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  1. Hello, I would like to suggest that those who take ban in the season for playing in large groups lose the right to the prize. This is not fair to other players. Recently player R fister (noob) has won the prize of the season even playing at 3. This is absurd and disrespectful to anyone who plays within the rules. I leave my suggestion and my rejection of the attitude of moderation in this case.
  2. I agree with @BARBOZ4,the battle is good like this, but could be added group of 3.
  3. The items in the battle do not have to be appealed, they ruined the mode with these weapons, they're thinking it's pvp now.
  4. The community is no longer heard, miss when there was no SOLO mode and matches started with at least 30 people, regardless of whether it was Tropic or Arizona.
  5. Dimitri Nobov


    If they remove the tropic I stop playing, Arena is a very bad map.
  6. IN THIS TOPIC I WILL LIST REASONS TO HATE THE ARENA MAP 1) Little Loot - It is almost impossible to go downtown with the good loot, regardless of whether it is meds or weapons. 2) Rapid Radiation - Radiation gives more damage and is faster than other maps. 3) Close Combat - Closed combat facilitates the use of shooting macros, making it impossible to compete with those who use it. 4) Zombies do Not Drop Anything - In some areas of the map zombies even drop a juice. 5) Bad Spawns Distributed - There are places where 2 groups of players are born practically next to each other, and the gameplay is ridiculous. 6) Factor New Map - Because it is a new map, people stop playing the other maps that are more complete, (Arizona and Tropic), being impossible for a person who does not like the arena to play in these maps, because it does not begin. The Arena took the balance out of the game, and there were few people who asked for their return. Everyone I know hates this map and through them he would never be put back. Remove the Arena!
  7. Arena is a really bad map!
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