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  1. Oferta es de 6 paquetes de cerveza
  2. It would be cool to have a placeable item like a Tent you could find and or buildable Fire to add to the survival aspect!
  3. Jake

    Weapon Bipods

    Now that i think of it, would this work in Survival game mode at all?
  4. Jake


    This is a good idea to take into consideration for Survival!
  5. Maybe it will be like the old days with the "Repair Skill" or something new!
  6. Jake

    White Outline

    I have noticed a weird white outline that ive never noticed before. Is it me or the forums, i'm sorry but it irritates me a lot.
  7. Jake


    Don't think that is a language
  8. Anything for New Years? Is there shampain??
  9. Jake

    Loot Map

    I love it... and it's not even out yet LOL
  10. Gonna get to bed, night ya hound dogs! xD

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