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  1. 3 more days !! Everybody enter!!
  2. This is such a great idea !! Bravo !!
  3. if you still need help i will be on tomorrow bro. This is my discord fell free to join and message me there have good night https://discord.gg/gfNPVTX
  4. hey Sven! hope your having a good day! I had a lot of people on my stream and in my clan complaining about lag problems that were not there before. I was just wondering if you have noticed it and if it is getting fixed? Just so i can let people know if there is a reason behind it. Thanks! have a great day!
  5. I just want to thank all of the community that has been supporting me on stream! I have met so many nice infestation players! Great to see a NON toxic community ! much love! It was such a fun stream tonight chatting to you all !
  6. just turn it into a modern day purge !!
  7. Eirekenny

    Loot - Open World

    If anybody else is noticing this please upvote this. There seems to be a huge loss in players from 1 am GMT. Its just an idea but maybe do a LATE night event that would bring more players on at this time instead of people seeing the population go down and logging off. i see streamers at this time finding it hard to get any pvp. Maybe come up with a plan that late at night Things start to unfold... Creepy or fun. Sven i know your imagination is wild im sure you could think of a certain type of zombie appearing late at night or changes in the atmosphere .. Get people to want to stay on blending eu and us players together and keeping the population high. *Picture past 1am GMT there is that feeling of being on edge things are changing ! it is truly nightime for most of the world, A beast may arrive that will be challenging to take down or more zombies Run and are harder to take down, but drop better loot*
  8. Will there be a chance that there will be new skins for Halloween ? Maybe a different pumpkin head skin or new skins apart from last years?
  9. Great Idea !! lets get referring
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