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  1. Sucks you need a key card to open the box under the xmas tree,Was hoping it would be like old ISS where there were several wood boxes you can loot, it was much more fun for looters. having to find a keycard to open one box there is boring.
  2. Absolutely, So much nostalgia
  3. It does indeed, Especially with the xmas trees & presents underneath it..during looting or PVE completely changes the atmosphere its nice.
  4. Those are some quite drastic changes,Especialy to the AK-74M Although shall have to try it out in game...they were fine as they were so unsure why the change? Maybe because devs are trying to get people to use attachments more, Although they don't spawn too common so will be interesting.
  5. Happy, its pixels on a screen! You don't agree with mine or JKS suggestions that's fine, everyone's entitled to their opinion but personal insults. This not the place.
  6. As title suggests, I know we cant get snowy weather effects and all that stuff because the engine probably cant handle it, However. .For the wintery December or at least when you put the xmas trees in the game could the ground texture throughout the map get replaced with this snowy one temporary so it adds to the atmosphere of it been winter/xmas Its a nice texture, even has the snow footsteps sound, And with Moss coming back on buildings soon i think the world would look great!
  7. No, Completely wrong. The perfect version of arcade would be to make ARs common,Ammo common,Meds common,Same everything current Arcade has EXCEPT a few major differences. Wipe GIs,a fresh start..(dont fear people crying over people loosing pixel Gi,s.. its a game as long as they keep their skins etc they paid for.) lower shield health, so regardless of spam they could still die instead of just spamming and hiding behind shields that tank shots. Tone down the sniper spawns (not to unfindable levels but not literally everywhere like they are now (just like old ISS those spawns were perfect!!!) you still could go out and have fun with a sniper but maybe only 1 or 2 max of your clan would take one out, Now in arcade its literally a HUGE clan dominating the server with snipers leaving everyone else who plays in small groups (1-2) or solo players just not having a good time at all, and you cant really join another server as they're empty. You never come across anyone. People who enjoy 24/7 sniping could go on a dedicated map for sniping and maybe dont loose your sniper. and i know what the solution will be from people here, join a clan..no, not everyone has the time to be in a clan to meet the clans requirements to be active or some people just dont like running in numbers.
  8. Because at this rate the game will not survive come mid 2021 imo if it continues down the path it is, something has to happen. All the people crying over loosing a GI full of snipers, its PIXELS on a screen, virtual items...not real. Maybe the development team should consider a ISS 2.0,Same engine. Completely new and separate game from the current one but new zombie types, new char models, New map (no Colorado),new weapons, But let the community help. There's a lot of talented map makers out there, lot of skin designer's etc if they drawn up a contract or got paid in GC they could get such an awesome game going.
  9. I agree ,They should wipe Arcade BUT keep the following. Keep skill tree & everyone's XP & GD intact. Keep all their skins BUT - Maybe lower sniper spawns, Not talking about eradicating them or making them not findable, hats what survival is for BUT arcade right now is JUST snipe and its boring that's why the game is dying people got bored of this. Sure i get people like to snipe 24/7 but why not make a separate server for this which "DOES NOT USE YOUR GI snipers" but actually a set preload you choose when you join the server, so you can snipe and gain Rep all you like but don't actually loose any snipes from your main GI. Its all a bit of a confusion really, I think there needs to be a big sit down and talk about the way the games going, What new game modes can be introduced to cater for everyone but not ruin another mode for others.
  10. That's much appreciated, not all of us use discord
  11. Great to see this info shared, I voted yes to remove access as its clearly OP,every stream i watch always clans camping the roof
  12. Thanks for your reply silent As for compensating for food with crates, its a good idea, Problem with that is you need a card..when your on a decent pop server and you have not died for a while you cant even find a card to open them, and if you do even have a card in your GI nobody wants to walk all the way to the SZ to pick up a card from the usual spot they pvp at just to eat when it should spawn naturally like it always done in every version of iss. its quicker to kill yourself and revive 2 mins later and pick your loot back up then actually do all that faff with the cards, food absolutely needs to be increased imo,sure the food creates are a great idea and should contain "better tier food/mre" etc but I've been in loads of stores, houses etc im just not finding any basic food or drink..it doesn't feel like there's any sort of balance when it comes to oregon in regards to any loot tbh
  13. So i have a question & few suggestions What's in this place on the map and why we cannot go to it? Suggestion Can we get food spawns increase on Oregon? the loot on that map is absolutely terrible even food you just cannot find any other than 1 pack of oatmeal that did nothing For Xmas will we get snow ground texture? Pills - Maybe they should have some slight healing properties against infection, as vaccines are not too common. Other question asked this several times and nobody ever answers the question...Why do zombies at distance keep sprinting to nothing or standing there with their arms wide open like a scarecrow?..i assume its something to do with distance rendering optimization? but even so looks redic and it was never like this early days of Newz nor the original infestation. Forum issues - When you paste something into the forums it messes the typed text up as shown in this thread, Also a note,i know your a small team of devs,and have a personal life too but guys,Dont forget those of us that use the forums! not everyone has or wants to use discord to do suggestions & feedback..
  14. As above,the Light sward Jedi pink skin is broken for the Katana,when applying the texture is white instead of pink. i tried the purple skin that works fine. Also i know this isn't a suggestion part of the forum but devs maybe consider adding 5 story to Frosty pines also?
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