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  1. Rolazo, Most of the time when you get disconnected or crash while you are driving a car you will be spawning where you 1st enter the car but the car will not be there, so you will have to get to the place where you disconnected/crashed to get back your car. If you did'nt make it in time probably someone picked up your car if you were in a PVE server with other people. Or your car simply broke because you did'nt make it in time. Here it should be the 1st option. by the way car are not that expansive 50-75k for a zk spawner and if you farm military zone you will get one back pretty soon.
  2. Really?? only in tropico or in arena aswell.. Well this really suck if they added car to the game.
  3. Yo today I was playing BR earlier and this happened. 2 People in a CAR...
  4. can you guys do late auction has NA player cant participate
  5. When you guys said you fixed a missplaced spawn in parkerville (campos city) you just removed it or you placed to somewhere else. parkerville and campos are far from eachother
  6. xSCPx


    SELL GD AIRDROP comment or msg me if interrested PRICE: 9M I CAN BARGAIN A BIT Peace
  7. Nice work pretty cool to see update and new things happening gl all
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