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  1. Ho Hum... I'm disappointed. Where is the love for the PVE community?
  2. I have an interesting question about this point. If the new zombie kills a player on a PVP server and they have a bounty on their head, who would benefit from the bounty?
  3. Yes. I'm talking about Open World. My suggestion about the airdrop caller is just that, a suggestion. I know it's a big ask but I'm also suggesting that it could be an extremely rare item. Possibly only available during weekend events.
  4. Thanks @Sven, It will be nice to see a better variety of items dropping from the super zombies. However, there still is the issue with how many K.Style NVG and Heavy Armor dropping. Could you please do the same adjustment with those? As I stated before, I killed an Alien and was in shock when I saw 3 K.Style NVG and 2 Heavy Armor laying on the ground. Since they only drop 8 items, that left only three slots for good loot. I have to add that both the K.Style NVG and Heavy Armor both spawn everywhere on the map making them common items. Personally, since they are so commonly available around the map, I would remove the K.Style NVG and Heavy Armor from the super, alien and toxic zombie loot table all together. It's also nice to see the weapon crates dropping from the supers. How about, as a very rare item, add the GD Air Drop Caller. If you don't feel comfortable adding this item to the super zombies, why not add it to the alien and toxic zombies?
  5. I have a question. When are we going to actually see this upgraded loot? After killing some super zombies, all I'm seeing is an increase in the amount of K.Style NVG helmets, and they are still dropping AR stocks and AR barrels. Interesting.
  6. How nice. Double spawn rate for crystals, upgraded loot from super and alien zombies. There's only one thing left that you need to do... FIX THE DAMN CARS!!! It's not fun, no matter what you offer, if you cannot use the cars to get around the map in an expedient manner. It's exasperating to try to place a car, and then when you try to enter it, YOU GET DISCONNECTED FROM THE SERVER!!! Today, just in the past hour, I was disconnected 5 times. The first time when I was able to log back in, I was killed by zombies. Each disconnect takes a long time to reconnect. I sat here looking at my screen waiting, and waiting, for the slow load times to try to play the game. And, before you say. 'Submit a ticket' I will tell you now. I WILL NOT SUBMIT ANY TICKETS TO SUPPORT!!! They do not care about the issues. Too many other players have submitted support tickets only to be told they are either aware of the issue and then lock the ticket or they outright tell you that there's nothing they can do. They also take far too long even acknowledging that a ticket was submitted. Cars have been an issue for far too damn long. The only thing you could come up with that you think was a 'fix' was to make the cars only orient themselves facing north. That's not a fix, all you did was create a compass that points north. The real issues are still there. @Fred, @3lias being the top execs of this game, this is on you to make it happen. Do something to actually address the issues that have been slowing killing this game for well over 2 years.
  7. One more thing for you @Steve. You seem determined to direct everybody to different threads that YOU think they should post. Why don't All you admins just answer the questions that are presented to you and stop trying to funnel everyone to what you think is the right place. If you had your choice, you'd have everybody go to discord which is overloaded with thugs, bullies, hackers and cheaters. If someone voices an opinion on there that the so-called 'tough guys' don't like, they are attacked, bullied, and possibly even have their account hacked and/or deleted. You all have a standard answer for everything. 'You need to post your comments in another thread'. I totally agree with what @rm437 said, all we want is for the game to be FIXED and restored to a MORE PLAYABLE VERSION. That means fixing issues that keep getting swept under the carpet and ignored. For example, vehicles still go flying off in odd directions when hitting a small bump. Boulders and trees appearing in the most unlikely places such as inside buildings and vehicles and on top of fences. Constantly being disconnected from the server when trying to enter and/or pick a vehicle.
  8. If this is true, why do so many threads go unanswered?
  9. CampersRUs

    Winter 2019

    Besides, why would anyone spend money on a game that has the problems that this game has. So many of the issues plaguing this game have been around for well over 2 years. Issues like the broken car system. Trees and boulders that suddenly appeared in the middle of roads and buildings. Suddenly being disconnected from servers just for trying to either enter or pick up a car. Zombies that are out of reach of long melee weapons that can still hit you even though you are well out of their reach. (An example of this is, when backing away from a zombie, he stops and swings while you are backing away and he can hit you but you cannot hit back because he is out of your reach.) Galloping zombies, which are not a bad thing, can gallop right through you but are unaffected by your melee attack as they move into range. Zombies being able to noclip through supposedly solid objects like boulders, cars, walls, trees, etc. I could go on but you get the point. I am one of those that used to have a continuous extreme account plus I purchased servers from time to time. I was going to go against my better judgement and purchase a private server for the Winter/Christmas 2019 event. Before I spent my money I checked the prices for a server. What a surprise I got when I saw the message that there were not available servers. Thankfully I had not spent my money buying gold coins before checking. The game issues are not the only problem with this game. It is poorly managed. Far too many threads in this forum go unanswered, or, they are suddenly closed with no explanation. As for the game economy, I was in the EU trade lounge the other day, someone was selling a chrome skin for 1.5 BILLION GD!!! I actually feel sorry for you @K 0 0 L, if you want to keep throwing your money away on this game, by all means, that is your right. It is also OUR right to spend our money on other, more important things. As for the event overall? It was ok I guess. I did have to purchase some crystals to obtain all three staffs. Make the game exciting again for ALL players and not just those that play Battle Royal or PVP. New missions would be a nice addition, and I addressed that with the admins. They seemed receptive to the idea, but, like everything else, nothing got done. I've been an active participant in these forums since June 10, 2017. I am less active than I used to be. Some of what I've said here are the reasons for my silence for longer periods of time. I figure, why waste my time trying to get a point across when it will either be met with a bit of hostility, closed with no explanation, or valid thoughts and issues with the game just go completely ignored. I stopped sending in support tickets ages ago due to the fact that the answers there were down right rude and at times I was told that either they were 'working on that issue' or giving the impression that I was wasting their time by just closing a ticket without an answer. @TheWraith is absolutely correct in his statement. 'Why should I spend money in this game' If I got something of value, I might reconsider my decision to not pay anymore. However, based on what has been happening over the last few months, no real improvements are coming. And most assuredly, nothing of real value to the enjoyment of the game. As I've said many times before, If you have a junk car that don't work, give it a shiny new paint job, fix up the interior, put some fancy new wheels on it but don't make it run better, you will still have a junk car that looks pretty. It's still worthless.
  10. Just wondering. I have noticed that there are new Christmas 2019 sprays. The question is, where is spray #2? I have #1, #3, #4, and #5 but, even in the marketplace, there is no Spray #2? Why?
  11. I was just about to mention the amount of VET PLAYERS that would come on with the line... 'I haven't played in a long time. Help me!' I had one actually argue with me saying he was using someone else's account. LAME!!
  12. CampersRUs

    Winter 2019

    At the risk of this comment going completely ignored, I just have a question about all the winter based events. I have been playing on a daily basis and as yet I still do NOT have enough crystals to trade in for the weapon. Currently I have 140 Sapphire and 112 Emerald. At this rate, how the hell am I supposed to acquire the specialty weapons? @Sven, @Fred, @3lias It would be greatly appreciated if one of you could answer this.
  13. Too bad they don't realize that it was one of the best aspects of Aftermath.
  14. @JKS, I have suggested a vending machine in safe zones to sell back excess inventory countless times. It's a part of other games in this genre so yes, it's possible. I think it would be a great addition. Maybe players would stay around longer if it was to become a part of safe zones. Note: I'm not talking about having to exit to a trade zone. Make it an integral part of the safe zones that exist on the maps. It's all up to the devs and admins.
  15. Thank You @Sven. I was just about to ask. I'll wait till the Christmas Event to open it.
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