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  1. Yea i understad that but It is a seperate leaderboard right ? For the limited time you can get rep for the seasonal leaderboard
  2. Yo the seasonal leaderboard, how do you get there, is it how much rep you can get this weekend ?
  3. Add a new pvp map, like destroy from LSmmo og Noway from LSMOO/Zmmo would be fun! Or colorado v1 on official servers so we can pvp there.
  4. Zomb

    Colorado V1

    I was refering to PVP
  5. Zomb

    Colorado V1

    Add colorado V1 on official servers ? I think it would be a nostalgic feeling.
  6. Zomb


    Can you add more zombies on the different locations like it used to be, I feel like the amount of zombies aare so low...
  7. Why is the loot still shit and 0 zombies ? https://gyazo.com/8292b28923b55714c002e8391b8fd58b From 2 super zombies and other places from Norad and Death valley
  8. Zomb

    Loot - Survival

    Make the loot as it was before the patch Add zombies as it was before the patch same drop from zombies.
  9. Like i just looted Norad and death valley and I didnt even fill a hunter backpack w decent weapons and earned maybe 10-40k GD, whats going on ? If your not adding more zombies and better loot its gonna drive allot of players off this game.
  10. Zomb


    Where is all the zombies? Like i need GD and the zombies on NATo and Norad is gone????
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