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    fps goes worst now with this patch, i have 60 fps on caliwood on the houses, how thats possible? i have 1070, i7 6700 and 200mpbs internet
  2. @Sven i already delete temp files, but i have the same fps, we only need a better game optimization, there is a lot of building that dont works for nothing, that makes a lot of fps drop, its incredible i have the same fps of player uknowns
  3. @Vintorez Graphics potato, i always close all programs, only have discord and spotify opened, sometimes google chrome, have 15% cpu usage on the main menu, i restart my pc like 1 month ago, dont have any virus
  4. @Sven i have 1070 8gb asus, i7 6700 , ssd 120gb , 8gb ddr4 ram 2400mhz and my game drop fps so hard, i cant play in too much zones of caliwood and colorad because my fps drop to 40-50, and i cant never stream because game feels so slow, i do everything to get better fps, but anything works, thanks for help! please, fix game optimization
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