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  1. Nice update. The waypoint was a good idea. About the Slicer, they could spawn in forest areas with strong sounds (this opens a possibility for a new zombie, like a wolf zombie or bear zombie to forest areas. Maybe a flier zombie like an hawk or an eagle?); small towns with forest closer and farms; distant parts of the map; in raids (like the rad area, but a horde moving from forest to some city or other place). Spawn at day or night, no matter.
  2. Nice idea. "Let's burn it all down!" =D
  3. Thermal is a really good idea
  4. I hope this back has a new update haha.
  5. Hello! I was thinking about a market in game, but not like the shop in OW where a NPC sell things. Well, the idea is: Use the store places in safe zones as a market. A NPC stay there, you interact with him and opens a window where you can put items to sell and check other items to buy from other players. For example: I want to sell a M4, this item is in my backpack, so I go to the NPC, interact with him and open a window (like the global inventory) with buy and sell . I select the M4 to sell and which items I want for, like 2 antibiotics, 2 pain killers and 1 stanag mag 30. OK, everyone in every safe zone could see my offer when goes to the NPC. If someone buy it, those items stay in the store until i go there to check (or in a different place in global inventory, but i like the idea you must visit the NPC to take the items). Players create they own offers. Trade become easier and dinamic and players who want to sell something find players who want to buy. Good bye!
  6. About Toxic Zones: A good idea is to create a new "armor", a hazmat vest to enter this areas with the gas mask.
  7. About ammo craft: In Resident Evil 3, Jill has a "reloading tool" to make ammo with gun powder. You could create something like this. The item can be finded only in airdrops with a limited use (like 500 ammo/times). So, you must find the clip, ammo and the tool to create it. This tool can dismantle/shred the ammo with a limited use too (for example 500 times). Thank you.
  8. Fantastic! Some time ago I suggested a rad zones on a post about new crafts. I think this update become very cool! Congratulations to the developers
  9. I suggest to create a new rank for civilians. If a civilian have, for example, -3 rep, the civilian icon turns into red civilian icon. if have, for example, +3 rep, the icon becomes green. This is good for who want focus to kill only outlaw or only the law players (Survival, or even OW).
  10. A wipe should be necessary. I support this idea.
  11. Nice, but they don't need to create a "new mode", just turning survival a REAL SURVIVAL. Of course, this version MUST BE FIRST PERSON ONLY.
  12. I agree with you. The idea is make things harder to earn in Suvival Mode, so the craft must be harder too.
  13. This is necessary, because the survival mode need to be a hard mode, if you want to see your skins, set, etc... play in open world. I agree. How someone can jump a lot of times and don't feel tired? If you jump inside a safe zone your stamina decreases... this could be add out of the safe zone too. I suggest each jump uses 1 little bar of stamina. Maybe you could fortify some abandoned house in the cities. Of course you could be raided by other players. This is good, focus in other habilities, but don't in the jump stamina haha.
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