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  1. The loot is fine the way it is. Overall the reboot is very well done. Don't let a small very vocal group ruin this game for you. As a long term PAYING customer... I say Well done. I am happy. Keep it how it is right now. I'm okay with the randomness makes it fun, It's no fun to always know where to go for x item. I found some good stuff in the most random places lately. Really great.
  2. Hi Sven, So just to make sure I am not getting confused... I can rent a private server, and use my survival character on that server correct? I want to make sure I am understanding properly before I invest that kind of money into something. I'm sure it would be easier for me to understand if I was home and able to sign in, I am sadly not able to do so right now and perhaps I am making this harder than need be. Doesn't sound weird just think I'm getting a little confused, thanks for the reply tho.
  3. Cool, I will take a look at it later today or tomorrow as soon as I can. Thanks again.
  4. I had no idea. THANK YOU! And your able to use your Survival Character for it? Because when I am on my Survival Character I see no option for private servers? That is what I am wanting. I do not think it works this way.
  5. As stated in the title, I would like to suggest that we the players be allowed to offer you money to rent our own survival servers. This is something I would do if it was offered. It would be money for you and a good time for me. Is this something we can make happen? Thank you.
  6. I think maybe you might be bored of the game or something. Like your getting too much loot and it's too easy? Loot could be taken down a peg I can agree with that, but it's not like you are walking into a town and finding 12 snipers 5 heavy armors 8 silencers etc... The real problem is IMO the super zombies! Hear me out with this, the game HAS to feed you loot like this even if its crappy loot because otherwise how else are you going to clear the super zombies? You can't have your player base spending 8 to 12 hours farming for enough ammo to kill one super zombie! So they throw it at us a bit more than MAYBE they should. I don't see another way to handle this other than removing the super zombies...or becoming really crippled by them and I would honestly just stop playing if they did that! I don't want to farm ammo for hours just to kill a super and two seconds later OH there is another right there. I feel like this game needs a balance and a hard one at that. IMO it's getting too far away from it's core. I am not saying your wrong. I am saying how can the game be this thing you want, the way it is now... I don't think it can be, without major changes.
  7. Cool thanks for the reply! Kind of what I figured. I tend to avoid the airport due to the high level of getting shot in the back that goes on there lol. Does camp splinter hold any chance of spawning a sniper or is it just your m4s and such?
  8. What do you mean? If you play Survival mode you can play Colorado V1.
  9. Hey Sven, it's very awesome of you to take the time to reply and read my comment! Currently my favorite NA server is Colorado V1 on Survival mode. Open world server's have taken a back seat for me since I found out we can play on the old Colorado map which is still my personal favorite. Not to mention the slower pace of the loot in survival feels much better to me overall. I have noticed a higher player pop on NA lately since the patch. I haven't been playing open world much, but I have looked a few times and some servers seem to have a bit more people in them. I still feel we have to many options in terms of where to play OPEN WORLD overall but that's just my two cents. Forced interaction by making only a few servers would create more pvp IMO. IF that is what someone wants or is after. I am personally pretty much playing survival Colorado V1 exclusively now. It's really what I find the most enjoyable in this game, I understand other's may not but I do. So I am happy the server I play on seems to have a decent population at times. (Not like the OLD days but I don't expect that or even need that.) You guy's are working to improve the game and I see that. I hope other's see it as well. I recently went prem and will probably get my in game partner to go prem as well. We both have been enjoying the game alot. Thanks for your hard work. Keep it up.
  10. Hello All Wondering where would be a good place to look for snipers in Survival Colorado V1 map? The AWP is my main sought after one, but at this point I'd take any because I have yet to find any of them...only the silencer's for them and some 8x scopes. I know they are rare as they should be, just wondering if you have to look in a certain spot or if it's just random.
  11. I know what your saying. They can hit you from pretty far away and that is a bit of a problem since they can run so much faster than the player. I can still manage to find a hiding spot or a way to kill them...but sometimes they hit me and I am a decent ways away from them. It seems a bit op.
  12. Hmm. I don't know I am really enjoying surivival on the V1 map. It's literally been really fun for me. I am not sure what you guys are upset about. Open world has FAR more loot than survival does. I guess you guy's want them to tone it down a bit? I've yet to find a sniper. Or come up against someone with a sniper. I would be against a loot wipe too. I've worked hard to run my items back and forth building up a supply. That is honestly where the fun is in the game for me 'getting geared' so to speak by stocking up my global. Heck, I only found on rifle silencer so far and I only got it off of a guy I killed. I can only natively find pistol silencers and sniper silencers but no sniper rifles as of yet. I don't think it is as bad as you guy's are making it out to be. Although I do remember loot being way less than it is now years ago when I played...but gee that was probably when the game was still being called 'The War Z'. Sure the game has it's issues but I am finding it to be very enjoyable.
  13. I'll be tuning in to the stream while I work today. :)
  14. I am pulling in around 120 fps to 136 fps on my omen laptop with 7700 I7 processor 12 gigs ram and 1050ti gpu. Your gpu def isn't the problem I wouldn't think. Your ram is def low. Your processor is hitting 3.0 it seems from what I can tell. (although it is only a duo core) I'd make sure that new z is running using your 1050 and not some build in on board graphics chip set or something. You could add more ram ...but if it worked for you before it should be working now as well so it's hard to think it's a computer hardware issue. Good luck to you. If your state side I know some retails were having some nice sales recently on pre built's and laptops. Maybe it's time for an upgrade.
  15. I don't understand why people who don't like pvp would play a game like this. It's not as if New Z doesn't have a rep that you can't research and see what the game was like back when it was 'War z' Or Infestation... Pvp is a part of the game. I'm not saying it needs to be non stop pvp I wouldn't want it to be, but having the risk of pvp happening is a vital part of the overall game. I never understood the point of the PVE servers...Seems like they shouldn't even be a thing. I don't kill every single person I come across...but if they don't talk or act sneaky or like they want to kill me then I engage. It's fun. Even when I get sniped over a backpack or some small item...and loose what it took hours to get, it's still fun. It's why I play the game. It's why I think anyone plays the game. Without the risk of losing it all I would find this game mind numbing boring.
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