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  1. Not everyone is on discord,Facebook!! and like i say,dont visit the forums regularly like i use too which is why i didn't know? But yeah it really doesn't make sense,the way things are been done in regards to NewZ atm it will be too late..just my opinion im not bashing on Newz its a great game but its dying,it needs innovation!,Id actually say a NewZ 2.0 would be a better idea if im been honest but well....
  2. +1 on the boat and chopper suggestion,I know a chopper is very possible in this game engine ive seen and used one. Rocket/grenade launcher would be horrible though imo
  3. I dont come on the forum all that often now!!! Makes no sense why its limited to premium only users anyway,i assume to get people to get premium to try it out but that will not work in the games current status imo. Only destroy able with C4 item? so i take it this will also damage any surrounding items too? got to be honest this sounds horrible
  4. Theres an issue with the base building,If you place an object its not destrayable,even after placing it you can shoot it,hit it etc its health continues to get bigger making it so you cant remove the item lol Im wondering why there isn't a lot of people trying out base building
  5. Hey devs,When will the additional stuff be implemented you posted today,And will we be able to build bases in open world soon or maybe another test server IN open world but survival mode where you chop trees for wood etc? i understand these things dont happen in 5 mins a lot of work has to go into making it work etc My base.
  6. Surprised to see there is not a dedicated sub section on the forum for this? Anyhow, had a go at base building yesterday,Quite good tbh and definitely has potential for hours of fun. Suggestions that i thought about for the ideal Base building/Crafting and PVP experience - Game mode/Server type - Would absolutely love to have this base building game mode based on its in survival server environment but no Safe zones, as what you find/loot and craft should be kept in your base in a Crafted wood/Steel lockbox. Zombies - Yes,But they dont attack bases. PVP - Yes absolutely! (But survival loot tables) Base Indestructible base - Nobody/Players cant destroy the base/place you build ,But it can deteriorate/collapse if you dont maintain it .(slow rate of decay) Floor slabs - There is currently no slab type of ground item in Alpha test ,but would be ideal to have! Fencing - Various kinds of fencing would be good,Wood/Metal/Concrete Working gate thats only operable by the person that placed it or a clan member. Items - Base building/crafting needs more items - Fire torch - Place-able on and inside of building to make light,Also a hold able one. Grow table - To grow some ganja :D,No to grow food, Pick Axe - Gather rock resources. Axe - Gather wood resources Camp Fire Oil Drum Fire (Sure there is already some of those above items in the game database ^) Food - Human flesh - When you kill a player if you chop his/her body with a axe you pick up uncooked human meat,In which you can later cook on the fire for dinner Tree food - Chopping at a random tree should give you a potential to drop Apples? So yeah,Probably crazy ideas but just a few that popped into my mind,Im sure they're possible because a lot of this stuff (mainly items) is in the game already im sure but yeah would be interesting to hear devs feedback. So tired of the normal servers PVP now and current survival servers is lacking the true survival feeling for me,with base building it would feel much better but would obviously have to be a different server to actual survival as my suggestion i think it would be better with no GI at all only what you have in your base.
  7. Good morning Sven, I think a large majority would to be honest,I guarantee if you guys started a kick starter up to fund the project it would get a very decent backing,Even people willing to donate their own time into making assets for you to use in game,i dont necessarily think loot should be "Rare" but snipers should or at least the ammo should be very sought after . Its just sad to see such a great game such as ISS gone,NewZ is a great game i wont lie, me and my friends (who no longer play) had such a blast playing this game ever since it came out but its not ISS that we really always craved for.
  8. Hey guys & Devs, Not been on the forums in a while ,Anyway started playing NewZ again after a while and its sad to see that nothings really changed,Sure theres been updates BUT actual updates to keep players interested sadly has not happened and definitely noticed server population has died regardless of hours or region there is nowhere near the amount of players i remember from 12 months ago,,there is absolutely no denying player base has dropped drastically. Why are you guys letting the game die,why is there no more innovation?..will only be a matter of time where people are not buying enough skins,GC to keep the servers running. I know alot of people including myself that would absolutely love to see a Infestation revival,Im talking about the classic infestation we all remember,NOT survival this game has nobody plays it because loot is not good imo, Why not make a new Infestation? using the same engine & code so its not a complete rewrite/start from scratch but new map,New assets,player models,weapons,BUT completely separate game and GI from NewZ. i dont want to mention (fake versions) of ISS on here but people have made and ran servers that were so fun to play because they went back to the routes of what ISS was,NewZ was fun at the start but the constant sniper fest,shield spam,tanking,HUGE clan etc is boring now. People want old ISS back,Why wont you guys give us this? we know fredakis and his team are very capable of doing this,theres plenty of money to be made too it makes no sense.
  9. Hi, Is it possible to try out this game early and if so how i have original Nether game.
  10. and yes finally a solo mode for BR i can play it now without been overwhelmed by a team of 3,However im more interested to hear what you guys are going to do to punish those teaming in solo mode because its going to happen so the consequences need to be strong,Not a 24 hour ban make it more like a week.
  11. Wait there is now a silencer for all sniper refiles? or did i read that wrong? if so rip.
  12. Just implement a solo mode,and group mode. if anyone's teaming in solo mode ban their ass completely and dont let them back on the game,Thats how it has to be done these days otherwise nobody respects game rules.
  13. Nah we dont need more skins in this game,Need more guns and actual stuff that keeps the game interesting.
  14. So came up with an idea,How about using the stadium model from cali and putting it on a small map just to hold the stadium but theres a twist. You do not PVP on this map,its completely PVE and you can go in as a clan,Or duo or whatever really and the zombies come out in swarms and you have to fight them off to progress to the next level in which you get more and more zombies but as you go through the levels your weapons get better/unlocked and there could also be weapons randomly spawn in a box but its only every so often if your lucky. Yes this is sort of like Call of duty but just thinking of new ways to make the game more varied. The idea. Level system (ranked) Tiered weapons as you progress RAIN! or maybe even snow! this map would be ultra small,we know the engine is capable of rain and this map would be very small so shouldn't impact fps at all. New zombie - Spits radiation and the radiation stays in that zone for a min or two so you cant go there or you die.
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