promote chargers soon? It will be 1 year since it has not happened ... Without counting the rest. The only thing in promotion are the skins (€€€) and the riots ... But there is no more promotion on the secondary weapon, protection and magazine: S. Thanks in advance. Cesar59
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