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  1. COMBO


    Nah, i like the game. Also play DayZ
  2. COMBO


    let the bases for Day Z
  3. Hope devs team rear you out.
  4. COMBO


    bases are already allowed on a few servers;
  5. Hello @Steve I can just remove the second question. Its not possible to do a IF or not required answer.
  6. COMBO

    Weekend Event!

    which are those gd skinboxes?
  7. Hello everyone, Im starting this poll to see how community feels on bring some DMR (Semi-Automatic Rifles) to Survival mode. VSS Compact FN Scar H FN FAL
  8. i agree with that and disagree. Agree part: YOu should check the list. Disagree part: You'll only trade with ppl on the list?
  9. COMBO

    Loot - Survival

    it would be so cool, this: RPG-7V2
  10. Rep its like a goal, when you reach bandit, for example, you want do reach next one....and so on! this estimulate players to play more and more, cuz its a objective!
  11. Nice video! BTW those straight shots
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