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  1. cadetVAC


    Finally i got time to test it and actually it works! I'll set environment quality but nothing change maybe 1-3fps down. (nothing special) But this idea with fps lock on 72fps was very helpful. Thank a lot for your time, you deserv medal for guided me! I have constant 70 fps. (not much fps but i do play without lags) HUGE RESPECT TO THIS GUY!
  2. cadetVAC


    Thank you i try it after work I have all settings on low and have 60hz monitor. Wish it help
  3. cadetVAC


    I'm from Europe and i try actually any servers but still same fps drops but before i was playing smoothly hw: It's nothing special but still sufficient
  4. cadetVAC


    Thanks for a quick answer! +1 About resolution mean example: If i choose 1024x768 then scoreboard is literally unreadable. What about optimization fps ? I asking because before last update i was playing with 90fps but now i lost about 20-30 fps. My game was run smoothly, but now it is little bit lagging
  5. cadetVAC


    Hello i have two quick questions. 1. Why is this dll in folder of game? I totally don't understand to this. 2. Is there change about any optimization in future? I mean resolution rescale etc. It's possible or i'm completely wrong? Sorry if you think i'm dumb or something.. I like this game, think NewZ have potential and i want keep this game in our hearts and alive.
  6. Thanks a lot to all of this community. I fix it by my self.
  7. Hello i need help about resolution. I normaly play on 1280x720 right now. I want switch to 1024x784 but if i change resolution everytime my game crash and popup this error. If i change resolution in "gameSettings" my game look like this.. Can you help me how to fix it or something?
  8. I'm stealth faggod/t... 


  9. My thanks! Can you add me in-game i want "donate" you some snipers. [IGN-paosh]
  10. Sup fam.. if i put "FASTLOAD - ON" my game freez few times if i play so i think better for "potato" PCs is much better when you have "FASTLOAD - OFF"
  11. Perfect video!! like others like 133-1# And i have question: Can you send me your config? Yes, I know is not essential, but please, if you could send it to me.
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