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  1. I will hopefully get to play some this weekend. The only thing that worries me is how easy it looks to find loot, even in survival.
  2. Thanks for the responses guys. I am going to download this week and try to get some playtime this weekend if anyone is interested in joining me
  3. Thats kind of what i figured. I played the original WarZ day 1. Meeting people was stressful. Never knew if they were going to kill you or help you. Then it just turned into to Shoot on site. But it was also really hard to find any decent guns then. If you were lucky you had a pistol and extra mags. Most of the time you werent lucky. I am wondering if survival might be more my speed.
  4. Shoot on Site, Or are there chances for friendly encounters? Played WarZ a ton with the 24th MEU clan and back then it had a good mix of friendly and not so friendly encounters. To me thats what made the game fun. Also how is the loot system on open world? Some of the videos i have watched it looks entirely too easy to find things, but i could be wrong.
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