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  1. Team Name : TPOB #2 Nationality: Austria, Italia, Turkey, Germany Players: S k 1 l l e r, Hi Iam 10YO, F e d e r i k, Zhuysuzmelek, L a r r y Substitutional Players (max 2, optional): Sixeena, Vue Leader Contact (forums name, discord name if possible): S k 1 l l e r, Discord : [TPOB] S k 1 l l e r#8750
  2. Team : Number 1 Clan Country : Polen,German,Austria, China Leader/Contact : , Discord S k 1 l l e r#8750 Squad : S k 1 l l e r, Matrixkoxpl, KeroPlay, Ian Malcolm, Ж DARK SHADOW Ж Reserver : Lockdown, Mircosoft, I am K1ng
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