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  1. Luan aki quem fala é o BVTR REAPER quero inscrever 2 lines da bvtr pra esse camp.
  2. DEVs please decrease the spawn rate of cars on survival, the shields are rare, the snipers are rare, but theres thousands of cars, whats the logic?... me and my friends just lost a sniper by a car, its always the same, the hitmarks on car are kinda bugged we cant destroy then when moving (like ZK) and the wood shields doesnt hold . Its becoming boring loot weeks to get a sniper and lost it in two minutes, we fought against 3 cars today in 10 minutes 3 cars, its not survival if theres so many cars on servers... its easy to run over anyone with a car, you dont need equipment, you dont need skill, you just need log and find a car which spawns every 30 minutes on 5 spawns on map... (i dont know the correct time and how many cars are on servers but thats what looks like...) hope you guys got my point and Hope i get a good feedback from survival community!
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