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  1. Fred

    Ghost Zombie

    Thanks for reporting this bug, issue is fixed and will be applied on the next update!
  2. We will be monitoring the servers closely, and we can order new machines and have them up and running within 1-2 hours :)!
  3. We released a quick hotfix just now: Fixed a gamebreaking bug in the inventory causing the game to crash and do unwanted actions. Added Button to refresh the flea market items (button has a cooldown) Inventory items no longer scroll up every time you move an item to your backpack. Localized (Translated) missing texts in the flea market sell screen. After refreshing/buying item on flea market, the selected tab will no longer reset.
  4. Hello, Can you explain what do you mean by "flying cars"?
  5. Fred


    Hi, Looks like one or more of your FAC Files is corrupted. Please send a support ticket with the account where this issue is happening so we can check your logs server-side
  6. Hi, what windows version are you running?
  7. Hi, based on the CURL code 56 (Failure with receiving network data) looks like something is blocking the download of the anti-cheat client. Do you have any firewall/antivirus that could be blocking these file downloads? If so try disabling it temporarily. Also, are you able to download any of these files through your browser manually? try clicking on the link (https://fac.fredaikis.com/bins/3e05ea005a3d91b111e3c740cf79f047.dat)
  8. There is a lot planned for survival actually, but we had to patch, and didn't have time to finish everything, but don't worry, there are things coming
  9. Yes it is, but it's extremely rare
  10. I personally really like this idea, taking a new approach to "survival" and keeping open world more as a "arcade" mode, that could be huge!
  11. Hot-fixes have been rolling out throughout the day as crash reports came in. Statistics show that the game looks a lot more stable than before the patch right now!
  12. Yeah, especially if your CPU was limited. Also the biggest improvements are on stability
  13. Have you updated to the latest version?
  14. That's the secret ingredient
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