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  1. Yeah... RIGHT. I see that Sven finally had enough and left. Now who is going to be the voice of reason? Steve? The man that tells members that they should 'stop lying' and takes items away that players PAID REAL MONEY FOR? He is nothing more than an arrogant idiot that thinks he knows how to interact with people. Even worse, he thinks he is the only one that knows what is best for a game in this genre. Over the past 3 years, there have been literally hundreds of excellent suggestions for content and game play that would have, not only enhanced the game itself, but would have been instrumental in this game thriving today instead of those few that are still playing in hopes that someone with some common sense DOES SOMETHING TO MAKE THIS GAME BETTER. The Midievel event was a major dud. Yes, there was a fire in a server room. But my question is, If this were actually true, why didn't one of the staff make an announcement in these forums about it? Plus, the servers for the PVE players had so few zombies to kill, it was extremely difficult to gain any experience. And then there was the issue of, if you were near the end of a mission and suddenly got disconnected from the server, all your mission progress was WIPED CLEAN. The issue with so few zombies was, if there were actually 50 players that joined in, there would be virtually NO ZOMBIES OR LOOT left to collect. The car issue is not the only one that has plagued this game for well over a year. How about the fact that boulders appeared in places for no apparent reason, trees are placed so branches protrude through solid walls and are actually placed INSIDE buildings, in the middle of roads and inside an RV, and zombies are now allowed to spawn at bus stops. (this includes the new Slicer) I'm only one voice in the hundreds that have, in the past, pointed out issues that kill this game. I bring this to the attention of ALL PLAYERS and ADMINS. Not to try to destroy this game, (you, the admins and developers are doing a fine job of that all on your own) but to try to, one more time, appeal to you to bring this game up to the level of it's potential. I know you are trying to run a business and make money, however, as I have said many times in the past. 'If you have a rusted out bucket of bolts for a vehicle, give it a shiny new paint job with pretty decals and new seats and expensive tires and wheels, but do nothing to repair the motor, all you will end up with is a pretty piece of junk that looks pretty as all hell, but is still a piece of junk.' All I have left to say is this. 'If you want to keep this game going and have it grow, HIRE A DAMN PROGRAMMER THAT KNOWS WHAT THE HELL HE'S DOING!!!'
  2. @3lias, If @Steve doesn't 'own' any servers, maybe you can explain this...
  3. Well @3lias, this has turned out to be a nothing event. I'll give you an example. On Saturday, everytime I tried to log in I got the message, 'There are no servers available in your area' This was for Colorado V2 PVE Server US. (which, I found out is supposedly owned by @Steve) I'll get into that in a minute. For today, I tried 8 times to log in. 4 times I got the message, Disconnected from the server. 4 times I got the message 'Failed to join game, your previous session hasn't closed yet. Please try again. What the hell is going on? How can you have an event when nobody can join in? BTW, All 8 times there was nobody in the server. Now, about @Steve, I don't know what happened but Every locker was wiped from the above mentioned server. When I messaged about it I was told, 'Well, I posted it on Discord and FB. I do NOT nor will I EVER use either of those platforms. I rely on THIS FORUM. I mentioned that to him and he basically said, 'Sorry, I only post it on those two outlets.' This is total BS. I know I lost about 28 GI Access Lockers, lord only knows how many lockers others lost. The reasoning he gave was 'poor performance'. This is a joke. After the wipe, my FPS was still in the red, the feed would freeze, and a few times when I tried to play, I was disconnected. It's my opinion that, as long as Steve has any connection to this game, it will not be successful. He is too self-centered. He doesn't care about the player base at all. If he does, in fact, 'own' the 100 slot servers, I surmise that he is not paying for them. I figured I'd wait for the big Midevel event and give it one more shot. At this point, with not being able to even log in to a server, I am done. I know I've said it before, but this time is it. I spent real money purchasing those lockers only to be told is so many words. 'That's too bad for you.' Have a nice life @3lias. Good luck trying to keep this game running.
  4. Well @Steve, this just proves how much of an ass you really are. Wake up dude, not everybody uses discord and facebook. You should have also announced it HERE IN THESE FORUMS. Also moron, you do realize that GI Access lockers CANNOT BE PICKED UP. Just one more reason to quit this game. It proves how little respect you admins have for the player base.
  5. You seriously want to know what I think about this event? Ok... I'll tell you. IT SUCKS!!! Not only is there nothing for the PVE players, you also managed to wipe the damn server and removed all 28 of my GI Access Lockers. WTF are you thinking? Is this how you reward those of us that have been loyal to this game? While I'm at it, WTF happened to automatically logging in to these forums? I have to enter my user name and password every damn time now? Seriously, you ALL have lost your minds. If there were reasons to quit playing this game that has turned into total bullshit, this alone is enough. I've had it. As far as I'm concerned, you can shove this game straight up your ass. Block me, Censor me, or flat out BAN ME. I don't give a shit anymore. I was hoping you would come to your senses and fix the problems, but no. All you do is keep adding more and more content to a failing engine. @Sven, @3lias, @Fred, @ElChupacabra and @Steve. You all have collectively failed at making a game that is worth any more of my time. All you care about is how much money you can make. Well, here's a clue for you all, YOU CAN'T MAKE MONEY IF NOBODY IS PLAYING THE GAME. GOOD BYE!
  6. Oh, I forgot to mention. You won't have to see many more of my posts exposing the weaknesses of this game. I only have 5 days left on my private server. After that, it's all in your hands. If you apply yourself properly, you can save it. Otherwise, this game will die. Your staff list has already dwindled to a bare minimum with many of those remaining not posting anything in these forums. Your own reluctance to respond to not only mine, but many of the other members that actually give a damn about this game. As for me, I may or may not play every day of my remaining 5 days. Like I have stated so many times before. I have many other avenues to entertain myself. Many of the games I've gone back to playing are quite old, but yet, they still function the way they are supposed to. Cars drive like cars, bullets still travel in the trajectory they are fired, grenades actually go where you throw them, and, in forested areas, it looks like a forest instead of a gigantic shrubbery field with 50' tall bushes that have branches that cover the ground and protrude through walls. Oh, and the enemy, whether it be zombies or a hostile army, do NOT no-clip through solid objects. And you are actually able to walk up a curb and climb stairs without having to jump. Food for thought.
  7. I finally took the time to kill a Slicer. Wow. Was it tough? Sure. Was it worth the expenditure of ammo? Hardly. the best piece of loot it dropped was a karambit. And why in hell are you all so fixated on having everything drop heavy armor and helmets? Even the rare locked room has nothing but standard loot to offer. I about fell off my chair laughing when I opened one and saw the six item boxes. What a big disappointment when I picked them up. Again with the helmets and armor and regular automatic weapons. Oh sure, you toss in an occasional sniper but it's not really worth the effort you have to put forth to gain entry. Also, why don't you post the locations of these rooms? It's not like they are a special event. They are part of the game now. After all this time you should be able to do a much better job of keeping players interested in all aspects of the game, not just PVP and Battle Royal. Beyond those to parts, all you do is run around a stale map killing zombies. The fun has long since turned to boredom. Maybe a total wipe isn't such a bad idea.
  8. So, I've seen you mention a new vehicle a couple time now. My thing about that is, WHY?????? The vehicle system is just about back to where it was before you supposedly fixed it. Vehicles are back to flipping and flying through the air. What makes it bad is the fact that you can only place a vehicle with it pointing north. When driving off road, the tree limbs are so damn low to the ground that you cannot see anything in front of you. And when the vehicle leaves the ground and goes sailing through the air, it decelerates. When it lands it has to build up speed again. And the fact that you said that 'Now you can adjust the vehicle in mid-air to land squarely on the ground' is a joke. As far as I'm concerned, the vehicle system is as bad, if not worse than it was before you 'fixed' it. If you are indeed going to introduce a new vehicle, FIX THE BROKEN SYSTEM BEFORE YOU INTRODUCE IT.
  9. So you fixed the issue of the heli-crash not spawning on private servers. Good for you. Now that it is actually spawning I have one question. What is the purpose of the heli-crash spawn? All that spawns is the same junk loot that is common everywhere on the map. I thought there would be something special. Like maybe a key for a secret room? Yet another addition that was hyped as something special. All we got was more of the same. It's just like why do Super and Alien zombies still drop helmets and armor? And why does the Toxic zombie drop fewer items than the other 2? Just makes no sense at all.
  10. It would be nice to have the Heli Crash spawn on a private solo server PERIOD. I played all weekend and not one time did it spawn on my private server. You could have it spawn 100 times, but 100 x 0 = 0. This still doesn't explain why it never appeared on my server. Just another in a long line of issues that continue to plague this game. It's sad really, This is a game that has so much potential. But, as a whole, that potential it is grossly underutilized.
  11. @Sven I want to say thank you. Thank you for giving us yet another nothing weekend. For the diehard PVE player, you offer nothing. This is especially true in a private server. I have about 2 more weeks of my private server. If things don't change, I'm done. It's tiring trying over and over to point out issues and problems with the game. Only to be told, 'It's fixed' or 'We're waiting for the next patch' or the ever popular. 'We're working on it'. It seems to me that the desire to keep this game running smoothly is gone. So many of the people that used to play this game and made it somewhat fun are gone. I sit here asking myself, 'What's the point of supporting a game that does little or nothing to keep the game fun. Sure, you added the new Slicer zombie and a helicopter crash. As I stated already, on a private server, the slicer zombie is all but impossible to kill. And as far as the helicopter crash site? It never appears on my private server. I went back to the server I normally played on, and was just lucky enough to find a crash site that had not been touched. There's no purpose to it. All that was there was the same loot that spawns everywhere on the map. Nothing special. With all this being said, there's just not enough motivation to continue playing. Good luck keeping this game going. I personally don't see much of a future for it.
  12. I played about 4-5 hours yesterday and still no helicopter crash appeared. Also, no slicer spawned in the same period of time.
  13. @3lias, @Fred, @Sven, @Steve, @ElChupacabra Please Read This. Another couple of thoughts crossed my mind. In order to get a regular key, you have to kill a Slicer. Well, for a solitary player, playing on a private server, there are 2 basic problems. 1) The Slicer doesn't spawn with any regularity. 2) And more importantly, When you do encounter a Slicer as a single player, you stand a very slim chance of killing one. I have tried 3 times and failed each time I made the attempt. It's not because I don't have enough ammo, it's just that the Slicer is extremely difficult and has what seems to be an unlimited area. These factors make it virtually impossible for a solitary player, like myself, to obtain the regular key. I also noticed that playing solo on a private server, the Helicopter never appears. I played for 5 hours straight on Sunday. Not once did the crash appear. I tried playing on a popped server, but by the time you reach the crash site, someone is already there guarding the site like they own it. These things together take all the fun out of playing. Without being able to obtain the regular key, you cannot advance to the special key. Add to this the fact that the servers are becoming more and more unstable. Even in a private server with me being the only one in it. You run along, the screen freezes for a few seconds, then you continue. Also, when exiting a vehicle with zombies present, the screen freezes when you try to pick up the vehicle. Come on guys, you've been at this long enough. These things should not be happening. In the 3 years I have been playing, the same old problems keep recurring. Get with the program guys. I'm trying to be supportive but it is getting very old.
  14. Thank you very much @An4rchy. I appreciate the information.
  15. Personally I don't, and never will, understand why they insist on playing 'Hide & Seek' with the locked rooms. Also, I have been playing all weekend and not once have I come across either a helicopter crash site, or a slicer. I did finally find the 2 locked rooms at Lonetree Farm and Emerald Peak Resort. Only question I have now is, where are the regular locked rooms located?
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