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    FPS Drops

    Hi, I've opened a ticket #96574 about fps drops in game, but it was closed before beign it was solved. Could you please look at it again? I don't have any programs which can cause fps drops in game. Regards Hawex
  2. Hi, I've got two suggestions for you, to make BR more player-friendly: 1) Add information about how many players is on choosen map before player gets connected to server 2) Extend time before kicking player on long load - my friend has slow PC, what causes long loading (about 10% of connections are disconnected by server) Regards Hawex
  3. I'd like to propose a workaround to this isse *do it on your own responsibility * - open regedit (click win+r and run regedit), go to \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options (if it not exists, then create it), and add new dword value - "Name" should be TheNewZ.exe and value should be one of these listed below: 1 - Idle 2 - Normal 3 - High 5 - Below Normal 6 - Above Normal This should work:) GL&HF Hawex
  4. I think, that minimum time of open world is bad - trust me or not, but I'm playing Infestation for a really long time and I'm never played on open world:D Tab with names will not help us to report cheater, because you still don't know who's that man cheating in front of you
  5. Sven, Please look at issue #98801 and #98805 Best Regards, Hawex
  6. Hi, I've got a problems with using Discord app after this patch - it looks like you are catching keyboard keys inside game and not allowing them to be processed outside it, which causing a problem with click-to-talk in applications like Discord/TeamSpeak etc. Could you check and repair it? Regards, Hawex
  7. Try to restart your pc - in my case it worked
  8. What's going on with this update ? I'm updated FAC for 3 times today. It's really annoying...
  9. You are right, but maybe is there any other way to indentify those players - for ex. something like HLTV in Half-Life ? Demos could be available to watch and download for 1 hour after every match. It will be helpful to identify players and check if someone really used any cheat.
  10. Hello, Could you add an ability to see player nickname when aiming at him? Today I saw a cheater, who flied over mountain, but i can't report him, because I even don't know his name. Regards, Hawex
  11. What are you talking about? Arena is the best map! I very like little lot, because it's more difficult to win, and players needs to think more to win!
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