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  1. Nice Event but Skinboxes was only from Slicer . Next time will be better that they spawn on Secret Rooms and Secret spawn on all maps
  2. Wait for other good things! Hope will be interesting
  3. Hey Sven. Patch is really nice! More things what you added is awesome! We glad to see NewZ better with every patch! I have a proposition to add some more towns on the INFECT Zone with radiation (Whitestone on Colo V1, Crystal Lake v1 and V2, Superior Junction) And we wait when you will do NVG Gas Masc too More respect and succes to your team and wait for more good and nice UPDATE's.
  4. Sven, dear DEV, have some question : Why loot get worse that he was Yesterday? Why MAPS like a Tropico and ARENA (love this maps) still empty? Ppls want changes and if before UPDATE BR on 4.03 every Week Event was for me best and more long awaited, now its like a Arizona Map every 24/24 hours... I hope you will do something and BR 2020 will be better than it is now! Only best regards.
  5. Shoroh aka easy_dad need to be banned, cause this man all time trash tallking! Nothing good i dont see when he streaming.
  6. I think will be better to do loot how was in Weekend when more ppls played with all good loot like a RED Stalkers,DX , Customs and other good loot. +1 to be Better loot
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