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  1. Hi SVEN reference the Black and White buildings this only occurred when I tried to use new FAC 2.0 and fast load and item physics since I switched off Fast load and went back to using old FAC 1.0 it has not happened again. It was happening at the NATO airfield around the Fredaikis Office Building, and affected most of the Buildings interiors and some of the exteriors on the modified buildings sorry no screenshot as I thought it was an update. It did look like WW2 camouflage breaking up the outlines with diagonal black and white stripes and as I said it has not happened since. One quick question can I switch Fast load on and off on the fly or do I have to exit the game.
  2. Sven OK so my latest update, Surprise the Black and White buildings are a texture issue so I should be adding that as another issue to fix (Sorry) not a new style of building. Switching off fast load does drop my FPS back to the 80-100 range but I don't get the freeze up when running. Players driving cars past me still causes massive lag spikes, Also players entering and leaving game cause lag spike/fps drop out to 10. Switching off Item Physics means I find lots more loot I guess the stuff just drops through the floor /ground /objects/building with it switched on so it is much much harder to find more like a treasure hunt scenario, but it takes ages to search every bit of floor so I will leave it off for now. Also there appears to be less loot is this linked to the rare zombie situation? Or is this part of the FPS challenge facing you guys ? Well that's all my observations hope that helps you solve the puzzle
  3. Ok here is my Feedback, I like the random location spawning Super Zombie at Nato makes life much more challenging as he appears all over the north end of the Airfield. I did not see very many Zombies all over NATO Airfield and town none at all out by the farm and only 2 at Crystal lake. The old sound problems have come back with sound just dropping out randomly like it used to last year. Im using fast load and when you run it will suddenly drop the FPS to 10-20 and game will freeze as fast load put in the objects/textures, my FPS has gone up when walking to 130-165, I will try without fast load to compare this later. Premium Airdrops only contain 1 item like in a Survival server ? Also I dont know if this is because of using item physics but Loot quantities are much much rarer quiet a few items are sticking out of the floor or cupboards. Building update also much better although using NV gear inside black and white building is difficult
  4. Just loot Airfields and Air drops to increase Sniper acquisition Killing Super Zombies 1 in 4 chance of snipers killing Alien Super Zombies 3 in 4 chance of Snipers
  5. Hi my latest update re CAmpersrUs observations, I can confirm the same FPS drops happen in relation to Speed of Travel run/walk and direction the more objects in front of me Trees fences etc the lower the FPS open grassland while Stand still 140 walking I get 120 start to run this drops to 110, Woodland stand still 140 walk 105 run 65-75. At the Airfield when there are lots of zombies moving about in front of me Im standing still 80 walking towards them 50 running towards 40 runaway 80. The change in FPS appears to be related to what is occurring in the recognition range of your character presumably as the detail loads in and this is where the drop happens. When driving along runway to round up Zombies frame rate can Zero and I get the reconnecting message and drop from game. Hope this is of some use Sven. Forgot to note ping which is 12 to 14 everyday
  6. Just feedback from today I have played on a variety of open world and premium servers and sadly the frame issues are still there twice when I was in a car the frame just fell off to zero and I was dropped from server and had to reconnect to server I was just playing because I got the still in game message when I tried to adjust my inventory and get another car. Fortunately I spawned back in not to far from my car I just had to deal with the hoard surrounding it. These are the same problems I had before including frame rates dropping out when players leave and join server or when the Airdrops occur. I don't know what the fix was but unfortunately this wasn't it.
  7. Thanks for the update guys lets give it a hammering over the weekend and feedback any problems to the team.
  8. My only Question at this point what are you doing about game stability ? This must be a TOP priority, frame rates drop off when there is a change in the Server environment ie, A Player leaves or joins the Server the frames drop a great way of knowing if someone has just dropped in/out. When someone uses a car again frame drop, When an Airdrop occurs everything freezes for a second, Nothing else matters until this can be fixed so there's your challenge guys I'm sure there is a massive list already on the Forums of all the bugs that we would like to see fixed just work on getting that lot sorted. Player retention is all down to game reliability game crashing out multiple times kills off new players who haven't even seen the possibilities yet but are not going to stick around if they cant play fluidly. I don't know what else to say but just fix the broken bits first or you will never grow it, remember the old Movie Quote "Build it and they will come" that's all you have to do.
  9. So good that we have new events every weekend keeps it interesting
  10. 135814n

    Server Restart

    Thanks Sven hopefully It is safe to use cars again
  11. I will add to the Car issue complaint and that's the view how the hell are you supposed to see where your going when the camera is on the floor behind the vehicle ? even moving to the side you cant see ahead because your on the floor can we go back to a camera view from about 1 metre above the back quarter of the vehicle go up hill and down hill and along the flat? and finally why do most of the vehicles roll over on their side when you corner ?
  12. 135814n

    Cinematics #2

    Lens flare what is this 1980 ? No seriously the still pictures are really good enough only one question Sven what graphics level is the image capture not Ultra I'm guessing as you don't feel the quality potential in the image. As for cinematic effect just use in game footage it looks better IMO and encourages you to visit the locations unlike a still picture.
  13. Speaking from my own experience what really impressed me with the game was the Newbie servers where I learned to play the game in a relatively safe environment No Super Zombies and Very few Pro players lurking around. There must be a way to prevent "Pro" players creating a new account by linking the game to the PC hardware HDD like Microsoft do or the Mac address of the Modem yes I know that can be spoofed but people like that are always going to "Cheat" just to be top dog in their tiny little world. I like a lot of what your talking about Launch, I personally only team up when I have to just to defend against a predatory Super Player who seems to know exactly what building your in like a magic homing pigeon. I enjoy looting and do all of it in Open World just for the terror of being surprised by another looter and the opportunity for the occasional Airdrop although I don't bother with them most of the time you nearly always get better kit from Alien Supers. I would like to see Learner Servers brought back to encourage new players and a Tutorial Learner level where each aspect is taught ie the Controls, Weapon handling, Global inventory, Backpack Inventory, killing a Zombie, Killing a Super Zombie, Climbing jumping etc This would need a bit of time to put together but I imagine their are enough of us VETS capable of helping out. Oh and as for PVE it "rocks" great for solo players who just want to test themselves against the Zombies and not other players also where the "Surviving hackers" cant hurt them, as my friend CampersRUs likes to say Have a Nice Day!
  14. Any more news Sven as I'm still have disconnect issues, especially on New Map where the problem is much worse, on their I sometimes cant even finish connecting during the loading in process, I ended up trapped at Newport for hours because every time I got to the Bus stop the game froze and disconnected me. In Colorado open world it happens when ever I jump between my inventory to unload weapons or when another player joins the game. And if anyone starts using a car near me my frame rate just crashes down from 130 fps to 0 fps and then I get the reconnecting message. Is it possible that the load on the game Engine has reached peak and it's just down to interrupted data flows ? As to much is happening with in the environment. Or is it like the old Punk-buster days when the security was so over tight every interaction caused it to hiccup ? You guys have added or changed something that dynamically alters the server response times and thats where I would be looking for the problem. Just a thought I know you guys work very hard to bring more content and develop the game I expect your already reviewing what I just said before but as they say sometimes it is hard to see the Wood from the trees. Have a great Day guys and good luck.
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