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  1. 2 months of grinding ya yeet, it would help for sure. if there is nothing els that could be done to it then extending it is the next best thing
  2. weird flex but ok XD i used to buy shit loads when i only played this game aswell, but its not worth it anymore
  3. we are talking about season pass for 5000 GC not the normal prestige system.. lol
  4. spent 5000 GC (25$) i know i didnt need to spend the money on it, its all up to yourself. i know you need to grind to get something but this might be paying 25$ for some items because you cant get anywhere close to 30
  5. kill 1 zombie = 1xp/super zombie = 2xp/ playing pvp server since relase of season pass and im at 53 xp gained some xp just from playing aswell not doing anything. but i still think is way to high. only players that play every day atleast 7/8h might get to level 30 300k is prob not much at all, but the xp we gain might need tweaking it.
  6. love the new patch! keep up the good work
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