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  1. PLEASE. READ THIS ENTIRE POST. YOU MAY FIND WHAT I HAVE TO SAY RELEVENT TO THE ISSUES PRESENTED. I have, for the better part of the last 2 1/2 years, been trying to get the attention of the admins about these very real issues. Whether it was just a lack of interest, or a lack of understanding that we are not programmers per se. What we are, are a group of players that are passionate about the games we play. After logging countless hours playing games like this one, that we can see what issues are detrimental to the overall gaming experience. I played Aftermath. I also spent a lot of money on it. I have tried to make suggestions that would enhance NewZ. But, alas, they fall mostly on deaf ears. It wasn't until recently that I have seen some of the issues finally being addressed. As for the purchase of Romero's Aftermath, I suspect that that had already happened. Just look at the zombie models, the building models, and many other items that are currently in use in NewZ. The similarities are too close. In fact, that was what drew my attention to NewZ. I had found a game that closely mirrored the good qualities of Aftermath. I know that the developers are working to make some improvements. However, they are also hampered by bad, and sometimes, horrible ideas that seem to move to the forefront of what is implemented in this game. Ideas like adding a glut of boulders and trees in the most unlikely places all with the idea that it 'would make the game safer for PVP players'. That it would, 'Give players more places to hide'. However, it has had the opposite effect. It has made the game more difficult to maneuver around the map. In particular, trees that have been placed in the middle of roads, trees placed physically inside existing buildings, trees placed with limbs and branches protruding through block walls, and hysterically, trees placed in the middle of boulders, and boulders dropped on existing fencing. When I tried to point out the issue of these placements, I was basically told that it would benefit all players. I have to say that I am a PVE player. I don't care for the PVP aspect of this game because of what @Darkio said in the opening to this thread. I admit, I'm not the best PVP player. Hell, I'd go as far as to say that I am terrible at that mode of play. But a player with moderate skills doesn't stand a chance against the amount of players that stack the game and make it impossible for anyone else to enjoy themselves. Personally, I don't understand what pleasure those players that relish in the fact that they just have to sit and wait to pick off spawning players. It's like hunting in a shooting gallery. All the targets will come to you if you just sit and wait. I have even tried, with the support of a few other players, to convince the admins and developers that the weekend events were far too lopsided and benefited the PVP player over any other group. Oh, it improved for a time, but it is slowly slipping back to what it was before. The biggest benefits are for the PVP and BR players. The rest of the player base get the leftovers. I was impressed by the recent Valentine event. The best part of it was, you weren't restricted to only a few select locations to garner the event specific items, you could find them on the entire map. Special locations to have their benefits, but overall they are counter-productive to the overall idea of the event. For example, Items that are restricted to a specific location because, during the event, the servers become inundated with players that are only there to collect all the items, thus leaving the solitary players with nothing but the scraps. (BTW, this is another reason to limit clans. Not just in PVP, but in the game as a whole). These, and so many more issues, are the reasons there isn't a more permanent player base. In my experience in this game, and yes, I'm still holding out hope that things will change, much like I did when Aftermath was dying. But if things don't change, NewZ will cease to exist. I have adopted the practice to no longer accept friend invites. I have had some friends that were fun to game with. But, it always ends the same way. They leave because they are unhappy with the progression of the game. This includes some of the rude behavior of the admins, developers, and mods in these forums. They became disenchanted by the way they were treated when they tried to present problems to the support team. Although a small amount of these things have been addressed, there are still problems. It's nice to see @Fred and @3lias taking a more active part in these discussions. I fear, however, that this is just superficial attempt to appease the masses. It is my hope that I am wrong about this, but only time will tell. The bottom line here is, very old issues that have plagued this game are still present for the most part. With the game being upgraded to a 64bit platform, I hope the issues can be better addressed more efficiently. Here's hoping for a brighter future for Infestation: The NewZ.
  2. I found a bug that needs to be addressed. Although the issue of being disconnected has improved, there is still one bug left. I was trying to pick my vehicle while it was slowly moving. I have done this in the past with no problem. However, this time just as I picked up the vehicle I was disconnected from the server. One sure way to resolve this issue would be to make all vehicles automatically stop when exiting. This would also solve the issue of vehicles rolling away down a hill and disappearing. It would be a good way to help retain players that are sick and tired of losing vehicles in this manner.
  3. Sorry, I'm not convinced that there will be much of an improvement for The New Z. Issues that have been talked about for the last 3 years that I have been playing are still there. Vehicles are still difficult to control when hitting a bump. Trees are still planted in the middle of roads and houses. And then there are all those unnecessary boulders. Want some examples of what I'm talking about, take a look at my posting history. I have posted screenshots of a bunch of them. There have been a couple improvements however. It's quicker to move loot from your backpack to your GI storage. And, we're not getting constantly disconnected for one reason or another. It is my sincere hope that the old issues that have been around forever will finally get the attention they deserve. Want to attract and keep players? Fixing problems is a giant step in the right direction.
  4. And what are we supposed to do with the excess hearts and keys that were gathered before you changed the Valentine contracts?
  5. Nice idea. Too bad it's been changed. Now you have to collect 25 hearts for a box and 25 keys for a box. Why was there no notice of this change in the forums?
  6. I applaud your efforts on this @ElChupacabra. It was irritating trying to shoot at a distance, even for the PVE players. It's a welcome update to the ARs. It's my hope that sometime soon, someone will put forth the same effort to correct the deplorable state that the vehicles are in. Would be nice to actually travel in the intended direction without flipping, rolling and sailing through the air and having to continually re-orient to your destination. Have a Nice Day!!!
  7. I really like this idea. It makes it much easier to find a location. However, would it be possible to make 2 small changes? 1st, Could you make it so that placing it is either a right or left click? While moving the map around, you can leave a waypoint that you really didn't want. 2nd. Would it be possible to have the waypoint stay until you remove it? Right now, if you either leave the game or get disconnected, the waypoint disappears. It would be nice to have it stay when you return to the game. Thanks for this great addition to the game. It really does help getting around the map. Have a Nice Day!!!
  8. This is your third time making this exact same post. The first time was on Jan 9th in Forum Suggestions. The second time you copied and pasted it in response to @Sven's topic in Developer's Blog. Is it really necessary to keep reposting this same thing over and over?
  9. Ho Hum... I'm disappointed. Where is the love for the PVE community?
  10. I have an interesting question about this point. If the new zombie kills a player on a PVP server and they have a bounty on their head, who would benefit from the bounty?
  11. Yes. I'm talking about Open World. My suggestion about the airdrop caller is just that, a suggestion. I know it's a big ask but I'm also suggesting that it could be an extremely rare item. Possibly only available during weekend events.
  12. Thanks @Sven, It will be nice to see a better variety of items dropping from the super zombies. However, there still is the issue with how many K.Style NVG and Heavy Armor dropping. Could you please do the same adjustment with those? As I stated before, I killed an Alien and was in shock when I saw 3 K.Style NVG and 2 Heavy Armor laying on the ground. Since they only drop 8 items, that left only three slots for good loot. I have to add that both the K.Style NVG and Heavy Armor both spawn everywhere on the map making them common items. Personally, since they are so commonly available around the map, I would remove the K.Style NVG and Heavy Armor from the super, alien and toxic zombie loot table all together. It's also nice to see the weapon crates dropping from the supers. How about, as a very rare item, add the GD Air Drop Caller. If you don't feel comfortable adding this item to the super zombies, why not add it to the alien and toxic zombies?
  13. I have a question. When are we going to actually see this upgraded loot? After killing some super zombies, all I'm seeing is an increase in the amount of K.Style NVG helmets, and they are still dropping AR stocks and AR barrels. Interesting.
  14. How nice. Double spawn rate for crystals, upgraded loot from super and alien zombies. There's only one thing left that you need to do... FIX THE DAMN CARS!!! It's not fun, no matter what you offer, if you cannot use the cars to get around the map in an expedient manner. It's exasperating to try to place a car, and then when you try to enter it, YOU GET DISCONNECTED FROM THE SERVER!!! Today, just in the past hour, I was disconnected 5 times. The first time when I was able to log back in, I was killed by zombies. Each disconnect takes a long time to reconnect. I sat here looking at my screen waiting, and waiting, for the slow load times to try to play the game. And, before you say. 'Submit a ticket' I will tell you now. I WILL NOT SUBMIT ANY TICKETS TO SUPPORT!!! They do not care about the issues. Too many other players have submitted support tickets only to be told they are either aware of the issue and then lock the ticket or they outright tell you that there's nothing they can do. They also take far too long even acknowledging that a ticket was submitted. Cars have been an issue for far too damn long. The only thing you could come up with that you think was a 'fix' was to make the cars only orient themselves facing north. That's not a fix, all you did was create a compass that points north. The real issues are still there. @Fred, @3lias being the top execs of this game, this is on you to make it happen. Do something to actually address the issues that have been slowing killing this game for well over 2 years.
  15. One more thing for you @Steve. You seem determined to direct everybody to different threads that YOU think they should post. Why don't All you admins just answer the questions that are presented to you and stop trying to funnel everyone to what you think is the right place. If you had your choice, you'd have everybody go to discord which is overloaded with thugs, bullies, hackers and cheaters. If someone voices an opinion on there that the so-called 'tough guys' don't like, they are attacked, bullied, and possibly even have their account hacked and/or deleted. You all have a standard answer for everything. 'You need to post your comments in another thread'. I totally agree with what @rm437 said, all we want is for the game to be FIXED and restored to a MORE PLAYABLE VERSION. That means fixing issues that keep getting swept under the carpet and ignored. For example, vehicles still go flying off in odd directions when hitting a small bump. Boulders and trees appearing in the most unlikely places such as inside buildings and vehicles and on top of fences. Constantly being disconnected from the server when trying to enter and/or pick a vehicle.
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