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    Dear Community, Another patch! This one comes in preparation for the upcoming Police Week event and we have a lot of brand new exciting content to share with you all. This patch includes ranked leaderboards, a bounty system for Open World, major changes to the Survival 'locker' gameplay and major improvements on the (beta) building system. We are very excited to share this patch with you and without further ado, let's jump straight into it: Overall Updates: GENERAL: A bunch of Police themed content has been added. This is in preparation for the "Police Weekend Event" we are going to do very soon. Fixed and updated the following language packs: Turkish Thai German French Portuguese Chinese Spanish Moved the radiation text (indicator) to a different place to disturb the player less. We are currently working on some more languages that are not enabled as they aren't fully translated. The following languages are being worked on: Filipino (NEW) Italian (Outdated) Vietnamese (Outdated) Keep in mind that these languages are available, but not completely done. There could some errors in translation and some may cause crashes. If that happens, go to your GameSettings.ini file and edit it with Notepad, and change the language to ENGLISH. If you have any issues, please contact us at http://playnewz.com/support If you aren't able to change these settings, you can reset your game settings by clicking on the settings icon on the launcher and hitting the RESET button, as in the image below: MODELS: Fixed some materials of some objects which were causing errors in the logs. We have made some changes to a City Building, known as the 5-Story. Doors are now removed and all rooms are open. Fences in the staircase have been changed, so now you can shot through the bottom part. We also worked on a town building known as "Water Tank House". We updated the texture of the walls to make it look more worn out and also removed the glass from the windows to give the player more options to interact and control. Before the changes: After the changes: Base Building System (Beta) Updates: GENERAL: Reworked a lot of the core system for the building system. A lot of work has been done to the system and a lot of small and big improvements have been made. ADDITIONS: A new base building part: Metal Window Cover. This is a metal object players can attach to their big windows to have a little extra cover protecting their base. Here is how the it looks: A new base building part: Pillar. This structure can be used to support ceilings. It pretty much just acts like a wall but doesn't take the same amount of space as a wall. This will allow players to actually close of their roof when building a big base. We invite players to come back to the Building System BETA servers and help us test further improvements! Item & Skin Updates: FIXES: Fixed & tweaked the default MP7 material settings. The weapon no longer has this annoying sun glare effects when playing on ultra & high quality. ADDITIONS: Added a new silencer type for the sub-machine guns. This was the only gun category that did not have it's own silencer yet so now it's there. We will explain in each separate game-mode update where / if the item is released in that game-mode. Here is a preview of the icon: The following items will be introduced / released into the game during the Police Week Event that's coming soon. Just in case someone misses this, we'd like to mention the items here as well. Further information about how they will be released, when exactly and where they will spawn will be posted in the Police Week Event announcement. Here are the items: Added a new sniper: M40A1 Remington 700. This sniper rifle is a bolt type sniper rifle and reloads fastly after each shot. There is only one bullet in the chamber and this sniper uses a new type of sniper ammo: Light Sniper Ammo. Next to all that this sniper has a custom scope, custom sounds and minor custom animations. Added a new type of ammo for the M40A1 Remington 700 sniper rifle called: Light Sniper Ammo. Added a new type of head gear: Heavy Helmet. This helmet is a very heavy and protective helmet and is stronger than any other helmet in the game. It will be very rare but at the same time be a very strong item. Added a new type of head gear: Heavy Helmet v2. This is a second variant of the Heavy Helmet and, since the front cap is open, a little bit weaker than the original Heavy Helmet. It is still very strong however. Added a new type of armor: SWAT Armor. This is a brand new armor and a little bit better than the Heavy Armor. It's a tactical vest that fits good with a lot of the characters. Here is how it looks: Added a new type of attachment: Aimpoint CS Sight. This is an assault rifle attachment and a variant of the cobra / red dot sight. This sight aims down on a red glowing plus and zooms in relatively far. Something new for the icon of this attachment is that we have added the preview of the sight in the icon. This is going to allow us to in the future start changing the crosshairs for sights while keeping the same sight and that will allow us to make more variations in sights for players. We plan on adding the preview of the crosshair to other sights as well if this works well. Here is a preview of the sight: All items mentioned above can be found back in individual game-mode updates and we will explain there if they will be released in that game-mode and where / how players will be able to find them. Note: There will be more new items introduced in the Police Week Event that's coming soon. The items listed above will be permanently available even when the event is over. Some other items, which you will see in the event announcement, will only be released during the event. We have also added the following new skins in this update: Added a new skin for the SWAT Armor called SWAT Armor Camo. Added a new skin for the SWAT Armor called SWAT Armor Desert. Added a new skin for the SWAT Armor called SWAT Armor Green. Added a Tactical Sniper Scope of the Modern Black collection. This skinned scope got added to the following weapons: AW Magnum Modern Black Mauser SP66 Modern Black M107 Modern Black CHANGES: Changed the fire rate of the AA-12 from 150 to 100. Changed the decay of the AA-12 from 5-3. Updated all the IMI Tar-21 skin recipes with the newly rendered store icons. Updated all the Sig Sauer 556 skin recipes with the newly rendered store icons. Updated all the Katana skin recipes with the newly rendered store icons. We are going to make a change in how the pistols are working in our game. We decided first to lower the spread of the following pistols: B92 and its skinned versions from 1.5 to 0.1 spread Sig Sauer P226 and its skinned versions from 1.7 to 0.1 spread Jericho and its skinned versions from 1.8 to 0.1 spread FN FiveSeven and its skinned versions from 1.8 to 0.2 spread Kruger .22 and its skinned versions from 2.0 to 0.1 spread 1911 and its skinned versions from 1.8 to 0.1 spread STI Eagle Elite and its skinned versions from 1.8 to 0.2 spread Anaconda and its skinned versions from 2.0 to 0.2 spread TEC9 and its skinned versions from 3.0 to 0.5 spread and recoil from 3 to 3.3 Desert Eagle and its skinned versions from 3.0 to 0.8 spread and recoil from 10 to 8 FIXES: Fixed a texture layer of the K. Style NVG Desion. Some of the Modern Black Skins weren't showing like shiny black, this has been fixed now on the following skins: M4A1 Modern Black Sig Sauer 556 Modern Black PSO Scope Modern Black L85 Modern Black B93R Modern Black M107 Modern Black Mauser SP66 Modern Black IMI Tar-21 Modern Black REWORKS: Reworked the store icon of the AR Silencer. Reworked the store icon of the Sniper Silencer. Reworked the store icon of the Tactical Silencer. Reworked the store icon of the Shotgun Silencer. Reworked the store icon of the Pistol Silencer. Reworked the store icon of the IMI Tar-21 and all of its skinned versions. Reworked the store icon of the SIG SAUER 556 and all of its skinned versions. Reworked the store icon of the Katana and all of its skinned versions. Reworked the store icon of the MG36 and all of its skinned versions. Reworked the store icon of the FN M249 and all of its skinned versions. Reworked the store icon of the PKM and all of its skinned versions. Reworked the store icon of the RPK and all of its skinned versions. Reworked a big part of the Riot Shield store icons. Survival Updates: GENERAL: We are going to remove all the personal locker from the official servers. The lockers + items are going to be transferred to the player's global inventories. From now on you can only place the Small Code Locker on private servers. This will prevent placing the towns full with lockers. However you will still have a chance to use a new kind of personal locker in the official servers called Wooden Code Locker. This locker, like the name says, is made with wood and is craftable. This locker can be placed everywhere but keep in mind, other player can destroy them and get your items, so you should place them smart. The long term goal(s) here are to improve current issues such as the fact that cities are filled and overloaded with lockers everywhere and also when we plan on fully releasing the base building system in Survival, this new type of locker will make more sense, as it's destroy-able players will have to place this inside of their bases to protect their loot. When destroying a wooden locker, it will drop all the items inside on the ground. The wooden locker uses a code lock. Anyone with the code can access it. Removed the locker code access cool down. CRAFTING: Changed the resources which you need to craft a Small Code Locker: Metal Gear (1) -> (20) Metal (50) -> (100) Added a new recipe of the Wooden Code Locker: Wood (50) Nails (6) Metal (3) Code Lock (1) Crafting Time (240) LOOT: The SMG Silencer is now spawning. This item is relatively common and pretty much spawns where normal AR Silencers spawn as well. COLORADO V2 (Survival): A new secret spot got added to the map. Good luck finding it! COLORADO V1 (Survival): Fixed the restaurant in Rocky Ford which didn't have the interior in it. Added some jump-ups at the white house in Rocky Ford. Higher the radius of the vision against the fog. Open World Updates: GENERAL: Ranked leaderboards are now enabled for this game-mode. This means you'll now be able to see the top 500 of players with the highest rank on this game-mode. Who will be the next number one?! Added a bounty system. Players will now be able to set a GD bounty on a player. When players kill a player that has a bounty they will receive the game dollars that are set for that bounty. Bounties use game dollars so, when setting a bounty, you will lose that game dollars from your account. The game takes a 10% cut of bounties. Bounties stack so, when two different players set a bounty on 1 player they will stack and add up. You will know if a certain player has a bounty on their head because it will write a message in the in-game chat. LOOT: The SMG Silencer is now spawning. This item is relatively common and pretty much spawns where normal AR Silencers spawn as well. COLORADO V1: Fixed an ambient sound which was causing crashes close to Rocky Ford. COLORADO V2: A new secret spot got added to the map. Good luck finding it! LOUNGE: Fixed the missing mission in the lounge. Reworked the Lounge completely. Competitive Updates: GENERAL: Fixed several UI related bugs. Ranked leaderboards are now enabled for this game-mode. This means you'll now be able to see the top 500 of players with the highest rank on this game-mode. Who will be the next number one?! Doubled the kill / win rewards. Battle Royale Updates: GENERAL: Fixed a bug causing to sometimes ban players when reviving a team mate. Fixed several airdrop related bugs and issues. Ranked leaderboards are now enabled for this game-mode. This means you'll now be able to see the top 500 of players with the highest rank on this game-mode. Who will be the next number one?! Riot shields and other barricades no longer play the destruction animation when a Battle Royale game starts. This will reduce the freezes that might happen to players when a Battle Royale game starts. The Battle Royale lobby / warm-up mode no longer grants reputation to the player. ARENA: Added collision walls around the tower where the player was able to glitch inside. Estimated patch size: Patch ETA: Patch is rolling out as we speak. 10:30 AM (CEST) on Thursday, August 11, 2019. Estimated downtime: Around 30 minutes / 1 hour. Pre-patch notes might be changed if we need to fix / add something. Once again thank you for your great support! Want to support us even more? Make sure to share these patch notes with your friends and followers! For any feedback about the game or this patch please let us know at http://playnewz.com/feedback To stay updated regarding the patch and server downtime please follow us on our social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Infestation.NewZ/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/infestationnewz Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/thenewz Best Regards, // Fredaikis
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    Dear Community, As promised and as expected I am here to announce the upcoming police week event! We have seen a lot of excitement already around this event especially because of the release of brand new permanent items! Next to that we have events happening in all game-modes; in Open World and Survival we will release a bunch of new content and for Battle Royale we have a map / loot event planned. Are you excited?! Before we jump into any event details let's make clear over what period of time this event is taking place: Start: July 15, 12:00 (CEST) 2019. End: July 22, 12:00 (CEST) 2019. Now, let's jump into the details of the event: Double XP & GD: During this police week event there will be a Double XP & GD event. This means all experience and in-game dollars gained in all game-modes will be doubled. This event has a particular time. Start: July 18, 12:00 (CEST) 2019. End: July 22, 12:00 (CEST) 2019. Free Premium Weekend Event: During this weekend everyone will have a free premium account subscription. This only affects players that don't have an active premium subscription. This event has a particular time. Start: July 19, 12:00 (CEST) 2019. End: July 22, 12:00 (CEST) 2019. Prison Battle Royale: We are doing a very special Battle Royale event again where we have changed the map to a brand new prison map. We will also update the loot to melee only, except there is 1 particular mosin rifle spawn in the map. Good luck finding it! Next to all of that we have enabled base building for this map. Let's see how that will work in the Battle Royale game-mode. This event has a particular time. Start: July 17, 12:00 (CEST) 2019. End: July 22, 12:00 (CEST) 2019. Special Police Items: During the event we will release some new items. Here is a list and how to get them: Please note that half of the items will be limited: event only. The other half (as indicated) will initially be released during this event, but will also be permanently available in the game even after the event! All the new content: Police Box 2019: EVENT ONLY. Will be available in the in-game marketplace and find-able in-game but very rare. Skins: The following will only be available from the Police Box 2019. EVENT ONLY. The following skins will be available from the Police Box 2019 AND will be permanently inside the Revolution Skinbox. (& Mystery) PERMANENT RELEASE. Sprays: The following will only be available from the Police Box 2019. EVENT ONLY. Character Clothes: Will only be available in the in-game marketplace. EVENT ONLY. Items: The following items will be ONLY available during the event: EVENT ONLY. The following items will be released now, and permanently available and lootable in the game, even after the event: Loot: During this police week event there will be advanced loot tables including all the items mentioned above spawning. There will also be special police loot tables inside all of the police station in both Open World and Survival. All of the loot mentioned above will be spawning in both game-modes, however, for Survival chances will vary and not be the same as in the Open World game-mode. This also includes: Police themed zombies. (all game-modes) Police Sales: Trough out the entire event there will be special sales and flash sales. Stay tuned for more. Police Giveaway: During the police event week we will be doing a special giveaway. This giveaway will go through New Z's social channels so make sure to follow us and stay tuned for further announcements. Police themed Menu & Game Launcher: Specially for this event we have turned the main menu of the game into a police theme. There will be a different background and to totally get in the police mood. Police live stream by ElChupaCabra: Chupacabra will be doing a special live stream again where you'll have to find and kill him to get prizes! More information about the event exactly will be announced separately by him. This event has a particular time. Start: July 19, 2019. This event will take place at the following channel: https://www.twitch.tv/hereschupa Police PVP Map: During the police week event there will be a brand new PVP map available in the Open World - PVP Servers section. Here is what the minimap looks like: Updates: We wish you all an amazing event and hope to see you in-game! Have fun! // The New Z - Staff Team
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    Dear Community Are you ready? We are very excited to announce this Weekend Event. Start: July 12, 2019 12:00 PM (CEST) End: July 15, 2019 12:00 PM (CEST) Now, let's jump into further details: Battle Royale Map Rotation We are going to rotate the Battle Royale maps again. this time Arizona v2 will be replaced by Tropico. Don't worry if you like to play Arizona v2, it's a rotation, which means the map will come back any time. Public PvE Server During this event we are going to turn on a public PvE server where player can farm and fight the zombies. PvE mode enabled means player can't kill other player. Open World and Survival Map is going to be Colorado Double Reward for Viewing You will get 2 Broadcaster Skinboxes during this event while watching a Infestation: The New Z Stream on Twitch. Right now you get 1 each 30 mins and it will be 2 then. More information about twitch drops can be found here https://playnewz.com/drops 20% on all GC Skinboxes Over the entire weekend you will get 20% discount on all GC skinboxes which are on the in-game marketplace. Only GC skinboxes Weekend Event Sale Special weekend event sale is also active during this time. Check the picture below for more information. We would also like to remind players if they experience any issues regarding the game to please contact us. Official Support: https://playnewz.com/support Twitch Drops: https://playnewz.com/drops Partnership Program: https://playnewz.com/partners Last Patch Notes/News: https://playnewz.com/news Feedback: https://playnewz.com/feedback The entire staff team wishes everyone a great weekend! // The New Z - Staff Team
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    @Sven @3lias @Fred THANK YOU FOR THE PVE SURVIVAL SERVERS!! Really means a LOT to those who have asked and suggested. THANK YOU again! This is a very nice step toward implementing lots of ideas. Hyped for the Police theme! Can't wait!
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    Thank you for listening and giving us PVE servers!! Just wish it was a perm thing!
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    We need a perm, one!!
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    Yesterday I took photo, 13/07/2019 at 18:36 time, UTC+1, (Germany, France, Spain... ) Was the 2nd most populated server after Survival002, PVE server has 11 (12 included me as I was not in yet :D )
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    Nice patch, all good updates, i personally liked more about the bounty system, i think it will work great
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    I THINK.... what she was getting at is trying to explain why more people aren't playing survival especially those that are PVE only players crossing over to TRY it. I convinced her come try it with me. She and I BOTH had premium and until we see changes we have been promised it remains off the table. We know how Survival WORKS, and understand that. ( We aren't kids who need to hear this is how its played...) Again, you failed to see the feedback for what it is... why are new people NOT playing survival after trying it, Why does it FAIL to bring in more players. Instead of looking at what she said and taking a moment to realize ( she is not alone in her opinion or issues here) Maybe a few changes would make Survival PALETABLE to more players . Also 7 min... where are they shooting from the other side of the map to NEED 7 min??? Really??? Again, your reply makes no sense in some of the stated issues. To the PLAYERS of survival: Killing you OWN GROUP MEMBERS is KILLING THE GAME for new players. They DONT COME BACK. THANKS!!! Survival game or not, many that try to cross over are NOT PVP players and DO NOT want to PVP. ( I know, shocking right! ) That's the core of WHY they are PVE only players and you wont change that by killing them off to "show them how fun it is..." Finally, @Katryna247 Not every player you encounter is such an A$$HOLE. Giving up lets them win... Something I will be damned if I will let them do!
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    First of all, this comment was specifically addressed to @Fred, @Sven, and @3lias. Why are you answering for them? They are very capable of speaking for themselves. LET THEM. I find it funny that you respond to someone else's questions and ignore a bunch of the ones that are directed to you personally. Besides, what took you 15 days to come up with these lame answers? Second, @Katryna247 is right. The fact that you have to wait 7 minutes to re-spawn unless you buy a premium subscription is helping to kill Survival. If you die, yes, you should lose your loot. However, the one that killed you is gaining an unfair advantage by using the fact that spawns are static and they can depend on gathering the loot of the player they just killed. Add to that those that have mapped out the spawns so they can sit in wait for anyone to spawn so they can kill them right after the spawn protection disappears and gather their loot. Too much emphasis is placed on reputation. It's all they care about. That aspect detracts from the enjoyment of the game as a whole. Instead of making excuses for those that take advantage of the fact that the spawns are always the same spots over and over and over make the spawns RANDOM. Any loot that is dropped should de-spawn within seconds instead of minutes. that way nobody can gain an unfair advantage with the extra loot. The first time I tried Survival, I got killed. After that, I never had a chance to play due to the fact that people sat on the spawns and had a clear line of sight to kill anyone that popped up in front of them. Third, not everyone utilizes all 5 character slots. A lot of the ones that do use that fact to be able to spawn right behind where their other character was so they can not only recover their own loot, but be able to set up in the very same spot time and time again. When I did play, I only used 1 character. Using the others as backup is a form of cheating. One other problem with both Survival and Open World PVP is all the hopping. Instead of having the ability to bunny hop all over the map, you could do a couple of things to combat this in PVP. 1) Make any jump use up at least 1/2 of the stamina. This will only allow 2 jumps max with a full stamina bar. OR 2) Disable jumping all together. Are we playing Infestation: New Z or Halo? If you want to gain high ground, make it so the player has to climb instead of jump. As a disclaimer, jumping in PVE has no effect on the outcome of any interaction between player due to the fact that you cannot kill another player in PVE and therefore can remain in the PVE servers. A thought just occurred to me. To further combat those that have multiple characters in Survival you could do this. Limit every player to only 1 playable character and have everyone suffer the same wait time. This will even the field even more for ALL players.
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    hola quería hacerle saber que últimamente estamos jugando a batlle royalles muy pocas persona en lo general. A mi me gustaría que en vez de cumplir con el requisito de 20 personas , ¿porque no cumplir ? con un requisito con mas de 15 personas y algunos minutos. por ejemplo 3 minutos. para competir y jugar directamente a batlle royales . porque llegamos hacer 19 personas y esperamos 10 minutos o mas.. y de tanto esperar se van todo , al final nadie compite.
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    I wish I could find some skins and other event items, spent 4+hours going from location to location and not been able to find anything other than excessive force and doughnuts.
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    I would love to be able to move certain amount of ammo, guns etc. from inventory, instead of having to click one by one, it's very annoying. If this is now possible please let me know where the setting is.
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    Glad you guys like the event!
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    nice event good very nice
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    I reverted the skinned scopes to their original 'parent' icon at least so they don't show "no icon".
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    Great job! congratulations .
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    Prime example on why I don't befriend many on here either, I tried with one person other than the one I msg on here and they took what I said wrong bc of language issue with typing. They didn't let me finish what I was saying then got mad. I watched people do and say all kinds of stuff theyd never say in person.
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    So basically I was chilling on NewZ's discord and decided to check out the channel #reputation when I saw a conversation between and calm and nice guy and a toxic guy I decided to +rep the nice guy and -rep the bad guy Turns out he pm'd me and started throwing racial slurs and things about my mom. Anyways he broke the very first rule of the discord and I hope he'll be judged for his behavior His discord tag: @c k#0779 PS: I linked this topic with 3 screenshots, the first one being the conversation between the good and the bad guy, the second being the bad guy's reaction to the post of this discussion and the third being the pm's he sent me. Thanks for your time.
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    It also needs to be disabled in trade lounge BC as many as get incensed about trades, I can just see people using the Bounty system from there as well. Don't believe me. go check out the report scammer link on discord. It has been so bad that people were posting peoples FB pics. SO yeah, I can see it being abused there as well.
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    I am really loving the new update thank you very much for keeping the game updated. Also can't wait to get a hold of the new armor!
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    @Sven Thank you for at least listening to and considering this! Also, if not on this item, then maybe on future items/ skins that include armors, armor skins, and cool special items.
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    I dont come on the forum all that often now!!! Makes no sense why its limited to premium only users anyway,i assume to get people to get premium to try it out but that will not work in the games current status imo. This was on discord, facebook, all the socials....They have done their best to inform and invite everyone to try it. I understand why it was limit to premium servers, I just didn't agree with it. But Not my call so I could just shake my head and go on.
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    My point is much simpler; every new skin for armor is either " rare " or " Epic" meaning expensive as H#ll.. We have a TON of " rare " and "Epic" items that NO ONE uses bc they are limited, expensive, and too hard to get so they flaunt their "prized rare loot" in the trade lounge. The rose, the scythe, the devils trident, bunny suit just a few that come to mind... All "Rare" items. DO you see ANY of them in game?? NO! Too big of risk to lose! SO they get limited viewing in the trade lounge. Those items are " Okay " but I would much rather have something "useful" than another "useless" prize to flaunt in trade. Oh, and before someone says Im just mad bc I don't have them... I have all 4. They just aren't useful anywhere else. SO it makes a sniper have to work for it, so what. Need to do something for people who want to play clean and NOT hide behind a macros cheat. ( don't even get me started on that)
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    Great News PVE server for survival! \o/ .....although is only temporal :(
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    I totally agree. However with the locker change, now that they are destroy able there is going to be more of a "need" to actually build a base. It's a hella complicated task to "just implement" the building system into Survival where it would actually make sense simply because of how the game works. Unfortunately. By doing these BETA servers and stuff we hope to community can help us think and come with ideas as well for this big challenge. In my opinion, and just leave realism out of this because a lot of people are not going to like what I say here; is to change the way the global inventory works. Perhaps limit it, or only allow certain items to be in it, have it so safe zones are not ALWAYS safe zones and you have to perform certain tasks inside the server to "repair" the safe zone to get it back up, before being able to bank in it. etc. etc. These are just ideas, my own opinion and perspective but I feel like unless we don't change anything drastically the building system is not going to make sense / be worth it. Read what I wrote above. It's not just me working on the updates but thanks anyways. (you know I have to say this) The new sight is cool, but will be released during the police week event. It will be permanently available and spawning in the game afterwards though. CampersRUs, do you use discord? If so, could you send me your tag so I can add you? More coming soon Wondering too. It's just better so that we can get more feedback like this.. Regarding your report. This is intended. We plan on making building objects ONLY destroy-able by a new "c4" item. The damage changes have already taken place however the C4 hasn't been implemented yet. To be honest I have no idea why Fred disabled the damage to them already, kind of sucks if you ask me. We will consider the input here when we are releasing this item. Thanks for the feedback. IMO all buildings should be open in some ways at some point. Why not? It does. Would love to rework the rest of the Riot Shield icons though cause half of them are still the old ones but yeah, u know Seems like more players are having issues with FAC, have you made a support ticket?
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    I really like the idea of opening up all the rooms on the 5-story. and the windows on the houses. I paid a visit to the trade lounge. I'm not a big fan of the new design. It's feels cramped compared to the old map. It looks great, but IMO it's not very functional.
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    Plz, make it rare. Don't put the item in store. Why does every new armor or skin need to be rare? Are there not enough " rare" and "epic" armor skins and items already??
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    Hmmm i think youre right...i like make bases and build system generaly but what is the point make all this if there is the global inventory and all my loot is secure there??? The logic says "You build base as much strong you can,put loot in crates,defent the base from raiders"but if you cant kill them what is the point make the base????
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    Probably the game is having more updates and fixes than the debut period of "Nider" or whatever it's called that game. **Special thanks for @Sven, he listen the community.
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    but I want to say to the developers now the machine is not empty, but with the character, good work !!!! I noticed this little thing
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    Он будет выпущен, когда начнется полицейское мероприятие
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    Good update, but I was waiting for Tropico's return. Thank you for taking my suggestion and removing the radiation warning.
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    The game is not working. Error message: "There is a new build available, please update your game on your steam library" But cannot update the game in steam Ok the update is running just now
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    As a side note... It's funny how there is a system in place that limits how many times we can react to posts in the forum but not a better one for blocking offensive language and character names.
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    Those would be more significant in a players eyes. There is a reason I swatted back at @3lias, bc the answer saying Chup is taking it serious but they don't have manpower to deal with/ look at all the complaints. I realize other games have nasty trash talk, but do the Devs here really "want" to be one of them? There are so many things can be done yet he did not offer any kind of fix. I like the ideas, maybe add taking rep, but do in stages. Example: 1st offence 1 week chat ban ( doesn't seem bad til thy realize they cant trade) 2nd wipe XP and Rep 3rd Wipe GI 4 Ban This could be done for like 3- 6 months time frames. What ever the set time frame the penalties are they re set X calender time. Similar to how employers use occurrences.
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    This is true, whether or not the game is free to play that doesn't give us the right to just do what ever the fuck we'd want and that still doesn't make it a logical decision to have this kind of events with ONLY PVP parts. I don't see why we shouldn't just make ALL type of players happy. Something for them, something for them and something for them. It's literally a win for us and a win for the players.
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    maybe youre right but what can i think when someone sayz ...''spend our money for pve players''??? I dont think anyone wanna give money for someone who play only for free but at the end its a free game!
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  50. 1 point
    I agree, this is how it looks at night > https://imgur.com/a/jySgUbe The toxic super zombie drop leaves to be desired For me its ok about accumulate zombies I don't think should be a timer, it's gameplay, I like the first person only on radiation zones, like the afraid scenary, its working good
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