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  1. well hopefully my fuzzy warm bloody sleeved shirt will get unlocked soon
  2. and that day / night cycle tho .... speed it up anymore and we will have epileptic seizures !!
  3. This is my old shirt ... and it be locked !!!!
  4. So I took a couple month break from this and upon coming back I noticed that the original outfits, the ones that have been in the "customize" section of your character screen, the ones that have been with us since warZ ... are now locked ?? wth ?? Ok, look, if you guys make some new clothes, hair styles, etc for the characters, and want to earn some profit, cool, dig it ... but to lock the outfits that have been in this game from day 1 .... wth ? Why ???? This may have been one of the dumber things Ive ever seen done to this game hahahhaha .... locking the original stock outfits ??? .... smh . Oh and wth is up with the new "lounge" ??? Could you guys have made a more devoid or uglier lounge ??? omg !!! What the crap was wrong with the old lounge ??? And whats up with the day and night cycles now ??? What are you guys doing to my beloved game !?!??!?!? LOL ?!?!?!?!??!
  5. I must have been being really impatient or something because OBS will work on game capture, it just takes a minute to pick it up is all . Im recording some new footage now . I did one 9 minute vid on my channel, but it was really choppy and the FPS was really low with screen capture . Im going to make a couple more and re-submit them . I still have the original project files for this trailer saved, I might redo the footage in it also . Ill keep you guys updated
  6. Thank you !!! You cant watch it in 1080p ? Its totally 1080p lol . the reason it looks choppy is because I have to use screen capture on OBS . For some reason OBS doesnt want to pick up on the game unless I use screen capture ?? New Z is the only game this happens on too . Anyways, thank you again !!!
  7. I dont know how many of you ever noticed, but 95% of the zombies are right handed, meaning, when they sprint at you, all you have to is juke to the right and they completely miss you . after they miss you they are kittens, its just the first hit you have to dodge EDIT; Honestly, if it wasnt for the sprinter and howlers, the game would be waaaAAAayy to easy lol
  8. LOL, my kid said the same thing, which is awesome because thats kinda what I was going for Its Campos
  9. Made this video for the contest and to hype the newest game mode ... SURVIVAL !!! Hope you enjoy
  10. Made this video for the contest and to hype the newest game mode ... SURVIVAL !!! Hope you enjoy
  11. I just wanted to say that I have been PC gaming since 1994 . I have seen many companies come and go, and watched and have been part of many forums and watched how the DEV interact with the community and I have to say that hands down, you guys are by far the best I have ever seen . Between the constant work, dedication, responsiveness , and transparency you guys are awesome, no other DEV team or game company has ever even come close . Sincerely , with much love , GG guys !!!!! GG !!! keep up the great work !!! ( more money from me in the near future for sure !! )
  12. I just have to say that I have been PC gaming since 1994 . I have seen many companies come and go, and watched and have been part of many forums and watched how the DEV interact with the community and I have to say that hands down, you guys are by far the best I have ever seen . Between the constant work, dedication, responsiveness , and transparency you guys are awesome, no other DEV team or game company has ever even come close . Sincerely , with much love , GG guys !!!!! GG !!!
  13. 1) the re-spawn is 10 minutes, but the loot is gone in 5 minutes ... kinda wierd ? 2) I haven't checked the main graphics options yet since patch, been too busy beta testing lol, but yes, I have an excellent PC ( 24 core twin xeon ~ 64G RAM ~ twin kepler core gpu ). if there is a setting for fast load etc Ill play with them a bit . 3) Awesome 4) NIIIICE !!!! very nice !! thanks guys !!
  14. A few more questions / feed back for ya guys . 1) Re-spawn vs Loot De-spawn ~ your loot disappears before you can actually come back in and have a chance to grab it . Is this going to stay like this ? My work around is just to have 2 characters at each loot spot, but it kinda sucks to have to tie up 2 toons to each spot . 2) The fastload ~ seems to me the fastload is causing me more problems than good in the old map . When fastload isnt' happening, I can maintain 60fps to 45fps on max graphics, but when fastload kicks in, my fps will tank sometimes to 17 ... This doesnt seem right honestly, even in the old ISS version, I never dropped to 17fps for any reason ... might want to check the fast load, don't think its working as intended on the old map ? 3) Zombie re-spawn time at airport ~ I can actually sit on the helicopter and shoot zombies and watch them just pop back in LOL Please turn the timer up a bit ?? 3 seconds is a bit low ... maybe 30 seconds ? give us some time to move on to a new spot before the zombies are back ? 4) will players who participated in beta and gave feedback be awarded in any way ? Nothing big, maybe a simple title or something ? maybe an XP allocation of 5,000 pts or something ? Just thinking it would be nice , other games I have played have gave us OBT ( open beta testing ) titles and such, was just curious ... I like to feel special hahahhaha Anyways, thats it, again, great job guys !!
  15. will the XP trees be wiped as well ? will we need to make new characters also ? Im just asking because I havent head anything about this either way . No biggie , just curious
  16. Just what the title says lol , please dont nerf the graphics !!! I do however miss the overgrowth on the buildings, but the game looks great again !!! So please, dont nerf the graphics Ok, take care guys, have a great day !!
  17. Ok, so heres a little list Ive made as to what I feel needs to be adjusted in survival . 1) Cant group ~ why ? 2) Zombie hit reg is funky, needs to tightened up a bit for melee, too many ghost hits . 3) Super Zombie loot .... or complete lack there of . I have killed 4 super zombies since the patch and not 1 of them dropped any loot ... none ... nadda ... nothing .... this seriously needs fixed . even in ISS days, the supers at least dropped something ... 3) Small Invisible back pack skin ~ cant use it why ? ... keeps telling me I have no skins for this object .... ?? Besides that stuff, so far so good guys !!! I have really been enjoying survival, the airport is tuff again and loot is sparse , makes you play differently , just like the old days !!! Keep up the good work !!!
  18. so you are saying, that out of everyone that plays Battle Royale, the top 5 players of the season are the ones who get the season rewards ?
  19. Thanks, I have read that though but I guess it isnt really answering my question tho ? If you are rank bronze for instance, thats the 5th rank from the top, does that mean you get the rewards then ? Or do you need to be a "Rank 3 bronze" for example ? This is whats confusing me because there are ranks within the ranks .... ?
  20. On the loading screens, pertaining to Battle Royale, it shows GC and skins for certain "ranks" . Now ... What ranks are we talking about here ? I tried to look for this info, but didnt find it anywhere . Are we talking about if you make it to being 1 of the last 5 guys in the match you are rank 1,2,3,4,5 etc ? Are we talking about like "SIlver Rank 3" or bronze etc ? Or are we talking about a rank we cant see ? Im just lost to exactly what rank the loading screen is talking about ???
  21. I completely agree it has come a long way and it keeps getting better all the time ! This is one of the very few games where the DEV actrually listen to and care about community input which is why I put IRL money into this game and have stuck with it . It just sucks waiting through the lobby of Battle Royale and then running to find a weapon only to shoot someone point blank in the head and not even get a red hit marker or head shot sound and they turn and kill you like you have no health .. BAM BAM ... 2 bullets and your dead ... really ? I watch some of these players warp or run in warps of up to 5m and some times 10m at a time !!! These guys either are making 4fps , have over a 500ms latecny or such sever packet loss they shouldnt even be allowed to join or play in the first place LOL Players like this make the server go nuts and tank every shot and are almost invincable like god mode due to their lag . Lag hax are real, even if it is because of packet loss or high latency and not due to a program or switch , it still might as well be a lag hack or fps hack and takes every bit of competitive gameplay out of the game >.< I have been beating a guy with a flash light only to have him disapear and end up behind me .... so frustrating !!! I was shooting one guy earlier and wasnt getting hit markers and BAM, he disapoears and I see him warp about 20m to my left and now he is running ???? Like ... what was I even shooting at, a ghost ??? Not to meantion, after shooting at the ghost, I ghosted myself basically because I even shot in the first place LOL !! Again, I have played this game since WARZ days, did aftermath, followed the game to Fred's version and never looked bakc because of the amazing work he and the DEV team do on this incarnation of the game !! I completely love most everything they have done to this game ( still kinda pissed my turtle custom skin looks like crap ,still to this day ... but whatever ) My 2 main complaints are the warping, lagging, high latency players and the fact that 2 man groups dont spawn together . If your grouped up with someone, you both should spawn together like other Battle Royale games . Im sure the fixes are coming, I just had to get this off my chest and hopefully bring to the attention of the DEV that hey, this is an issue a lot of players face and please do your best to fix it . 1) lock people to geographical locations 2) spawn groups together Thats it LOL, 2 small thinjgs . You guys fix these 2 things and Battle Royale will be completely awesome !!! Thanks again though guys, keep up the great work !!!!
  22. please please please PLEASE help everyone have a better gaming experience and restore the competitive gameplay Im sure everyone is looking and praying for
  23. watch this video if you are lost to what Im trying to explain about high pings and locking players to geographical locations . This is what players with 30~50 ms deal with when playing against high latency players .
  24. Starting off by saying that you guys have done the most amazing job with this game, thank you for saving it from the previous dev's . With that said, this is about "competitive gameplay" ..... You have servers in europe, hong kong, south america and NA . Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE lock players, especially in Battle Royale to their geo graphical locations ?????!!!!!! As an American playing in the NA servers with a 35ms latency or ping, I should not have to face players from half a world away with over 400ms ping . Making a 35ms ping player go against a 400ms player takes every single bit of "competitve gameplay" out of the gameplay . I can shoot half a mag ( and BTW there is no such thing as a "clip" in the gun world, itrs called a magazine !!! ) into a player and they wont even feel it, then magically turn around and shoot me with 2 bullets and Im dead . This completely due to timestamp missmatch and massive differences in latency between players . To solve this issue, please, for the love of everything holy and this game, lock players to their geographical locations for battle royale AT LEAST ! You cannot hope to even come close to having "competitve gameplay" between a 35ms NA player and 500ms Australian or Island player , isnt going to happen, never has, never will . PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE lock players to their closest geographical location !!!! You have the player base, you have done an excellent job on this game, please please please see the logic in this and RESTORE the competitive gameplay we are all looking for . Thank you
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