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  1. In Colorado V1 there are spots where rocks that you can walk on are not solid and it allows you to fall through and slide all the way down the mountain (this also resulted in my game disconnecting.) On another hand there has also been mountain terrain which you can see through. In other words, the mountain has a slice through it that allows you to see through it like a window.
  2. Other modes have money drops on zombies, logically in a harder to survive environment when xp is already reduced to 5 rather than 50 like open world. We should get cash drops. We still like to buys skins with Game dollars and without them we have to go play open world and farm the game dollars. With game dollars in survival it will mean no need for switching servers and we can also get cash. I absolutely love the survival mode, the rarity makes guns and other things far more hard to find but, I feel like cash will not only sweeten the deal for those who already play survival mode daily (me I prefer it) and will also bring new people into the survival mode. If the cash makes it easier in survival mode to buy food raise the marketplace cost for food while on a survival server (if possible).
  3. I feel like the Holiday stuff in game is a great idea and I also have ideas on how to make it more spruced up. -Christmas lights on houses -garland over entryways like the general store, post office -Christmas lights along the fenceline - More festive lootables (More types of food, more skins, presents have to be opened by holding E instead of items just spawning in the air or on the ground or just make it so you pick up a present and have to open it in your inventory.) - More snow would be cool I also feel like it would be nice to have celebration even for the smaller holidays like (Valentine's day, Easter, Veteran's day, Labor day, President's day) -For Easter open-able Easter eggs in little colored grass nests would be cool.
  4. This game has random crashing issues I haven't experienced in other games. Alongside that note: zombies have dealt damage to me while I was lagged out. Also, this game seems to be having some trouble with random disconnects that 9/10 times result in game crashing to desktop. (rarely does disconnection bring me back to the game screen). I have crashed to desktop before and attempted to log in but it said my password was incorrect and that after the first try to log in it said "too many login attempts at this IP adress wait 10 minutes". This was rather agitating considering that #1 my game just crashed #2 my password was not at all incorrect #3 now I have to wait 10 minutes. I have also seen a message say you must be logged into steam before opening this application or something like that. Right after my game crashed and I obviously typed in my steam password beforehand to start playing.
  5. I feel a stash button on the GI locker would be beneficial.
  6. I feel more buildings should be open and have spawn points, also it would be nice if some of the buildings have more furniture (some have none) to make it more realistic. Also the crafting system is really high cost on materials and I feel that eliminates it from being used that much. Also I hope to see that Oregon expansion soon.
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