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  1. Just because you can kill someone once doesn't mean you're better than the other player? The more time you put into the game the more rep you're inevitably going to get...
  2. Simpson

    Cinematics #2

    Looks good i like it them. Lens flare is a bit in your face. Maybe tone that down a little.
  3. Simpson

    NewZ 37

    Nice kills bro. Sad to hear you're quitting though!
  4. I would say around $15-20m.
  5. Want To Buy Custom Chrome Fallen Angel for 90 million game dollars. Comment or PM me if interested.
  6. These were by far the best times on this game. I love what the game has become, but will never forget what it came from.
  7. Gratz guys, are there any videos of this anywhere?
  8. BUMP (I'm currently working through the applications.)
  9. Team GB is now open for recruitment! Rules before applying: #1) Must be British with the odd exception. #2) Members must be over the age of 17. #3) Team GB must be your only clan. #4) Have a good microphone and access to discord. Application: (Please PM your application to me.) #1) Are you 17 years old or over? #2) What is your in-game reputation? #3) Where do you usually PvP? #4) Are you British? #5) How long have you been playing NewZ? #6) Please post screenshots of your main character and GI. (we do not want loot hoarders!) #7) Why would you like to join? #8) Why should we accept your application? #9) What is your in-game name? About us: We are a new British clan with some old friends, we are looking to expand our roster so we can have a solid team on at all times within the GMT time zone. We are looking into getting our own private server with the support of the clan. We are a total of about 10 active members. If you would like to join us please let me know! Thanks, Simpson
  10. The logo looks good, wonder who made that? Good luck on the recruitment guys! For anyone joining you will have a great time in DDO5, i know i did!
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