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  1. 1 colorado v1 server, 1 colorado v2, 1 oregon .... problem solved imho easiest solution
  2. i suggested this happen in October/November 2018 I don't mean to be rude but I have been waiting for a long time
  3. Another patch no adventure/hunter backpack in survival
  4. Please do not remove any maps for private servers. I can understand removing a map for regular servers although I do not want that either at all --- but for private servers please please please do not remove Oregon
  5. Any news on or an ETA on when the adventure backpack for survival will be released? Just curious
  6. Why are airdrops suddenly dropping machetes???? This is completely ridiculous and should not be a thing whatsoever. The airdrops were awful enough before... so why make them even worse? It was bad enough getting 3 katanas per airdrop, now why are machetes included?????
  7. It would be nice to have game dollars in survival - but also do not trade with anyone that is not a trusted trader if you do not want to be scammed - check the official discord of infestation to view the trusted trader list.
  8. I do not understand the posts, but I believe AREA 69 says coming soon. They are probably working on it
  9. I agree they should make radiation zones last longer as you said you cannot get to them often because they are so far from you on the map. They should also happen a little bit more often
  10. As I understand why you'd want separate parts for the backpack.. I do not want it to be like heavy armor. I meant for this idea to be for looters and much easier than the heavy armor to get. I haven't even gotten the stuff needed for it. Also if you read my post - I suggested the sewing kit for the new item for the backpack to find. It isn't a weapon or armor, it's simply for looting. There is no need to make it be as rare as heavy armor, just somewhat less rare than snipers.
  11. I understand the developers have been very busy, but if I may get some feedback on the current suggestions/questions I stated in the post I offered some detailed ideas/asked questions for the backpack.... it would be greatly appreciated
  12. It being a seasonal or an event option wouldn't make any sense with my suggestion and I apologize - but I do not like that idea at all. I wanted this to be an attainable backpack. That is why I tried to suggest a fair amount of slots and weight and then hear feedback.
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