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  1. Ok. Since this is free premium weekend, I decided to give base building a try. This is what I think. There are 2 major problems with building bases. 1) There needs to be a way for the builder to make changes to the building. For example. If you inadvertently place a ceiling tile on top of a staircase, you should be able to either move or delete the tile placed in error. 2) And this is a big issue. When you are building a base, other people can come along and build onto what you have already worked on. This is a major issue due to the fact that if you spend any amount of time building a base, someone can come along, put up a structure attached to the one you built and basically render it worthless. This made itself blatantly obvious when, while I was building, someone else came along and started building on the outside of my base. This is why I made the suggestion of not being able to build in close proximity of another building/base. If this is not corrected, you will end up with bases that are inaccessible to ANYONE which will only result in the territory being covered by bases that nobody can access. The first issue simply needs to be fixed and everything will be fine. However, if the second issue is not addressed before the release of base building, it will destroy the whole reason for building a base. I am addressing to @Sven @Fred @3lias and @ElChupacabra. Thanks and Have a Nice Day!!!
  2. First of all, this comment was specifically addressed to @Fred, @Sven, and @3lias. Why are you answering for them? They are very capable of speaking for themselves. LET THEM. I find it funny that you respond to someone else's questions and ignore a bunch of the ones that are directed to you personally. Besides, what took you 15 days to come up with these lame answers? Second, @Katryna247 is right. The fact that you have to wait 7 minutes to re-spawn unless you buy a premium subscription is helping to kill Survival. If you die, yes, you should lose your loot. However, the one that killed you is gaining an unfair advantage by using the fact that spawns are static and they can depend on gathering the loot of the player they just killed. Add to that those that have mapped out the spawns so they can sit in wait for anyone to spawn so they can kill them right after the spawn protection disappears and gather their loot. Too much emphasis is placed on reputation. It's all they care about. That aspect detracts from the enjoyment of the game as a whole. Instead of making excuses for those that take advantage of the fact that the spawns are always the same spots over and over and over make the spawns RANDOM. Any loot that is dropped should de-spawn within seconds instead of minutes. that way nobody can gain an unfair advantage with the extra loot. The first time I tried Survival, I got killed. After that, I never had a chance to play due to the fact that people sat on the spawns and had a clear line of sight to kill anyone that popped up in front of them. Third, not everyone utilizes all 5 character slots. A lot of the ones that do use that fact to be able to spawn right behind where their other character was so they can not only recover their own loot, but be able to set up in the very same spot time and time again. When I did play, I only used 1 character. Using the others as backup is a form of cheating. One other problem with both Survival and Open World PVP is all the hopping. Instead of having the ability to bunny hop all over the map, you could do a couple of things to combat this in PVP. 1) Make any jump use up at least 1/2 of the stamina. This will only allow 2 jumps max with a full stamina bar. OR 2) Disable jumping all together. Are we playing Infestation: New Z or Halo? If you want to gain high ground, make it so the player has to climb instead of jump. As a disclaimer, jumping in PVE has no effect on the outcome of any interaction between player due to the fact that you cannot kill another player in PVE and therefore can remain in the PVE servers. A thought just occurred to me. To further combat those that have multiple characters in Survival you could do this. Limit every player to only 1 playable character and have everyone suffer the same wait time. This will even the field even more for ALL players.
  3. While I was playing today, I opened my GI to put the new scope away. (I'm a bit disappointed in it but that's ok, it's still cool) The following scopes have no icon in the inventory. Toxic, Cyberbeast, Hypermonster (this shows blank), Destruction PSO, Destruction, Sub Zero, Hipster, Neon Dragon, Abstract, PSO-1 Autumn, Hypermonster PSO (this shows blank), Red Dragon, PSO-1 Neon Dragon, MLG, PSO-1 Red Dragon, Red Strike AWP, PSO-1 Camo and Crocodile. I tested them by mounting each one to a rifle and they all appear normally. The only thing is they have no icon in the inventory.
  4. I have to admit. I about fell out of my chair laughing when I saw the donuts. @Sven, nice touch. The items look great too. I still have a few to find but I'm sure I'll get there. Hype!!!
  5. So I guess since you changed the map for the Trade Lounges, Fred's Banana Party has been closed?
  6. This is a prime example of why I will NEVER use discord for any purpose. It's just another way for people to intrude on personal privacy.
  7. My main question and I guess concern is about the new Bounty system. Is someone now going to be able to kill another player in PVE? If so, it will negate the whole idea behind playing against the environment. If it's not going to apply to PVE, can it be disabled there like vehicles are disabled in Open World? My main concern is it may be misunderstood. By showing up on the PVE servers, it gives the impression that people are going to start being able to PVP in the PVE servers. It also would go completely against everything we, the PVE community, fought against.
  9. Here we go again... @JKS, I ask you to PLEASE UNDERSTAND Not everyone is a PVP player. The PVE part of the community isn't really interested in the statistics of what weapon does whatever damage. They just want an environment where they can KILL ZOMBIES. Personally, I play this and other games to relax and have some fun. I don't care to be constantly watching over my shoulder to see if some macro using player is there to kill me. I do understand that there are those that are uber competitive and what to have the highest ranking in the game. We, the PVE players don't care about status or high scores. I hope this helps you understand where this side of the game is coming from. It's all well and good that you like to shoot other players. That's your way of having fun. I hope you enjoy it for a very long time. Nothing personal here, just an observation from someone that plays this game differently than you and the other PVP players do. As a side note, I have suggested in the past that maybe it would be more beneficial to separate the two game modes. PVP on one side, and PVE on the other maintaining the items for each side separately. Now, before someone says, 'This is impossible to do' I say this. Everything is possible. However the probability of it happening is very small. It would take a lot of hard work and time and add more expense to the development team. @Sven, As I have stated before, I do not, nor do I ever care to use discord. Sorry, this is my own personal choice. Again, nothing wrong with others using it, I just choose not to. And, Yes, I do know that you are not the only one working on the improvements. You just happen to be the one that is most likely to communicate with us (the community) So, when I say thank you, I am addressing the entire development team. It's hard work. Just know that you are ALL appreciated. I agree. This would give the PVP players more places to hide which would be greatly beneficial to them. Just remember that every time you manipulate a building that is already in place, you move it introducing the possibility that someone's GI locker placed on top of the building can end up being pushed out of reach. Have a Nice Day!!!
  10. I really like the idea of opening up all the rooms on the 5-story. and the windows on the houses. I paid a visit to the trade lounge. I'm not a big fan of the new design. It's feels cramped compared to the old map. It looks great, but IMO it's not very functional.
  11. Because it's limited to those that have a premium or above account. Haven't you been paying attention?
  12. @Sven. Thank you for listening to the community. This is a good start. I would just like to remind the community that you can't fix everything at once. It takes time as has been discussed at length in other threads. I like the idea of the new armor and am anxiously awaiting the Police Event. I'm especially glad to see the addition of the new smg silencer as well as the new CS Aimpoint Sight. @FOX335, Speaking as one of the PVE only players, and having been around for a long time, this patch has a lot to offer EVERYONE in the game. Every long journey begins with the first step. And this patch, IMO is a big step in the right direction. You have to remember that this is only a patch of the systems in use and improvements to the visual aspect. What it is NOT is an event. Give them a chance to show what they learned from our conversations. Once again @Sven THIS IS A HELL OF AN UPDATE!!! HYPE!!! HYPE!!! HYPE!!! Keep up the good work. Oh... and BTW... Have a Nice Day!!!
  13. As a side note... It's funny how there is a system in place that limits how many times we can react to posts in the forum but not a better one for blocking offensive language and character names.
  14. First of all, I have a hypothetical question. If a friend jumps off a 300' cliff, would you just blindly follow? Just because offensive/vulgar/degrading language is in other games does NOT mean that it needs to be or should be in this one. As I stated in my previous comment, I know the logistical nightmare it would be to try to have someone monitor every open server. However, what I did say was can someone, on a ROTATING basis, act as a monitor in the open unlocked servers. I think I even read somewhere (my memory escapes me where I saw it) that a moderator's name would appear in green. It would only take around 3-4 people to survey the different servers just to do a quick check on character names. BTW, Character names are something that can quickly be monitored if a filter were in place to block certain words and/or phrases. I know that both @DNI_Adrian and @Katryna247 have talked about this a lot. @Sven has the right idea. Make improvements to the filter that is already in place. it's disheartening to go in to servers and see the same offensive names over and over. Especially since some names have been reported multiple times. This CAN improve, as @Sven said, add a couple more report categories to encompass the language and character names. These new categories could be monitored more closely. This would greatly reduce the stress that can occur when someone keeps seeing the same behavior repeated by the same names. Here's a thought. Instead of having the system set up to use *** to block flagged words, why not reject the comment in text chat so it doesn't even appear on screen. That system is easily circumvented by using special characters. For someone that has knowledge of the ASCII codes it's even easier. For example ~Ò¿Ó~ I'm watching you. Also using s p a c e s or p.e.r.i.o.d.s between letters is another way to circumvent the current system. As far as bannable offenses, I think the '3 strikes and you're out' rule is a good idea. If a 3 day ban is being laughed off then make it a week for the first offense, a month for the second offense, and perm ban for the third. Yes, I know, there are a lot of people out there that use a VPN. Before they came in to being, it was easy to just do an IP ban. But, since a VPN rotates the IP of a user, this won't work. However, someone that is determined to use such names will be persistent and keep trying. In fact, they will become more blatant in their use of such names since they are upset that you had the audacity to ban them in the first place. I suspect that there are those out there that already have more than one account. (just my personal opinion here). I think that all of us have hit on a workable solution to one of the problems in this game. (No, I'm not going to mention trees or boulders) Have a Nice Day!!!
  15. @3lias, I personally am glad that you are taking care of the reports you get. I will endeavor to keep my temper in check in the future. What I would really like to know is, are the in-game reports even looked at? It doesn't seem likely since we see the same character names, and are subjected to a lot of the same insults. Some worse than other, but they are insults none the less. I can take being called a 'noob' or a 'rookie' (although both those names make me chuckle). Now, I know what I'm about to ask is extremely difficult and could cause a logistical problem. Can someone, on a rotating basis, act as a moderator in the game servers? I'm not talking about the hundreds of personal servers that are locked and only available to those that are selected to be a part of those particular servers. What I am suggesting however, is for the open servers that anybody and/or everybody can join. Those are the places that we are talking about. What people do with their own personal servers is their business. But the public servers need to be monitored. Now, I know this is particularly difficult due to the fact of the different languages that are spoken since this is a global game. Would this be a possibility? BTW... I have gotten, as I'm sure others have gotten, some answers from the support staff that can be considered 'insulting' so to speak. I sincerely hope that they will be held to the same standards that we are expected to. Just remember, insults come in many different forms. You can insult someone's ethnicity, gender, intelligence, and ability to pay for certain services. Just making sure we are going to be standing on equal ground here. Have a Nice Day!!!
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