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  1. I have to say I see the survival loot going in the right direction, it is already much better than previously
  2. How in the world do you think this would work? You want to make looting harder by having stronger zombies, but at the same time, want to make killing players less rewarding? Think about that for a second. If looting is harder now, killing players for loot now is even more rewarding. Also, if you've been here for as long as you claim you should know the types of players there are by now. Do you really think that if zombies were stronger, the player base would suddenly team up more and stop killing each other? Next thing is your suggestion to introduce to have different zombie mechanics for players with more player kills. So you want to give players that like to play the game in a certain way a disadvantage, just because you don't like players that prefer PvP over PvE? I hope you're joking with this Come on man, think about what you're about to post for one second next time
  3. Pre-Night Vision Post-Night Vision This happens with all reflective surfaces, be it building windows, vehicle windows and mirrors, shiny armor and any reflective metallic surfaces of other assets. The reflection glow disappears after a short while of having NV turned off.
  4. I'm fairly busy in the next few days but I'll see what I can do
  5. Spot on. Regarding the NV bug with lit up windows. I didn't notice it was only an NV bug, I thought this was the case without NV but now that you said it, it may really be because of the NV. The problem is that some surfaces have a yellow-ish glow to them and I am also fairly sure that this is only the case with reflective surfaces, especially Truck gas tanks, K-Style helmets, Windows and such. Especially with wearable items this is kind of a problem as it increases player visibility through a bug
  6. You didn't get his point. A move from OW to survival nowadays means a move to an underpopulated game mode without having any stats OR inventory transfer whatsoever. Those problems would not come up in a merger like he suggested though
  7. Just for the record, are you asking as a PvE focused survival player or OW player?
  8. Well put 5. Is the core of the problem in this list. I know quite a few dudes who left because there's just nothing going on on the servers and they won't come back unless there a more players. Players in OW would be enough, but anything but snipers is utterly useless. Nothing is rare in any way, you play for an hour and have enough gear to spawn fully geared for at least 10 times. Whats the point of playing if loot is completely irrelevant? There is no point in doing any PvE anyways, but even PvP doesn't give you anything. Its literally deathmatch, losing gear is not an issue as getting it is not an issue either. There is no value to PvPing other than PvPing just for the sake of PvPing. No risk in PvP involved, made everything very boring for heaps of players, while most players I knew left. Survival is dead and survival mode loot makes it seem like OW compared to WarZ/ISS and OW is somewhat populated but its just deathmatch and nothing else.
  9. Yep, that's what I mean. It takes a lot less time to get 10 very rare items than to find a single one in survival, so 10:1 might be a little unbalanced in favor of OW inventories
  10. I think 10:1 might be a little too much. I think it's just too easy to farm in OW, considering there are TONS of weapons, even snipers and you aren't even required to go a safezone to move items to the GI. I had no problem finding quite a few snipers in just a few hours of time, and a 10:1 ratio might still be a lot quicker on OW for very rare items like snipers I feel like.
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