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  1. Thank You All for joining us for another FUN filled adventure in NEW Z!
  2. Hello everyone! come and join us for some wonderful adventures in New Z with Stinefelt! woohoo!!!
  3. Com and join the FUN! yayy adventures in NEW Z
  4. On Your mark..get set..ready!..GO!! we're almost there folks.. 45k GC Giveaway begins February 1 2019 Come join us for more details and stay for the FUN n.n Yayy! amazing adventures in New Z continues with Stinefelt! Thank You All for Your wonderful support and good vibes n.n
  5. Happy Day Everyone! come and join Stinefelt as he makes his way through New Z while rockin out to some amazing tunes..singing along and laughing
  6. Hello everyone! Come on out and join Stinefelt as we venture together in New Z Thank You for always bringing positive vibes, smiles and laughter!..Let's have some FUN!
  7. Thank You for all of Your well wishings and prayers..Thank You for coming out and joining us for a wonderful welcome back to Stinefelt our dear amazing friend..as we enjoy gathering up the last bits of this great Christmas Event! in New Z n.n
  8. M1N1T

    Christmas 2018

    Yayy!!! Thank You so very much!!! for this I've enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and looking forward to an Amazing New Year! with New Z and friends Take care everyone and Thank You again to You wonderful Devs and Staff
  9. M1N1T

    Christmas 2018

    Thank You All So Very Much for what You do and for Being Here for Us Yay!! Christmas events!!! my favorite event of the entire year! Thank You for gifting us with so many wonderful opportunities in the game to receive special Christmas loot n.n to enjoy alone, with friends and others It's an absolute wonderland of FUN Christmas holiday enjoyment Thank You for All the Respect, Heart, Hard Work, Efforts, and Time you put into providing us a better gaming experience filled with FUN. Merry Christmas Happy Christmas Happy Holidays Seasons Greetings to You and Yours Thank You! ♥
  10. Yay! Always amazing FUN when we are together enjoying New Z! Let's continue to enjoy our Christmas events! how many Christmas trees will we find today? and will there be a Christmas box waiting for us? make sure to look around very good and pick up everything you find sharing is caring we can all enjoy if we all work together Happy Holidays folks! be safe ( enjoy enjoy enjoy )
  11. Thank You all for joining us during this wonderful Christmas event! lots of goodies to find and FUN to have n.n in New Z! Happy Holidays Everyone! be safe and take care
  12. Thank you, everyone, for being here with us and for all your wonderful support Together we can all have fun in new z .. play the game...don't let the game play you
  13. Will we find the alien super zombie for our spaghetti dinners? lets see! Come on in and join us EAG GAMING COMMNUNITY NA SERVER while Stinefelt is streaming. Please respect and follows simple rules: no stealing of anyones loot ..death/ small zombies / super and or alien super zombie loot..no flashbangs..no begging..we can all enjoy if we all respect and follow these rules. Thank so very much for being here with us! lets go
  14. Hello and Happy Holidays folks! come on and join us on our EAG GAMING COMMUNITY NA SERVER while Stinefelt is streaming Please respect simple rules and enjoy n.n No stealing of anyones death loot / small zombie and or alien and super zombie loot or kills / no flashbangs or begging..lets all have FUN together~ yayy n.n
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