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  1. TEAM NAME AND TAG*: UŒADCOUNTRY/REGION: RuPLAYERS**:1. arab 2. ALEN3. ITACHI4. Egoist5. куррррррр6. itz john 7. error 404 (E V I L)8. E_C_L_I_P_S_S_E9. M_e_l_i_s_s_a10.11.12.
  2. Не о том что он банит просто так, а о том что треш толкает, даже о той ситуации с Климом
  3. Hi dear support of NewZ, all russian community need your help. The streamer who's name Shoroh so toxic man, he always disrespect Admins of NewZ, disrespect this game, disrespect russian community etc. On streams he inciting ethnic hatred, lie about some ppl like they thief and using drugs. He always report players just because they kill him, and he scream STREAM SNIPER, STREAM SNIPER, on streams he say: pls admins of NewZ i invite so many people in this game, can u ban one idiot who always kill me. Other streamers doesn't behave like Shoroh, pls help us. So, dear support of NewZ can you do smth, cause he face of your game,and face of ru community, because he most watching streamer.
  4. It’s too big range for l85. ok if sig but l85 it’s close fast weapon. look at tracers
  5. Hello dear support. I AGAIN find bug. SRY FOR MY BAD ENG #googletranslateonelove . I found a bug with which to walk through the wall. AND U DONT NEED TO DC (DISCONNECT). From there you can kill and give info, save loot (cause u dont need dc you just go through the wall, it does not take more than 2 seconds) jump out of the wall and kill in back. i dont abuse it . Dont ban me! Last time you sent me f*cking, I hope this time we will agree. You can say me your reward offer for this SECOND bug. And if i can i want reward: Alien Heavy, Moto and Nvg.
  6. Tandel


    ye big reward but it is big abuse. i ready do ticket on support.
  7. take in hand something what have model i take GI locker, then open inventory and Transferring rep kit In place of GI.
  8. bro u have so big community , why only 3 skin boxes ???
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