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  1. i would hate to see a total wipe of our gi as ive already gone through this once when i:ss went away and then again when the same thing happened with romeros aftermath. if i have to start over again i probably wont play, i dont feel its right to get punished for all my hard work and time. as far as a cap on items thats fine as it it i limit my inventory to a max of 50 per item. and what ive done in the past is try to find the new inexperienced players try to give them some guidance and set them up with some items so they can stand a chance against more experienced players. and i dont mean just one or two items id set them up with at least 5 -10 items of each thing i gave ( food, water, pack ,armor etc.) so they werent running around half naked and having only a flashlight for a weapon. this would start the building of trust between me and some of those i met and often result in being able to group up with people that wouldnt stab me in the back, and i still have friends that i met on here and will play in groups on here still.PLEASE P;EASE DONT DO A TOTAL RESET !!!!!!!!!!
  2. Tuesday at 07:50 AM i think they should start putting 3 metal gears in them because 2 wasnt enough !!!!!
  3. what will this do to players that play solo and arent into pvp, as it is now they either rent their own server or hope they can get on someone elses. i might not be understanding this correctly but it sounds like survival is leaning even more towards all pvp, either clans or groups ?
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