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  1. i just want to give a feedback to you guys because i didnt saw a feedback to Competitive yet . so i want to say sry for my english here because its not the best + i know its only an Alpha and i only saw a video but without an feedback you cant improve it so i will start . 1. Fps is not the best idea after we play in ever game mod already TPS(Third-Person) 2. i really dont like the CS:GO buy stuff i mean you are newz why you dont do your own stuff 3. when i was thinking about competitive i thought it will be like an CW . for now it looks like a Fun mod if you are just 5 ppl 4.my last point is about the no meds and shields . i mean ISS made there own movement with it and now in the competitive its not in i cant understand that . i want to say in the end that i play newz already before it comes out on steam so i saw and played almost every update that you made + i talk with much ppl that play and played the game and they got all the same opinion just to show you that even ppl who i dont know agree with me i leave you a SS from your discord where i talked with a guy about your Competitive https://gyazo.com/b9bddc2c5a964d33e3a9014f9978bf29 a mod have to approve my massage so you can just read it and if you dont want to have feedback under that post (i can understand it) you can just delete. but pls take care of things that are in this post its not only my opinion .
  2. Tetsu

    AR CUP

    cup canceled to less applications
  3. we didnt got 3 cups we got only 1 EU cup with ONLY eu ppl AND 2 server cups ON eu server but all can join so PLS stop talking shit thx + you got already your ONLY NA cup
  4. but the sa guys had the chupa cup and the na had a NA cup so + we eu got only 1 cup the first cup (only eu) in super cup all thai sa and na can join so? i really dont get why we cant join :3
  5. why EU clans cant join with the same ping like SA ppl on na ? its makes no sense
  6. Tetsu

    AR CUP

    i don't know yet , if i know how many teams join i tell you about the percent
  7. Tetsu

    AR CUP

    Hey everyone Welcome to my first own cup! General Informations : -Every team can join -There is no maximum amount of teams -5 people allowed in one team -you're only allowed to play in 1 team -before the tournament starts there is a group phase depending on how many teams will join, in which you play 2 round matches -depending on the points you collect in the group stage will be decided if you start in lower bracket or upper bracket -The tournament will be a best of 5 if you lose you don't get instantly thrown out , but you'll get moved to the lower bracket and if you lose there again then you'll be thrown out -to be able to join the tournament your team has to pay 10.000.000 in game $ Equipment : -Allowed weapons : SIG, IMI-TAR and AUG -Allowed Attatchments : everything allowed besides rifle flashlight -Allowed armor : custom and k.style only -Only stanag 30 allowed -You are allowed to take as many Dx's as you like -Only Riot shields allowed 5 max. -Grenades are not allowed Rules : -every team has to play a game atleast every 5 days -The match starts with a Air Horn -The winner is the team with the most players alive or the team that kills the entire enemy team -You cannot boost yourself with shields -If a team member gets disqualified for lagswitch or lagging etc. the team has the chance to replace the member if no replacement is found the team can continue playing with 4 people PRIZE : the prize will be the collected money from the entering teams How to Join : MAP :
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