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  1. Hey guys, Twitch DJ Gandalf here. I think a lot of you guys already asked themselves why there are still no cup appointments. On the one hand the first problem is that we are still not having enough teams registred, so taking this case into consideration we will realize quickly that we are having 13 from 16 registred teams in total, that means we are also still having a lack of three teams. Secondly, on the other hand, I am personally experiencing some huge internet and connection problems which simply make streaming and managing a cup for me impossible at the moment. So how do we continue, how do we handle the situation? Unfortunately the most straightforward solution for this is cancelling the cup first. In my opinion it doesn't really make sence to start with 13 teams because we can't even do the first bracket stage. Furthermore I don't want to kick any teams out to start the second bracket stage, that would just be unfair towards the other teams kicked out. Moreover it also doesn't make any sense if I can't guard the matches as a referee because my ping will always be too high. In addition to that, I can't even broadcast the matches which would also become fatal if we needed any evidences of the single matches. All in all considered and to sum it up, doing this cup doesn't make any sense any longer so that I have to cancel it. We can't start a tournament, supposed to be proper and fun, with these conditions. Maybe I will roll it up again when my internet is working completely again and more teams are willing to sign up, but now there is nothing I can do about it. Sorry for any inconveniences, DJ Gandalf
  2. So when I have counted it right we are already having 10 out of 16 registred teams, so only 6 teams left to go!
  3. It actually is @GENETICZZ. But remember you cant register more than two teams that belong to the same clan.
  4. @rafil playing in HK won't be possible since my tournament server is in EU (Americans also have a tiny disadvantage concerning ping...) Unfortunately we have to deal with that.
  5. Edit: Because a lot of players messaged me that they are not happy with the "shotgun rule" I banned and prohibited them again. That means you can choose either the structure 5xAR or the structure 4x AR and 1x Sniper. The rest of the rules remain as they are posted above.
  6. Hey guys TWITCHDJGANDALF_ back here ! As a lot of you guys might already know I have come back to NewZ actively. Many of you guys might have already participated in my series of spontaneous events too, which was defineteley a lot of fun. Nevertheless, today I simply figured: THAT'S NOT ENOUGH! We still need something bigger and maybe something more proper than just spontaneous events or even the 'competitive beta testing' to compete each other; But what's the solution now??? In order to answer this question, I can give you the probably easiest solution, that will surely appreciated by the most members of the NewZ Community: WE ARE GOING TO DO ANOTHER CUP!!! Because of the fact, that I have already just talked pretty much around the bush, let's get directly to the point! INFO GRAPHIC (!doesn't substitute the rules, MAKE SURE TO READ THEM CAREFULLY AGAIN BELOW) /Graphic removed (Wizzard Icon made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com: <div>Icons made by <a href="https://www.freepik.com/" title="Freepik">Freepik</a> from <a href="https://www.flaticon.com/" title="Flaticon">www.flaticon.com</a> is licensed by <a href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/" title="Creative Commons BY 3.0" target="_blank">CC 3.0 BY</a></div>; 18/12/18 00:46 AM CET) General information: -Every team from all over the world is allowed to join (Clans are usually preferred but are not necassary to join at all) -There is a maximum amount of teams (Maximum amount: 16 Teams, the registration process closes after we have 16 Teams enlisted in total) - Every match lasts 5 minutes, additional time is always possible -One Team consists of 5 players -You will be only allowed to play in 1 team! - Each Clan can only place a maximum of two Teams! - Map: Default Tournament Map - The Tournament is divided into 2 BRACKET STAGES - Rewards, your team can potentially get, are: 5x Chrome Boxes for the 1st Team 5x Fun Edition Boxes for the 2nd Team 5x Blacknight Black Boxes for the 3rd Team Top fragger: 1x GC Airdrop Of course there will be some GD added too! (Hint: You will receive the rewards by Kazmight after the tournament, so he provided me all the rewards for doing this here, much love for him #no Homo) - Every single match will be controlled by selcted referees, so they will always have the opportunity to exclude you from the tournament if you or your team is acting against the rules! - Every single match will be streamed on TWITCH (https://www.twitch.tv/djgandalf_) - Matchplan: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Fvjg9D9SrfwS0LTTjzb-zTvth-NP5iFRbjWc7VMkdd4/edit?usp=sharing (always up to date) Match and equipment rules: - Your team has to appear punctally and completely if you are having a match appointment! - If your team is not appearing completely after 15 minutes of the original appointment you will get disqualified! - You always have to follow the instructions of the referee, if you dont you can get disqualified! -The match always starts with an Air Horn (Single alarm) - The match gets interuppted by an Air Horn (Double alarm) - The match ends with an Air Horn (Single Alarm after 5 minutes or after the double alarm in case of disqualification) -The winner is the team with the most players alive after 5 minutes or the team that kills the entire enemy team -Boosting yourself up with shields is not allowed (ANY BOOST WITH A SHIELD NOT ALLOWED, e.g. boosting on a fence with a shield) - Entering roofs is not allowed! (EXCEPTIONS ARE CARS, TANKS, HELICOPTERS, PLATES AND BUSSES) ! FOR "STUPID" PEOPLE. CARAVAN ROOF AND TRUCK ROOF NOT ALLOWED! - One Team consists of 5 players! - Replacing a member during the match is allowed, but just if he is listed as a substitutional player! (You can add 2 substitutional players in your registration ticket) - Prescribed team structure (you have to choose one per match, so easy variable at a new match): 1) 4x AR and 1x Sniper or 2) 5x AR - Allowed AR's: Sig, Imi, Aug - Allowed Ammo: Stanag 30 (unlimited amount) - Allowed Snipers: SVD, Blaser, Mauser - Allowed Secondary (only for Sniper: B93R with Ammo) - Allowed Sniper ammo: only clips of 10 for SVD, Winchester (unlimited amount) - Allowed Meds: DX and lower meds (unlimited) - Allowed Shields: Every kind of shield/barricade is allowed, but just a maximum amount of 5 Shields! - Allowed Attachments: Every single attachment is allowed! - Allowed Gear: Custom, K Style (for Shotguns: Heavy and M-Style Helmet or lower) - Any other items that are not listed here are automatically not allowed!!! Information and Rules concerning the both BRACKET STAGES (FIRST AND SECOND BRACKET STAGE): - There will be no Group Stage this time (in order to manage the tournament faster and easier) - First Bracket Stage includes every 16 Teams, which will be randomly picked to play against each other - BOTH BRACKET STAGES are based on a simple KO System, so that means if you have lost the match you will be automatically kicked out of the TOURNAMENT. - Match Mode in the FIRST BRACKET STAGE: BO3 ("Best of Three) - After the first 8 Teams crashed out of the Tournament, the matchplan of the left 8 teams will be reshuffled - So Second Bracket Stage includes the left 8 Teams, which will again be randomly picked together to play against each other - Match Mode in the SECOND BRACKET STAGE: BO5 ("Best of Five") - The certain matches of the teams are already prescribed in the matchplan that you can see here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Fvjg9D9SrfwS0LTTjzb-zTvth-NP5iFRbjWc7VMkdd4/edit?usp=sharing - After the SECOND BRACKET STAGE is over there will be also a match of the 3rd place. How to join? Team Name : Nationality: Players: Substitutional Players (max 2, optional): Leader Contact (forums name, discord name if possible): ! ALWAYS LOOK IN YOUR PRIVATE MESSAGES IN THE OFFICIAL NEWZ FORUMS!!! Just copy that and fill in and repost it under this topic post. After 16 teams have registred I will begin to organize every single appointment which is necassary for the certain matches.In this regard and in order to do that I will contact both leaders and talk to them if they appointment is possible or not. If something comes in between and you suddenly cant appear to the arranged appointment contact me at the latest 2 hours before the match would start! So guys I think that was a lot of input so far, thank you guys for your attention to read that stuff and I hope we will have a great time together while doing our second tournament!!! Best regards and merry X-mas, djgandalf_
  7. Okay guys, We are having a winner! After two hard months of organizing and managing so many matches we ultimately ended up with getting a final winner of our great Tournament! Every single team has fought well and this Cup showed me how many potential NewZ and its players have indeed. Furthermore I want to use this opportunity to thank all of my mates and previous ones; such like Paul/ Banane and espacially Timo/KillerTV. These were the guys who always supported me throughout the whole Cup and I really want to honor them for every action they supported me with. Moreover I want to say Thank you for every single Team that took part. Despite some discrepancies and trouble, we still had a lot of fun and that's the main matter in the wole game and not only in a Tournament!!! SO WE ARE HAVING ONE UNBELIEVABLE WINNER CONGRATULATIONS TO THE EUROPEAN TEAM 1st HIGH AND HUNGRY ON THE OTHER HAND WE ARE ALSO HAVING ONE UNBELIEVABLE TEAM THAT HONESTLY SURPRISED ME THE MOST WITH AN INCREDIBLE POTENTIAL CONGRATULATIONS TO THE US AMERICAN TEAM 2nd FLEX GANG But at the end there is one final question; How will I continue considering managing Cups? There is one simple answer, I will never manage a cup again, at least not on my own. Furthermore I will temporary quit NewZ because I can watch how the game loses its meaning and after years of great hours both in ISS and NewZ its time to say Goodbye! Farewells arent that easy but it is the only possibility after nearly five years! Anyways, I wish everybody who is still playing NewZ a great time and please dear Staff Team, Promote the Cups more! In deep silence DJ GANDALF PS: Please revoke my Partner Status since I haven't streamed NewZ actively anymore.
  8. Finally we have finished the Semi Finals and approach the real end of my big Tournament more and more, so here you have the last results of the previous QF: FLEX GANG vs CHP: 3-0 GOSU EU vs HIGH EU: 1-3 Furthermore we already did the Match of the 3rd Place, so lets show you the results of this match as well! GOSU EU vs CHP: 3-1 CONGRATULATIONS TO GOSU EU FOR THE THIRD PLACE!!! The Finals will also take place within the next few days, so the Flex Gang is going to play against HIGH EU for the First Place. I hope you guys stay hyped for the Finals. See all of you then!!! Best Regards DJ Gandalf
  9. Okay guys, Finally we have finished the Quarter Finals and approach the end of my big Tournament more and more, so here you have the last results of the previous QF: BOS#2 vs FLEX GANG: 0-2 Disclosure of the Semi Final Matches/Appointments: HIGH and HUNGRY EU vs GOSU EU#1 8th Oct 2018 8:00 PM CEST FLEX GANG vs ChampionZ 12th Oct 2018 11:00 PM CEST PS: I am sorry guys that I couldnt stream and already finish the Tournament last week but I had to do a lot of stuff for university, so I partly want to apologize for that. Furthermore I promise that I'll definetely finish the Cup within the next two upcoming weeks, so dont worry at all! Best Regards Gandalf
  10. Here we go guys, Yesterday we already finished the first Quarter Finals during the Bracket Stage, which is definetely a huge progress in the course of the entire Tournament! Results ZT3X vs HIGH & HUNGRY: 1-2 Congrats to HIGH & HUNGRY for qualifying for the Semi Finals! Thank you ZT3X for taking part in the Quarter Finals! BOS#1 vs GOSU EU: 0-2 Congrats to GOSU EU for qualifying for the Semi Finals! Thank you BOS#1 for taking part in the Quarter Finals! Amazing moments:
  11. NEW APPOINTMENTS: 24th Monday 8 PM CEST: ZT3X vs HIGH EU done 25th Tuesday 8 PM CEST: BOS#1 vs GOSU EU done 27th Thursday 8 PM CEST: ChampionZ vs GOSU ASIA #moved to 8 PM CEST 28th Saturday 5 PM CEST: FLEX GANG vs BOS#2 @GENETICZZ @Vegeta @LuanzinGOD @Darioxix @skzgod @Sleepylittlefox @JoanForHire @Apin @KiLL3r @Warlord GT @Gibelin @SH4RP SH00TER @ManoBrow 1st @WHO AM I
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