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  1. The skin in the mall It should be replaced every second days, or third days.
  2. 我非常热衷于每周末的活动
  3. maybe people prefer double gc already very long no see for double gc of course every weekend all are good event i am every like thx all staff people
  4. The original extreme account can get mysterious skin, so now is the skin changed to a mysterious leather box or skin and leather box to me?
  5. If I am an extreme account and have a permanent senior member, will I get a double item
  6. The probability of hiding the spray in the airdrop is very low, but it's a great activity.
  7. I killed 5 super zombies, but I didn't see the GD suitcase.
  8. Oh, my God, I use the new version of the client will prompt, Faild to start FAC (driver could not be loaded (0x4db specified service does not exist.), G:\\Newz\\FacDriver.sys') I used it yesterday without a problem until today.
  9. Thank you, kazmightONFIRE. I like this RockyFord PVP Map.
  10. 是我们 我们已经很久没有双倍GC了
  11. Yes, I know, but I want to say that in fact, I haven't had double GC for a long time.
  12. Oh, no, I don't like this activity. I don't like rock V1 either. I hope to double GC.
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