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  1. guiofaria

    Loot - Survival

    But it used to work os SMG's, either wya, Silencer is not working on SMG's
  2. guiofaria

    Loot - Survival

    What is your feedback?: Versek SMG it's not able to be attached with Silencer or The Cleaner. DOn't know if it's mean to be like this now or some bug, since the patch news say nothing about adding a new attachment for this type of weapon. What map did you experience this?: Colorado. When was this?: Friday.
  3. So you prefer it easy?! Do you even know the meaning of survival game mode?? srsly
  4. guiofaria

    Loot - Survival

    Sven, Survival are suppose to be dificult... Srsly.... Buffing airdrops... Oregon with places to loot without zombies... AR's and their ammo to easy to find.... Cars and busstops everywhere.... Release a "Real Survival" option!!!!
  5. say what???? rare? the only thing rare are snipers!
  6. If i had to wait 3 min's to get my itens back, I wouldn't mind to die at all.... As a Survival mode, the point here is to survive, and If you have to wait a lot to revive again... one more reason to play careful!! Also, you have 5 slots for characters, and If you really want to play PvP, you getting it all wrong having only ONE character.
  7. guiofaria


    Quadriclicles are damn hard to drive, so are the Humvs. Sometimes when I try to run over someone on Survival, the car flips when i hit the person, not killing them!
  8. guiofaria

    Maps - Survival

    At night, both Oregon or Colorado, in a full brightness, no need to use a NV Google. Nghts should be a little more dark!!!
  9. guiofaria

    Loot - Survival

    Decrease the bandage and Pain killer drop rate from zombies!!!! Military Areas are to easy to farm Stanag, every corner you look a M16 appear!! Every Stryker on roads or Military Areas have a M9 NVG, maybe drop the rate!!! Suggestion: Add more craftable Itens...better itens! Maybe a K.Style + Tactal NVG + tech = K.Style NVG
  10. guiofaria

    Loot - Survival

    Man, It's pretty common!!! I have more than 400!
  11. Hello There, Straight to the point: Opinion: 1- Vehicles on my opinion are appearing to easy on this MOD, they should take longer to reappear; 2- Super Zombies are getting to easy to be dealt with, when one is dead he already give you te weapon and the ammo to kill the next one. Maybe Increase their life; 3- I really don't think we need the Bus Stops on Safe Camp, now that there is Zombies around the hole map, a walk should be more fun;(to easy flying around the map) 4- Decrase a lil bit the drop chance on bandages and pain killers om Zombies, 30min on game play and I go out with 60's of them; Suggestions: 1- The NUMBER ONE suggestion, at least for me, right now....ADD more Zombies, I don't even bother using fireweapons to kill them. The ammount is so insignificant, Butterfly Knife is my best friend!!! I know ther's all the process and loading...but you guys should figure out a way to make harder walking in the cities to loot. 2- Add more places to Colorado Survival Map, OpenWorld has lot more places to dig around; 3- Add a Market System on SafeCamp. Not saying to add dolars on zombie drops and stuff getting sold by GC on suvival, no, don't get me wrong; Old Day Market, for example, I put up a Offer on a Military Backpack I droped, and in return I want 60 Stanag(30)Mag. This could reach all servers on the area; 4- Lots of others already talked about... That is it!! Thank you for your time!!! P.S.: PLEASE, Add more Zombies!!
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