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    Yeah... RIGHT. I see that Sven finally had enough and left. Now who is going to be the voice of reason? Steve? The man that tells members that they should 'stop lying' and takes items away that players PAID REAL MONEY FOR? He is nothing more than an arrogant idiot that thinks he knows how to interact with people. Even worse, he thinks he is the only one that knows what is best for a game in this genre. Over the past 3 years, there have been literally hundreds of excellent suggestions for content and game play that would have, not only enhanced the game itself, but would have been instrumental in this game thriving today instead of those few that are still playing in hopes that someone with some common sense DOES SOMETHING TO MAKE THIS GAME BETTER. The Midievel event was a major dud. Yes, there was a fire in a server room. But my question is, If this were actually true, why didn't one of the staff make an announcement in these forums about it? Plus, the servers for the PVE players had so few zombies to kill, it was extremely difficult to gain any experience. And then there was the issue of, if you were near the end of a mission and suddenly got disconnected from the server, all your mission progress was WIPED CLEAN. The issue with so few zombies was, if there were actually 50 players that joined in, there would be virtually NO ZOMBIES OR LOOT left to collect. The car issue is not the only one that has plagued this game for well over a year. How about the fact that boulders appeared in places for no apparent reason, trees are placed so branches protrude through solid walls and are actually placed INSIDE buildings, in the middle of roads and inside an RV, and zombies are now allowed to spawn at bus stops. (this includes the new Slicer) I'm only one voice in the hundreds that have, in the past, pointed out issues that kill this game. I bring this to the attention of ALL PLAYERS and ADMINS. Not to try to destroy this game, (you, the admins and developers are doing a fine job of that all on your own) but to try to, one more time, appeal to you to bring this game up to the level of it's potential. I know you are trying to run a business and make money, however, as I have said many times in the past. 'If you have a rusted out bucket of bolts for a vehicle, give it a shiny new paint job with pretty decals and new seats and expensive tires and wheels, but do nothing to repair the motor, all you will end up with is a pretty piece of junk that looks pretty as all hell, but is still a piece of junk.' All I have left to say is this. 'If you want to keep this game going and have it grow, HIRE A DAMN PROGRAMMER THAT KNOWS WHAT THE HELL HE'S DOING!!!'
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    idk man the only thing keeping most of these players here are their massive GI's that let them PVP forever and ever, wiping would get rid of the OG players and the new players wouldnt know what to do if all the og players walked away
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    Not cry bro, just you are idio... crazy You're crying you don't have stuff ... go farming! I have been collecting for years rare items, and you say, wipe? this is normal? LOL Wipe very bad idea, very bad... 2) 3) Okay
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