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  1. Excellent question. Thing is, will we get an answer?
  2. @Silenterror. Are you that afraid to answer my statements that you have to delete them? Can't take the truth? Why do you bother pretending you know what you're doing. Topic will be automatically locked January 8, 2021 at 04:00 AM. Any and all comments that Steve doesn't like will be deleted.
  3. Those of us that only play PVE, have fought long and hard to get some respect with events. Your opinion is just that. Your opinion. Besides, you're one of Steve's little friends that he caters too. Go crawl back under your rock and shut up. Besides, the people that have private servers PAY for this garbage game to stay viable. If we all decided to just go away, this game would be dead within a week.
  4. Once again, those of us that only play PVE get screwed. I guess we're relegated to the 'other' category. WE DESERVE THE SAME REWARDS THAT ALL YOUR PVP FRIENDS GET. Stop being so damn greedy. It IS Christmas afterall.
  5. Maybe Fortnight was a bad example. I do know for a fact that this game is a DIRECT copy of a little game that predates Infestation however. That game was Aftermath. Same exact buildings, same exact zombie models, same exact terrain features. Also many of the weapons are identical. Yes, you did manipulate all these things. But the similarities are still there. They were so many similarities I had the impression that 'Artemis Knives' was involved with this game. How do I know? I was a staunch supporter and frequent player of Aftermath until it's ultimate demise.
  6. Just what was it that you were 'able' to do Steve. Litter the landscape with trees and boulders? Why don't you put that 'ability' to work and FIX the FPS issue. I was just playing and withing 45 minutes, with most of that time waiting to connect, I was booted off the server THREE TIMES. I was driving a vehicle two of the three times. First time the screen stuttered, then froze then BOOM I was kicked out. I waited a while to be able to reconnect. When I finally got reconnected, BOOM I was dead. I waited again to reconnect. When I was reconnected, I again was driving and my vehicle was suddenly thrown high into the air. The screen froze and BOOM I was disconnected. I had a 3/4 full Adventure Backpack. Including the vehicle I lost plus, various keys, 1 GI access locker, 1 Storage locker, plus numerous weapons, medikits, gas cans and repair kits. Also the armor I was wearing. My point is this Steve, If you're so good at fixing the game, why don't you put that 'intelligence' to work and FIX THE PROBLEM WITH SERVER DISCONNECTS. Oh... btw... if you delete this post, don't worry, I made a copy. I still don't understand why you insist on deleting comments, I have made over 750 comments and I do NOT have any warning points.
  7. What makes me laugh is the fact that it don't matter what box/key combination you are using. All the boxes have the same loot. For example, I opened a Medic Box and found 2 pair of binoculars. Plus, in a Food Box I found a Clown Mask. What healing properties do a pair of binoculars have? Maybe I'm using them wrong? And, just out of curiosity, what recipe do you use to cook a clown mask? Does it need salt? How long should you cook it before eating it? Same goes for the other lock boxes. It makes no difference if you are using a rare key or a common key. ALL THE LOOT IS THE SAME. I guess it's appropriate though, since you still insist on having helmets and armor dropping from every zombie in the game. Even though these items are abundantly available just laying all over the map. The way it is now, and has been for at least the last 3 years, there is no distinction between common and rare loot. Sad, VERY Sad.
  8. I'm trying to understand why you say this with every Weekend Event announcement. You don't really care was anyone says. In almost 4 years of posting on here, and giving hundreds of suggestions, we're back to the same lame events. What ever happened to giving double experience? How about those that only play PVE? If they don't spend money, they don't get anything. As for that farce of 'double GD', there's no way to verify that we actually get double. I've seen GD drops during the middle of the week that are more than triple the amount we get on a weekend event. You keep wanting to make improvements but you don't bother listening to what is posted. Admit it. You don't really care about this game or the player base other than your friends. I'm making a copy of this post, just in case you decide to delete it like you have with so many of my other posts. You delete them because you don't like hearing the truth.
  9. Personally I've gone back to playing the Dead Island franchise. It's an old game but it is infinitely better than this game. I also play Red Dead Redemption 2 and Evil Within. BTW, just as a side note, the surge of players after the survival wipe has dwindled. The latest reports state that the player base is back to what it was before the wipe. They took away all our hard work building a supply of weapons and supplies because somebody thought it would be a good idea. . I have also noticed that Elias is missing in action in much the same way that Sven was before he finally got tired of the horrible way this game is handled. I expect Elias will be removed from the Admin list before long.
  10. Why? Because you say so? Don't be absurd. You are not an admin, nor are you a moderator. You are just some person that paid for the title of VIP. That doesn't give you any special privileges other than to say you are a VIP.
  11. @Saul Goodman If what you say is true and the items are just pixels, Why in the hell are we having to pay a fee to sell these 'pixels' in the store? Isn't that ridiculous? They should do away with this fee and let those that sell items receive the full sale price.
  12. It would be more appropriate if you call it WEAK end event.
  13. What I was talking about was the last GI locker wipe. They didn't touch any of the 'virtual items'. They wiped the GI lockers that COST REAL MONEY. The first time they wiped the lockers, we were compensated for the loss by them replacing them in your inventory. This time players were made to feel like 'So what. You lost your GI lockers. You only spent real money on them.' BTW, the reason I was given for that locker wipe was it was interfering with the FPS. This was nothing but a fable. The FPS didn't change at all. In fact, in some instances it was worse. Plus, you are talking about Survival. I don't play any PVP. There are too many players that abuse the spawn system. Add to that the fact that 95% of the players in PVP don't know how to walk or run. All they do is hop. If it's realism that they are trying to achieve, stop the hopping. When you die, have a spawn location in a safe zone away from the spot you were just in. Stop allowing players to rapidly switch from one character to another. A large number of players utilize numerous characters placed at strategic locations. This is bad for the overall game. You should be restricted to only one playable character per account. If you create another one, you have to delete the existing character to make room for the new one. If you leave the game for any reason, you should spawn in a safe zone. I'm not the only one that feels this way. Sadly, the majority of the ones that did, are long gone. This game has so much hidden potential. Too bad none of the current staff have the knowledge to implement the necessary changes to improve the overall game experience. It's sad really.
  14. It's so very disappointing to see people like @JKS and @Saul Goodman asking for a wipe. I mean, what's the point of doing a wipe (btw, there was a major wipe of lockers. I lost a lot of money with that one) If you want to consider a wipe, Look at all the stupid trees with branches protruding through solid walls. Trees that resemble 40' bushes due to the fact that the lower branches protrude into the ground blocking the view which hampers any player from going from place to place. And then you have zombies appearing in random locations that make no sense. Forget all the idiotic wipes and FIX THE BROKEN GAME. What is broken you ask? How about the one major feature that is broken is all the zombies that no-clip through anything and everything. Take for instance a helicopter crash. Zombies spawn inside the helicopter and then just no-clip through the side. Or how about the ones that are on the opposite side of the chopper and just run through it like it's not even there. Plus, why is it that players still have to jump to get up a curb when all you should have to do is walk up it? Or, how about driving along and suddenly your vehicle is tossed into the air, you get disconnected, and when you reconnect you find that you died therefore losing everything you had in your backpack. Screen freezes, glitches, disconnects and the like are just not acceptable. Keep creating more and more skins, which, by the way, are just reworked old skins with new patterns and colors. I try to play every now and then, hoping against hope that SOMETHING will be better. The only real progress (?) you have made is to lose some very good developers.
  15. Thanks for the input. You make a valid point. In my example I was a little too restrictive.
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