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  1. Hey guys I was just wondering, what is your favorite pvp place and how would you rank the pvp locations with the most players (where are the most players pvping each other)? For me: The best PVP are is Airport (the left bottom part of the map) The most players: I suppose on NATO, then Boulder and Airport
  2. No offense mate, but another player crying about cars. They are part of the game you should deal with it plus you are able to take anti-vehicle barricade and other stuff to destroy or block them. Also if you are quick enough you have a chance escape to city or wherever the car can not go. It is like in a real life, the man can be hit by a car and potentially killed . As we say with my friends: Never bring a gun to a carfight.
  3. May I just ask? I suppose there was some complaint about the vehicles by players who are PVPing on Open-World servers and that is why their spawn chance was actually heavily decreased. It is great that on the other hand the spawners of vehicles were increased but as it is not possible to spawn them on official servers you can not get much further if you do not use the bus, so my question is: After you released the anti-vehicle barricade are you planning on bringing the appropriate car spawn back or keep it that low?
  4. Honestly I gotta say that I like the idea of restoring the old good New Z (which I bought in Alpha version) and the one of the things which keeps me playing this one. Sadly the optimization of the game is still on the freezing point and from my point of view it is not getting better so far. It is true that I have just 1 GB graphic card from Radeon and old AMD triple-core processor but come on I know people with much better hardware and they still do not get the best performance from the game they possibly could. On the other hand, all you people should realize that this game is FREE that means you have to pay just for the stuff in the game not for the game itself that means that we should be at least a bit grateful and thank the guys for keeping this game online moreover keeping the nostalgic memory for those who used to play the old Infestation. I spent many hours in this one and started to play it after it was released and I enjoy playing it. I am grateful for the people who are behind it and keep updating the game. Surely every update can not be perfect and some bugs might appear, but trust me, the developers know about them and trying to fix them ASAP. Guys, just appreciate a bit the work which was done on the game and if something does not work just give them a bit time, any city was not built in a day and it is the same about game. I doubt this is the only duty moderators have I suppose most of them have their own job or they to have to attend other activities. FOR DEVELOPERS AND OTHER STUFF BEHIND THE GAME: Thanks guys for keeping this game online, I never trusted that this game might be restored after the old one was just messed up by developers. Keep doing the good job here!. P.S. : Now I was not payed by anyone from DEV team I am just a satisfied player who understands that sometimes a mistake can happen but if there was no mistake there would not be anything to fix!
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