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  1. why can't we post waypoints on the map. We should be able to ping a waypoint on the map that our group can see so when we spawn in we all know where we're looking for and we should be able to see it on our compass, also why don't bus stops show on the minimap?
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    as far as view on the bus goes we stumbled on this one, in ANY vehicle you can scroll back on your mousewheel and move the camera view back opening more of the screen to see where you're driving.
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    the vehicles in this game still need a lot of work. I'm sorry but 10-15 zombies surrounding an amphib APC are not going to keep you from rolling forward, it's incredibly unrealistically slow, the humvees that we've actually managed to find bounce around like a 150lb go-kart or something. The F7 function for the antistuck is super broken to where sometimes it doesn't even work, it teleported my humvee the other day and spawned it halfway in the ground un-drivable, if the antistuck is broken and you're standing on the car and keep hitting it the car will disappear and you'll disconnect from the server, and sometimes it just doesn't do anything the vehicle gets permanently stuck no matter how much you hit it. I had one of the pickups get stuck on a rock, couldn't drive it, couldn't get out of it, and you can't F7 while in the vehicle also not sure what the F8 "pick up vehicle" function is supposed to do? but it does nothing that we can tell.
  4. put more bus stops on the colorado map, like immediately it's ridiculous that there's 0 stops other than safe zones. Either that or increase the movement speed of players it takes forever and a day to get anywhere or do anything on this map
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