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  1. Also a special flare for call a pick up back to Safe Zone by an helicopter or similars , would be great :P
  2. Nice to see a PVE server! Although Oregon would be lot more interesting in my opinion for PVE.
  3. Yesterday I took photo, 13/07/2019 at 18:36 time, UTC+1, (Germany, France, Spain... ) Was the 2nd most populated server after Survival002, PVE server has 11 (12 included me as I was not in yet :D )
  4. Great News PVE server for survival! \o/ .....although is only temporal :(
  5. I endorse petition for a PVE official MAP. Regarding that people will stop renting PVE private servers for farm, so means the company will lose money. Don't worry, nothing will change, because people will still want a private PVE server for farm because in the official PVE server they will not find any loot as will be always populated And I will tell you a secret on how the average actual PVE player in Survival works..... You search open PVE private server, If you find in your region (normally there is 1) then happy, If not, search in another region, normally Europe/USA. If no open Survival server anywhere, then.... you try maybe luck in a official one If you feel up to, or CLOSE THE GAME. (I did both depending my mood).
  6. Although I guess my request will be probably not listened, I ask for 1 official PVE map in Survival. Only 1 map. Lot of people talk of PVP, but I always saw Cliffside PVP map in survival.... EMPTY Be sure a PVE map won't be empty. Try it, you will see.
  7. :) I play mainly survival, maybe time to test the other modes xd
  8. Can't vote as I unknow how looks Colorado V1 in Survival, but seems people loved it
  9. Akhenaton

    Area 69

    Arth is our messiah, he opened the waters of Oregon and showed the path to the promised land This player deserves a town in the map in his honour called "Arth" with a perpetual time capsule explaining his hard adventure history and how he found "Ultron Zombie".
  10. I understand what you mean, considering the PVE and PVP meaning. Tag system can be a kind of "declaration intentions" in wich players can choose the mode and probably find less hostile encounters. Sure Developers could find solutions in case something like this would be interesting to apply
  11. Create a weapon for vehicles only: RPG / Bazooka
  12. Thank you for your interest in the idea of the PVE/PVP tag for characters About being able to switch the tag, I think could be no problem to switch PVE/PVP tag for All characters in your Survival row, with a reset timer. For example, If want to change your character from PVE to PVP tag, you must go out the server, switch and wait for example 30 minutes, in wich time cannot join any server for avoid being in a server in PVE mode and suddenly change to PVP while playing, that would be not fair. Yes, there can be 2 ways to understand the PVE/PVP character modes, one way is the one you explained; CamperRUs: PVP can kill and be killed only by PVP players and zombies, PVE only can be killed by zombies only. Akhenaton initial idea: PVP can kill anyone and be killed by any player and zombies. PVE can be killed by PVP tagged players and zombies. Not by other PVE players. The 1st way as explained by fellow player CamperRUs, I think is also valid, but I think can be exploited, as a team of PVE + PVP duo (2 players, one PVE + one PVP) can use the PVE player as shield for allow mate PVP kill other players. Except If the bullets cross the PVE player in exchange of being stopped by it, then this problem will be solved Thank you for your idea CamperRUs!
  13. Dear fellow community Maybe I'm wrong, but the boats in oregon cannot be used for a sea drive with some girls and champagne? I think would be cool to use some of those abandoned boats for a drive just that Thanks & Best Regards
  14. Dear fellow community I would like to suggest a Group Zone Map where players that form a group / clan, can explore and make missions given by NPC. Apart from simple exploration, missions with a timer could be set for a group of players, like arrive to X point and kill a Superzombie, kill X ammount zombies, enter into a place and get X object back to a certain place....etc.... Groups of players that enter in that Group Zone marked in the Map, cannot exit from group until you exit the Group Zone area or exit game. Group Zone must be PVE for obvious reasons. A single player cannot enter If it's not into a group. I said Group Zone area into a Map. But I would dare to make a entire server with a hall zone for allow single players create their own groups and go across the map together, making new friends and having fun. Thanks & Best Regards
  15. Some kind transport system must be added for avoid players that have few time for play, stay walking bored all day long in a map. Players move and go as far their calculated available time of playing, and If they find something really valuable, can move to a private PVE server (Or you think people will allow themselves to get killed returning to a safe zone when they have the backpack full of nice/rare stuff?) Hardcore mode for me....Once killed, player deleted....no one will play this. I think solutions in Survival must be more focused to unpredictable zombie attacks and horde rush, and player cooperation for kill zombies.
  16. Dear fellow community, I just would like to add idea of bringing airborne transport to the players in survival mode for move from Safe Zones to an area of your choice (not an exact point, but we suppose, close to it) System would be to go a Safe zone, talk to a NPC, give to him what he requests (can be food, weapons, ammo, and the requirements can be different every time). Once fullfilled the requirements for an air transport, you must mark in the map where you want to be deployed. Then you will be launched in parachute to the area you selected. That's all Reset timers and that stuff of course. Aim of this is to avoid walking by hours from on side to the other of the map. Of course is not intended to use it constantly like a Metro. Thanks & Best Regards to all!
  17. I'm agree with user "Zombie" opinions. Now my turn to expose my own opinion. I'm totally against to opinions who said Survival is PVP only and must be focused to PVP and PVP everywhere..... We have Battle Royale mode? We have Open World mode?...We have those modes or not?... Yes?....Then those who love PVP only know their place, and it's not Survival mode. In my opinion Survival is about Survival, initially to find food and items to defend from Zombies (Understanding Zombie is the Enemy Nº1). Allow me to add some crazy cheap Philosophy. If the Zombie doomed world was real, you would have as priority killing/avoiding zombies? Or you just would kill the few remaining humans for get a gun and a coke? Or kill the remnaining humans just for the sake of killing a person? I think the logical would be to join forces with other humans to fight against zombies (This is the part when a newbie writes in general chat: Why I was killed by other player If I did nothing to him?) For me Survival must be more PVE than PVP. You have a lot of war games to choose If want to stay all day long hunting people for the sake of hunting, or Battle Royale, Open World. Private PVE servers are often more full than the public PVP servers, and it's not a question of loot. It's a question to have a friendly environment with other human players. How curious, in PVE servers when you accidentally meet another player, all goes towards cooperation and friendship. When done in PVP style, this would end in a probably undesirable gunfight. For me in Survival the enemies are firstly the Zombies. Maybe you need to add more zombies or superzombies, or surprise events that makes you crave for help of other players insted of wanting to kill them. Or add a system in Survival where you can enable PVE/PVP mode in your character, meaning that those who chose a PVE tag cannot kill between them, and those who wear PVP tag, can kill and be killed by anyone.
  18. Hello, this is my first post in the forum. I decided to join, because I want to say my word regarding Survival, as it's the only mode I play. - First person view only, I'm not agree as I like to see my character fit with the nice red beret, cowboy hat, construction hat, etc... If you want to make first person view only, delete those kind attachments because then will have no sense to have them, all people will wear NVG or high armour protection and that's all. (By the way, If you add a option to personalize the attachment colors would be great, I personally would like blue beret or other colors). - Crafting system, is actually only useful for 2 or 3 items that cannot be found in-game? Must add more items that only can be achieved by crafting. - Bus stops, some bus stops or similar system must be added, in my opinion is not a question of "Hardcore" survival, it's a question to optimize time of the people who plays this game. Some people only can play 1 hour this game or 45 min, so If you need 3/4 of the time you play in walking/running to arrive to one point and get some fun killing zombies, people gets bored or basically thinks "Buh, I have to walk like an hour to arrive to Boulder city or X place? No thanks". - Base Building, would be great to see that.
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