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  1. Hello Sven ,I would like to be able to change my Display Name, I want to remove the name "Project Dnewolf" and put my new name in the game: "Annzhul" , I hope it can be done, thank you very much <3

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_LmJb6dYUM&t=16s
  3. 0:14 , you "best friends" , enjoy
  4. caliwood is good but colorado is God
  5. Beautiful montage Freddy D +1
  6. This is my third montage in Survival mode. I hope you like it my friends #MakeSurvivalGreatAgain
  7. Why goodbye bro?? I'll wait for you to master together clearview or smallville
  8. entonces el pollito se convirtió en gallo gg feliz navidad
  9. Hahaha si quieres te dejo elegir la canción para el siguiente montage (que no tenga copyright pls) ☺
  10. nice montage sir #MakeSurvivalGreatAgain
  11. felices fiestas y que la navidad os traiga mucho loot, os espero en Colorado V1 #Makesurvivalgreatagain
  12. awesome event!! thanks for this and Merry Christmas all
  13. Team Name : no team, I play forever alone Nationality: European (Spain) Players: Project Dnewolf (solo, I want to play world cup alone pls) Substitutional Players (max 2, optional): nobody Leader Contact (forums name, discord name if possible): in forum, youtube or facebook; (Dnewolf NewZ)
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