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  1. Maeby its alot to ask or maeby yall got a reason for not adding it to the servers, but is it posible to add weather changes to the servers? Rain/Sunny/foggy/Snow/ etc etc, and i mean live weather change without restarting the servers so we can witness the changes during gameplay? i think it will be such a nice feature, specially for survival mod.
  2. Even the old veterans lost interest in NewZ, old infestation made people wanna play the game and come back to it.
  3. Fuskdev1


    I know for a fact if they want old Infestation to be a thing again they need to wipe snipers and stuff, and i know people wont be to happy about it, but we need this for survival so atleast the rest of us that enjoys these kinda gameplays with rarity when it comes to loot will have a good time aswell.
  4. This video is a perfect example why we need the good old Infestation back, its not fun anymore.. we need the adrenaline back to infestation and not get gangbanged by 20snipers everytime we join an official server.
  5. Fuskdev1


    Since we got open world servers with either both snipers and ar's or only ar's Can we for survival servers get some ingame market where we can buy ammo and such? the only enjoyable servers in newz right now is survival but we need to atleast spice it up abit with normal infestation market and currency drop from zombies so others can enjoy it, some of us stopped playing open world servers cause of all the sniper fights that is happening. Consider this devs, u wont lose anything by trying it out. Normals lockers can be added on the servers. Add market for survival. Average car spawn. We cant rent servers for some reasons. Put the items abit more expensive in the market if thats the case. No base building. Snipers should be rare, we need that feeling when we find an actual sniper in infestation again. You guys have created every single server yet the most popular is not among them, the normal ISS feeling is gone in newz. This is getting ignored to much by the "Devs" I dont wanna be straight up rude towards anyone, but are you "Devs" simply ignoring the fact that most of us is complaining about the amount of snipers there is in this game?
  6. I mean the official normal servers are are and all if it weren't for snipers, snipers are fine and all aswell, but u really cant have a decent fight in there anymore.. most people carry a sniper cause most people got more snipers than Ar's these days, i say reduce how many snipers a group or a clan can join with on an official server and it will all go back to normal where it was fun to play. I know there is no sniper servers, but taking away snipers from the whole server is also not the brightest idea out there, snipers and ar's should be on a server but not when u can find snipers left and right like bandages.. so the idea is, a clan of 5ppl, only 1 is allowed to role with a sniper, and the rest gets denied using it on the server.. same follows people in a group.
  7. Just recently came back and was hella excited to try survival and begin from scratch, but was overwhelmed how much it was lacking player, been hearing from lots of people about how they were complaining about base building n stuff, what should be added and what should be fixed. I guess ima just put it out there for peoples information and how i see it. Infestation has lost its peak, and most new players to this game dident really experience the good old fashion WarZ and how good it was back in the days. No PvP servers, only officials and cliffside. Heres a few suggestions on how to bring back survival, and maeby bring people to it? Colorado v1 is fine and all, but we miss the good old times where people could make strongholds on top of the garage/whitehouse/market/medic house, By adding new ways to get into these buildings it arent much of a challenge anymore for people rushing these buildings. I think the normal Colorado was way better back then and till now. Increase the car spawn, so it could be abit more easy for people to stash stuff, not saying to increase it by 90percent, just enough to actually find a car from time to time. Add lockers back to survival, it gives that good old times of vibes where u panic and wanna stash your stuff back in before u get rushed or something, or just the fact having the locker in a building where u can stash easy. Give people reasons to play Survival again, add the older things back. Most importantly, remove base building - its not meant to be added to infestation, those things are best kept for Rush and Dayz. Add some environment changes to colorado, add some snow during xmas, add some lanterns during halloween, stop making it bland by adding just the tree, as im saying about give people reasons to play back in survival. I know there is colorado v2, but reduce the serveres to 2 of each or something and remove the base building servers, we dont have enough players joining survival and by adding 6 or 8 servers in each region its not exactly helping out putting the people together in one place.
  8. Should release em now tbh, so we can get the xmas spirit up and running.
  9. Fuskdev1


    Old maps are always fun to keep
  10. Fuskdev1


    Can we get it back :)? ars and snipers aswell.
  11. Can you take a look at my post mate. about Open world changes.

  12. Yes we tried survival, its not even close to be fun at all mate, loot is hella hard to get a hand on, barely anyone is playing it, have to start all over again with no loot what so ever. People rather have there loot than start again from the begining.
  13. Have we acknowledge this is a sniper game, and accepted it and moved on?. Just a few suggestions and a bit of complaint for open world colorado. Every single person is joining with a sniper, that its not fun anymore, there's no pvp inside the cities anymore what so ever, its all headshots across the cities before you reach them. Its hard enough to get cover from the snipers in clearview and yall add extra entries to white-house / medic / post office? that makes no sense what so ever at all. Can devs at least consider that there's people who actually wanna use ar's in colorado once in a while? make a system or something so atleast 1 or 2 guys from each group or clan can join with snipers so we can decrease the snipers in colorado and make the pvp at least some how decent. I took a break and hoped the game will at least evolve from sniperZ to decent pvp - explore looting for new beginners. We need the adrenaline back to this game again, where people have strongholds with ar's / shotguns etc instead of 10people with snipers around the city keeps pushing others from the city. This is not exacly a complaint its more of a "way to go" to bring back the good old times.
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