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  1. Thank you Sven Happy New Year to you to
  2. Hi My name is Tomislav and My twitch name is Tomo_Cro https://www.twitch.tv/tomo_cro . I have been a supporter of the new z since the begging, When there was just the two of you trying to manage giveaways in the lounge :P I watched it grow. I started streaming many other games like csgo,BR games,Simulator Games And i finally came back to the NewZ and my followers Love it. Basically this game is nostalgic For me i have played it since day one. And all of the improvements that you guys have made i can only see it getting better! I love the community and the support that you can get and give! I am playing with a lot of partners of the NewZ already. I stream everyday and my main goal is to continue streaming this game everyday and trying to build as big of a community as i can of positive players that enjoy all aspects of the game. My followers are getting on board with this game now and they have never played it and it feels amazing to be able to interact with them in chat and in game ! It would be great if you would give me a Twitch Streamer icon and a Partnership with you.My English is not very good but I trying and still learning English language. Thank you and Best Regards
  3. Looks very nice and I just hope game will not crash and FPS goes down like on last patch.About new male weapon: well it looks like we will play World of Warcraft not NewZ and about players who have big PING ,if you ask me i will not allow any player who have high PING because they are lagging to much and can't hit him or kill him but he can kill you ezzzz!! ?
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