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    Trying it won't hurt anyone. If it doesn't work, swap it back on. not that hard of a deal. The Launcher can't get the game's information 'Failed to download game info!' so it appears to be a problem that something is blocking the connection. So these tips I posted might help
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    As we know, events attract players. Tournaments attract ALOT of players. Go host another super cup or EU Cup or something like that, the community is waiting.
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    Seems that the events are slipping back to be only beneficial to the PVP, BR players. Once again, nothing for the PVE side. I thought it was discussed and decided that we would see an equal amount of benefits. I guess I also misunderstood that any 'sales' including GC sales were not to be one of the 4 main parts of events. Looks like we were wrong. I guess it was just an empty promise to quiet us down for a bit. Sad. Lack of benefit for PVE, Poor to no response to posts made. Always 'too busy'. tsk tsk tsk.
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    It seems to me that forum feedback is "less important". So I asked where this feedback is passed, because I would like to see who is the special person who apparently decides several things we discussed in the forum on exhaustion and are disregarded. Edit: I discovered. If you are thailand your opinion has a value, if not don't makes difference.
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    Salve galera blz....pessoal que está tendo dificuldades com o AUDIO depois da atualização do WIN10 onde você só esculta o tiro quando você olha para a direção onde o atirador está, fiz um tutorial de como corrigir.... espero que ajude.... abraços... (Colaboração do nosso amigo Paulo Henrique vulgo plx) - Link do Tutorial www.playextreme.com.br/tt/audio.pdf
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    We should get rid of snipers tbh instead of adding more. Like the DX wipe back in the days, we should do the same with snipers. Not completely remove them, just make them rare again. :--)
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    only the people addicted to infestation are playing the newz at the moment, the game is not friendly for new players because of the skill gap so its just the matter of time when the game will be dead
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    In my opinion nether is a dead game with no possibility of being reborn. All the time wasted on this game is another step towards the end of New Z.
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    i figure it out, dude its the same thing as nether resurected game that launched a couple of years ago all i can see is 2 more zombie type added and they are charging money for the same game haha thats funny
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    Still waiting for a response ;d
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    Terrain settings are server-sided and I changed them for the upcoming patch. You can fix it for you right now by changing the overall setting higher or just the terrain quality.
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    These servers are running as my private ones. They went out of time, I forgot to check them, Sorry.
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    Well, he is just trying to help. Doing these steps MIGHT enable him to temporary fix the issue. Of course on the long term it's not a permanent fix however if it allows the player to play for at least now it's better than nothing. Just wanted to say this. Still waiting for a ticket ID.
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    Dear Community, Guess what! It's weekend again and that means time for another weekend event. We keep working on feedback and ideas from you all so please keep sharing that, it greatly helps us to improve these events! Now, for this weekend event we have a double XP event for the Survival game-mode, Smallville will be back in the PVP servers section, Battle Royale Madness (v2 this time) will be back and next to all of that we are doing a 20% discount on the 4000 GC package through Xsolla only. For this weekend event we'll have it live the following period of time: START: October 11, 2019 12:00 PM (CEST) END: October 14, 2019 12:00 PM (CEST) Now, let's jump into further details about this weekend's weekend event: Smallville PVP Map. Smallville will be back! Starting this weekend event we will have 3 PVP maps again in the Open World game-mode. Smallville will be back starting this weekend but will permanently stay (for now). Enjoy! To spice this all up we have enabled the double reputation perk for this weekend only. This means you will gain double the reputation for your character playing on this map. Battle Royale Madness V2. After all the positive feedback from last "Battle Royale Madness" event we thought why not do it again! In Battle Royale Madness the loot is completely shaked up. Snipers, strong weapons, riot shields and all other good items that normally don't spawn in the Battle Royale game mode are now spawning! Last "Battle Royale Madness" event the snipers were a bit too common so this time we'll adjust that and have them more rare. Double XP Survival Event. In the Survival game-mode character XP gained will be doubled. Remember this is ONLY in the Survival game-mode. We hope to attract more players from the other game mode(s) or to come back to farm up their skill tree now that it will be a bit easier to do so for this weekend only. Xsolla Sale: 20% discount on the 4000 GC package. This weekend only there will be a 20% discount on the 4000 GC package only through Xsolla on our website at: https://playnewz.com/buygc.php ROUTINE: Battle Royale Map Rotation As always, the main and only Battle Royale map will be changed. This time we are changing over from Tropico to Arizona. Note: We change the map rotation in the Battle Royale game-mode every week due to the low(er) amount of players playing Battle Royale. If you have any suggestions, ideas or feedback please let us know at http://forums.fredaikis.com/index.php?/topic/5388-maps-battle-royale/ SALE: Alien Skins + Alien Skinbox Sale This time we are doing a big sale on the Alien skins and we are doing a 25% discount on the Alien Skinbox. Note: This sale is a weekly one so has already started before the weekend event and will not have the same start-end times as the weekend event. Please let us know what you think of this weekend event so that we can use that feedback in the future for new weekend events! If you have any ideas or suggestions feel free to share that as well as we might be able to use your idea for upcoming weekend events! If you experience any type of issue(s) with the game please contact us through social media or create a support ticket athttps://playnewz.com/support.php/ For any feedback about the game or this patch please let us know at http://playnewz.com/feedback If you'd like to share suggestions and ideas you have for the game please let us know at: https://suggest.playnewz.com/ To stay updated regarding the patch and server downtime please follow us on our social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Infestation.NewZ/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/infestationnewz Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/thenewz Have a nice weekend! // Sven // The New Z - Staff Team
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    Easier to farm up the skill tree? Are you joking? If you have a standard account, as most do, you only gain 5xp per zombie kill. Double that is 10xp. Hardly enough to warrant taking a chance since there are still NO FREE PVE SURVIVAL SERVERS.
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    Hello, No events for open world? Disappointed ... In full seasson pass and more ... Really not top like event for weekend.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I'll see what I can do.
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    Bel événement!
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    In death valley if you wait close off spaw "he" don't apears.
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    No idea, been busy. I'll check tomorrow for other remaining posts more in depth. Sorry. Thanks for the report. I'll see what's going on there. You too!
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    Can't hurt too much to try, rather change shit than just leave the game as it is
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    i think the xp for the seasonpass needs still a increase, its better now but still to hard for guys which have a real life. I farmed 5 hours today and got 6,5k xp, so when i play every day 5 hours i can not reach the goal to get 300.000 xp. ( I farmed on 2 private servers, only to get the xp)
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    Yes, I understand the idea, but it should also be some value in finding a heavy armor compared to a light. Either we should address rarity of items or that they have different properties.
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